🎦 Another Yeti a Love Story: Life on the Streets full movie HD download (Eric Gosselin, Adam Deyoe) - Horror, Comedy. 🎬
Another Yeti a Love Story: Life on the Streets
Horror, Comedy
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Eric Gosselin, Adam Deyoe
Lloyd Kaufman as Publisher
Josh Androsky as Allister Swooplin
Liryc Suicide as Dr. Lust
Phoenix Askani as Angel Snowflake
Michael Varrati as Publisher's Assistant
Adam Malamut as Adam
Michael Reich as Strip Club DJ
Joshua Klausner as Brave Cop
Jim Martin as Pimp Billy Faunz
Sean Keller as Wounded Man
Aramis Sartorio as Ronaldo
Marissa Merrill as Tinaynay
Whitney Moore as Linda
Storyline: After moving to Los Angeles to start anew, Adam, an out of the closet single father of a yeti baby, is dragged into the underground sex trade when his child is kidnapped; Now with the help of his two new friends, a heroin-addicted yeti prostitute and a sexy stripper, they must fight the forces of evil to save the world.
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Color my Floyd, pink.
This is the sequel to "Yeti: A Love Story" which somehow slipped my viewing pleasure. A Yeti baby named Eddie is kidnapped by Pimp Billy Faunz (Jim Martin). Her human father Adam (Adam Malamut) abandons his wheel chair lover and teams up with a male Yeti prostitute to get the baby back.

The film has a large amount of gay and schlock humor. It has silly inane dialogue that manages to spoof other films as well as society in general but not in any kind of coherent fashion. Lloyd Kaufman has a bit part at the end. Cult film, not for everyone.

Guide: F-word, MM sex, nudity
Better than most Hollywood comedies. But those are awful.
I like underground movies like this because I hate PC culture. Political correctness is a form of tyranny, and is part of the brainwashing that's killing the west. The tagline of Troma Studios is "40 Years of Disrupting Media." Maybe it's PC culture that films like these are rebelling against.

That's not to say "Another Yeti: A Love Story: Life on the Streets" is a string of thoughtless exploitation, no, far from it: it's *thoughtful* exploitation. For such a low-budget movie, real effort went into its production, and "Yeti" is genuinely funny.

You can always tell when someone is *trying* to be different, or to shock you: but here's a film that does so authentically. At an hour and sixteen minutes, "Yeti" is perhaps about ten minutes too long. Something like the "cop mafia" jokes or the over-explaining of backstory and setup could probably've been cut. Films like these should be like 2$ erotica novellas, or "penny dreadful" comics: something quick to watch once, for an hour: a sugar rush. As it stands however, it's juuuuust short enough so I won't feel guilty for watching it. Time's the most precious thing you can spend, after all.

A lot of the men in this movie look like they'd be starring (lol) in a porn shoot if they were more muscular. None of them are great actors, but great actors are rare, even in Hollywood productions: and part of what makes this movie so funny is the self-aware expressions on the players' faces. There are many men in this movie willing to make fools of themselves, delivering awful puns and silly dances, but I find it surprising to see the actresses willing to do the same. And they say there aren't women in comedy! I guess this movie's a... sequel? Which works against it in parts. The movie's at its slowest when they're explaining backstory or setting up plot. Some of the footage from the previous film is shown in flashbacks, and from I can tell, this sequel is a jump up in quality. "Another Yeti a Love Story: Life on the Streets" is not at the shock and awe level of humour of (the opening of) Toxic Avenger III, but it's a great movie nonetheless and worth your 70 minutes.
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