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47 Meters Down
USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts
Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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Blows The Shallows out of the water !
When you consider the amount of crap shark films that keep popping up it's pretty wise to be cautious about watching any........this one however is more than worth a watch........and considering ide never even heard of it until I stumbled on it filled me with dread as I pressed the 'play' button. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.....for me it knocked socks off that tripe The Shallows........there is plenty of shark action and it really keeps you on the edge of your seat with the sheer terror and suspension involved. I never go into story telling in my reviews as that's what trailers are for etc, but far as im concerned it's a solid and believable tale that in all fairness could have been done way before now with a bigger budget and better actors. If you can grit your teeth for the first 15 mins and ignore the ott and annoying acting of one of the girls then you should enjoy this film........don't want to spill anymore........enjoy......and I really don't care if you find this review useful.......just saying my piece ;)
A few quick words on "47 Meters Down" (2017)
Yes, "47 Meters Down" is silly in places, and I don't think it will ever be held up as an example to students of good screen writing. But I can't slam any horror-thriller that scared and entertained me. And the sharks here (which were surprisingly well rendered by CGI) made me jump a few times. Furthermore, there are a couple of surprises late in the story, and I thought that one of them was wonderfully well executed.

This movie actually reminds me a little of last year's "The Shallows." Neither movie is 1975's "Jaws," but neither pretends to be. They're both perfectly serviceable monster movies that present horror movie fans with a great way to kick off the summer.

I'd rate this film an 8 out of 10 for being a fun, if forgettable, shark flick.
Shark Movie
I thought the movie was pretty good. Spoiler - it's about two sisters who go in a shark cage and things go very Wrong. Had good scares, bloody scenes, and a twist. Good example of what not to do when you go on vacation. Don't go on a rusty old boat with the locals. Don't go in a rusty shark cage. It was exciting to watch as I jumped out of my seat a few times.
The ending was marvelous!
It was a really great movie.

With the right amount of tension and suspense made this a thrill to watch. Not to mention the plot twist near the end, which basically made it for me. It could have done with a few more subtle 'treats' like moving sharks in the background (with the character unaware).

All in all a great movie!
Well, it has water...
This movie is utter crap. Outside of their being water, nothing about the movie is accurate and most of it is completely ridiculous.

Just start off knowing that compressed air from 3000 psi tanks at 47 meters will be empty in under 20 minutes with a very experienced and calm diver. An excited diver will have less than 10 minutes. The movie gets worse from there.

SCUBA Magazine actually did a brilliant article on monumentally inaccurate this movie. It is full of spoilers so if you intend to see it, don't read the article but, don't see it unless you and your friends want to make your own episode of MST3K
Completely predicable
OK, use your imagination for a moment. You know that this movie is about people in a shark cage, and you know that the title is "47 Meters Down." So here's a quiz: What do you think is going to happen? Yup, that's it. You guessed it.

Even if I were to lay out the complete plot for you, it wouldn't be a spoiler. You already know almost everything that takes place in this story.

As for the acting, Mandy Moore doesn't have that much to do. Most of the time, she's making faces inside a scuba mask and sounding scared. The rest of the cast also operate within a limited range of emotions. There were one or two frightening moments, confirming that you really don't want to meet up with sharks, but that's about it.

Overall, disappointing.
Awful Garbage
This trainwreck starts first and foremost with the screenplay. The writing is awful. Sure, the idea was kind of neat. But it was completely bastardized with all the other bullsh*t in the screenplay. The reasoning for why they even get into the cage in the first place is so lazy and contrived that I was immediately taken out of the movie. It was shoved down our throats in the worst way possible. The three act structure of this film is a mess. They attempt to do some sort of twist in the beginning of the third act, but it completely falls on its face and is rendered useless by the end of the movie. When the film actually ends, you realize there was no point for it to ever happen. This film has some of the worst dialogue of the year. This was originally supposed to be straight to home video, but then the distribution studio decided to give it a theatrical release... and it f*cking shows. It looks, sounds, and feels like a SyFy movie. Not quite as bad as something like Sharknado, but put this into perspective: Sharknado is made trying to be stupid. This movie actually took itself seriously, and it completely and utterly fails. You hit a trifecta in this film: terrible script, terrible dialogue, and terrible acting. The performances are so cringe-worthy. I think I squirmed more in my seat watching Mandy Moore and Claire Holt choking on their dialogue than I did at any of the stuff involving the actual sharks...
Saw this over the 4th
First I want to talk about the good things in this movie, but unfortunately it doesn't give me much to talk about. The jump scares do exactly what they are intended to do and as I have an enormous fear of sharks, I was curled into my seat dreading putting my feet on the floor. The sharks themselves look good for the most part, though they could look better. And if you're there for babes in bikinis, Claire Holt is your girl.

