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Crime, Thriller
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Steven C. Miller
Nicolas Cage as Eddie King
Tamara Belous as Janet
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Christopher Coppola as Buddy King
Jared Bankens as Skittish Man
Kelton DuMont as Young JP
Todd Jenkins as Pawn Shop Owner
Lydia Hull as Lizzie
Sean Paul Braud as Mr. Kuchar
Catherine Ashton as Bartender
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Storyline: A powerful action thriller, ARSENAL tells the intertwining stories of the Lindel brothers, Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier), who had only each other to rely on growing up. As adults, JP found success as the owner of a construction company, while Mikey became a small-time mobster, mired in a life of petty crime. When Mikey is kidnapped and held for a ransom by ruthless crime boss Eddie King (Nicolas Cage), JP turns to the brothers' old pal Sal (John Cusack), a plain clothes detective for help. In order to rescue his brother, JP must risk everything and unleash his vengeance against King's relentless army of gangsters.
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He would die for you
Mike (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier) are brothers. Growing up Mike looked after JP. As adults, Mike has a messed up life while JP has a successful life in construction. Mike is mixed with Eddie King (Nicolas Cage) a crime boss with a bad rug. Eddie devises a plan to extract money from JP. John Cusack plays undercover cop Sal.

The drama and dialogue was poor. I am not sure why Cage wore such a terrible rug (see DVD cover) and I couldn't figure out that fake accent that varied from scene to scene. Cusack was only marginally credible. The whole plot reeked. What was good was the slow motion gun shot wounds near the end of the film. Worth passing up unless you really have to see a slow motion shot of a bullet exiting a cheek.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity...why did the club have "GIRLS" on the side when there were none in it?
Not groundbreaking
This film tells the story of two brothers who had a difficult childhood, witnessing the violent death of their father. They depend and rely on each other since, and help each other out in times of trouble. One day, the trouble with mobsters gets too big, and a brother decides to take matters into his own hands.

"Arsenal" has two big names playing supporting roles, but these two big names have not been associated with good films lately. Indeed, "Arsenal" is just an action thriller wannabe. It has over the top violent and gory scenes, which is augmented by visual effects that make blood and bullets fly in slow motion. Though this visual effect made "The Matrix" an instant classic, it does not quite work here because it is simply too gory. The ending is a little puzzling, as the brother could have ended the whole thing way earlier because it turns out that he knows the location of the other brother! "Arsenal" is an alright film to pass time, but don't expect anything groundbreaking or memorable.
Brother-Bonding Film is a Disappointment
In the bonus segment of the DVD, director Steven C. Miller described the film as depicting the deep ties and loyalty in a family. Indeed, the start of the film has good potential for the lifelong bonding of two brothers, Mikey and JP.

Mikey was the older brother always looking out for little JP. The boys had a rough upbringing and JP never forget the protection provided to him by Mikey. Now, as adults, the roles are reversed. JP is lending a helping had to Mikey, who had a drug addiction problem, financial burdens, and the pain of a divorce.

So far, so good.

But, the film suddenly lurches away from the human and family element into a predictable and excessively violent action picture. When Mikey is kidnapped and held for ransom, JP must find $350,000 (later awkwardly changed to $200,000) in a matter of days.

The vicious local don, played by Nicholas Cage, even plans to kill both brothers, as well as take the ransom money. This part of the film lapses into gratuitous violence. It also features a grotesque, over-the-top performance by Cage, who wears a black wig.

The promise of the relationship of the brothers was never fulfilled in a film that was a veritable arsenal of cliché characters, violent action, and a smarmy ending.
enjoyable...not taxing on the brain..adrenaline pumping
john cusack shares top billing but is not in the film that much, he's in about 1/5 of the movie...popping in and out. nick cage is way too over the top, that initially turned me off a little bit but no big deal. adrien grenier is getting older and his acting tho not great is improving. this movie is ultra-violent and gory.

there's a lot of little things wrong about this film but in all honesty it was still quite enjoyable. did i mention that nick cage is way way too much over the top???

not taxing on the brain and it should get most viewers adrenaline pumping. action was good...acting was fairly good all around and the time flew by watching this movie. fairly basic plot but who cares, i totally enjoyed it. fans of crime action thrillers should like it.

surprised at the 4 rating here, i didn't try to boost it up and gave it an honest rating of 6...in my opinion its somewhere in high 5s to a 6 but will not make it pass 6. the 4 is undeserving and i really enjoy these type of films every once in a while.

no one actor(ress) stood out but everybody was competent. did i mention that nick cage was way way over the top already...hahaha...enjoy the movie for what it is, don't try to pick it apart. decent crime revenge film, in no way did i feel cheated watching this movie and i've felt cheated many times before.
Slow and dumb
The simplest way to put this film is simply slow and dumb.

One would expect a little more from such a cast, but this is not the case here.

Had this been an indie film with amateur actors, I would have rated it higher. But all I can give it now is a 5/10.
Too Violent at Times
Crime boss Eddie King (Nicolas Cage) kidnaps Mikey (Jonathon Schaech). Mikey's brother JP (Adrian Grenier) turns to Detective Sal (John Cusack) for help. JP has his work cut out for him going against Eddie King's thugs.

This is one of the most violent movies I have seen in a long time. Let me add that most of the violence was totally unnecessary. Maybe the movie should have been titled Blood Bath. There really should be a stronger term than "cringe-worthy." (There is)

Most of the story involves brothers Mike and JP. We see them as kids and later as adults. JP owns a construction company and Mike or Mikey, a former Marine with Bad Conduct Discharge, is someone always out of work.