And now onto the bad. Oh boy did I not like the motivation the movie provides for our protagonists to take the fatal trip. She wants to prove to her ex that she's not boring? What kind of crap reason is that. Why does her life have to revolve around what some guy who dumped her thinks of her? The motivation could just has easily been something less puke inspiring like checking things off her bucket list or getting experience for a novel she's writing or even just having an interest in sharks. It put me off so much to have the entire plot kick off because some off-screen jerk felt some kind of way. But moving on.

The movie very clearly conspires to keep these girls on the ocean floor in a way that seems almost Final-Destination-Death-Hunting- the- Victims in a way. Okay so the first rusty winch on the boat breaks, this makes sense. But then the backup cable snaps, the rescue party gets eaten, the cage pins Lisa's leg. At some point its just too many bad coincidences and it really drains the tension about whether they will make it because the movie is determined that they cannot. Dear writers, please never let on that your protagonists are doomed to fail even if you know they are.

And for the last complaint, this is a minor quibble really, BUT YOU CAN'T SWIM STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN SEVERAL METERS IN THE OCEAN AND END UP IN THE SAME SPOT! Currents pull you, your own motion will mean you drift. But both girls go up and down several times and never have trouble finding the cage. It's a small thing but as the movie was pretending to have knowledgeable scuba divers for characters it really irritated me.

All in all, it's a killer shark movie. If that's what you go in for then it delivers that. Is it as good as Jaws? No, the king of movie sharks retains his throne. Is it better than a lot of the killer shark movies out there? Yeah sure, why not.
A harrowing oceanic dive...
While "47 Meters Down" (aka "In the Deep") certainly is no new shark classic in the likes of "Jaws", it turned out to be a rather entertaining and thrilling movie.

Initially I had thought this might just be yet another of those low budget and offbeat movies with a shark theme. However, the storyline in this movie was really nicely written and constructed. And director Johannes Roberts managed to establish a sensation of the viewer being down in the depths with Kate (played by Claire Holt) and Lisa (played by Mandy Moore). And there is a real sense of dread and fear settling in the back of your head given the desperate situations and the way that the movie was filmed.

Granted there was a very small cast ensemble for this movie, which meant more pressure for the individual acting performers, but the people really carried themselves quite well. Especially Claire Holt and Mandy Moore in the lead, they performed quite well. It was also nice to see Matthew Modine make an appearance in this movie.

The movie was suffering from being rather predictable, for sure. But it was quite alright, because the movie was really entertaining from start to end. And with a constant level of intense suspense there never really was a dull moment throughout the course of "47 Meters Down".

"47 Meters Down" could have used more shark footage. But while there wasn't as much scenes with sharks as I would have preferred, the movie still works out quite nicely, because it is the dramatic storyline and the intense situations and atmosphere of the movie that propels the movie forward. The scenes that did include sharks, however, were very realistic and makes the audience feel that the two girls really are in real trouble.

One of the less impressive features of the movie was the lack of lighting. Sure, it was realistic, as the movie was taking place on that depth, so there would be very little light. But for a proper cinematic experience, then the movie could have used more light, because too many details were just obscured in shadow or darkness.

The dramatic rescue scene was so unfathomably predictable that it was actually atrocious to witness. It was such a lousy stunt to pull, and writers Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera really shouldn't have gone for that generic and over-used approach for the scene.

This was definitely a surprisingly good and entertaining movie. And if you enjoy shark movies then "47 Meters Down" is without a doubt a movie that you should take the time to sit down and watch.
I am impressed.
I came across this film by accident, my partner and I have watched every shark documentary and film we can find. This film was an unexpected treat.

In the Deep, is full of suspense and the sharks actually look and behave realistically! Based on our understanding, great whites can be curious, would be very attracted to blood, but otherwise aren't too interested in humans. Spoilers. And the sharks in this film fit that characteristic very well. We don't think this is a particular shark stalking the two sisters (trying not to mention a curtain other not so realistic film), but the girls movement, sound and blood is encouraging sharks' curiosity and aggressiveness.

This would already make a good shark movie to us, but other positives include the cinematography, everything from the camera-work to the lighting, creates a claustrophobic atmosphere that pulls you into the film. The imagery seems realistic which adds to the effect.

The suspense is really what binds this film. The lighting and the camera angles really make you feel the vulnerability of the sisters, and you find yourself asking, "Where is the shark?"

I've given the movie an extra point for the sharks, but I would take two points away for the slightly pitifully back story of the sisters, and the way they find themselves in the situation. However, power through the first ten minutes and you will not be disappointed.

I will be recommending this films to others.
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