Oh, we do see Nicolas Cage as Eddie King, a true out-of-control (Whack-job comes to mind easily) small time crime boss. I doubt that the Nicolas Cage Impersonators found anything of value in Cage's performance. We didn't. He was almost unrecognizable with a very bad wig and some kind of grotesque extension on his nose. We see very little of John Cusack as Detective Sal who is just there to give advice to JP as to how to get his kidnapped brother back. We have to ask why was he in this?

However, the acting all around was okay, It is just too violent when there is a beating scene.

Going to say that Nicolas Cage and John Cusack are the notables in here as you don't see much of them. Hey, I saw the names and rushed to rent the DVD. Hey, we all make mistakes. (4/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
Just a below-average action-thriller. This time it isn't Cage's fault.
"Oh, you think we're even you and I? I know of way we can both earn what we deserve."

Nicolas Cage is known for his wayward choice in terms of films recent years. His career had some ups and downs. As a result, the opinions on his acting talent in the world of film lovers are rather divided. His performance as Eddie King, a manic, coke-snorting, aggressive underworld figure, who's also not afraid to handle opponents in a rough and cruel way, is an exceptional case. At first sight it isn't a thunderous acting performance that he delivers and it tends to be rather ridiculous. A kind of cartoonish character whose tantrums and neurotic behavior comes across as exaggerated. At first glance he looks like a parody of Tony Clifton (an Andy Kaufman impersonation) with a weird wig, a walrus-like mustache and glued on fake nose. Let him wear some over-sized sunglasses on his fake nose and you'd swear it's Roy Orbinson. But at the same time I thought he was incomparable. In other words, it's hard to define Cage's acting as being woefully bad or masterfully brilliant.

Unfortunately this isn't sufficient enough to assess "Arsenal" as an excellent film. The story on its own isn't really brilliant or innovative. To be honest it's mostly boring and meaningless. The main characters who actually carry the entire film, with Cage in the background acting as an accessory to flare up the tension with bloody and highly aggressive scenes in slow motion, are JP (Adrian Grenier) and Mikey (Johnathon Schaech). The beginning shows how the two experienced their childhood. A not so rosy picture of two future-less teenagers who spend their time hanging around in an arcade, because it isn't so pleasant to be at home. One day Mikey comes home and makes a shocking discovery. That's a crucial moment. From there on their path go into opposite directions. As you can witness when they are adults. JP is the person who walked the honest path. He's the owner of a successful construction company. Mikey on the other hand, has chosen the side of Eddie King and ends up as a small-time gangster. After being robbed and losing a package of valuable drugs and not being able to pay of the money he owns Eddie, the latter has this masterful plan to arrange the matter. Now the truly honest brother must pull out all the stops to save Mikey. And that's what this movie is all about.

The whole movie revolves around the loyalty between the two brothers. Even if Mikey is a loser whose life is a concatenation of making wrong decisions and crime, yet JP remains faithful to him and he does his utmost to free him. And this with the help of Sal, a sort of undercover agent played by John Cusack who's wearing a bandanna and holding an e-cigarette. The only purpose he has is to provide JP the necessary clues so he can track down those who are responsible. Trust me, it sounds more fascinating than it looks. The initiative to fill the film with bloody, raw violent scenes with lot of blood flowing freely out of inflicted injuries from the victims, won't ensure that "Arsenal" rises to an acceptable level. And may I also inform the sports fans for a moment? There's a lot of kicking around, but the film has nothing to do with the famous soccer team.

Ultimately, "Arsenal" didn't become the thriller it intended to be. The story was too simplistic, the violence too excessive and the characters too one-sided and uninspired. Strange but true, the only bright spot in this film is the exorbitant and crazy role played by Cage. Normally, the failure of a film is mostly due to the failure of Cage's contribution. "Arsenal" is in my opinion a low-budget movie with kinda sounding names participating in it. Yet another proof that this isn't a guarantee to get an excellent end result. Finally, the most striking fact I saw in this film. Despite 23 years passed and the two brothers grew into adult men with graying hair and beard, Eddie King still had the same appearance. Apparently sniffing hallucinogenic drugs has a preservative effect.

More reviews here : http://bit.ly/1KIdQMT
Hyper-Violent Trash Masquerading as a Noir Thriller
¡¡¡Spoiler Alert!!! One Star means awful and that's exactly what this is. I couldn't have put it better.

You can never say that Nicolas Cage has hit rock bottom because just when you think this is true he burrows down deeper making his last rock bottom look like the top of Mount Everest. How many direct-to-DVD bombs can he make before they retire him for good? Lots of blood and many very poorly choreographed fight scenes do not make an action thriller. This was a completely forgettable story and yet another script thought up by a person or people who watch too many movies. There was absolutely nothing about this film I could recommend to anyone.

Not really sure just exactly John Cusak was doing in this
Pretty bad
I really didn't know anything about the movie and so I didn't have any high expectations. Not like people who actually looked at the cast and saw John Cusack and Nicholas Cage there. Yet it still disappointed, with the slow boring script and the pointless scenes.

This should have been the side story in a police procedural episode, not a standalone film. There were interesting shots, especially at the end, so I can't fault the director too much. The acting was OKish, mostly from Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech (man, when did he get so massively ripped?!). Nicholas Cage played one of his wacky roles, but he wasn't interesting, threatening or amusing, simply weird. And Cusack is a supporting role, just as Cage, to get people to watch the film in the first place.

Bottom line: the subject alone has been done to death, so the film needed something extra to make it interesting. They tried with the cast, but without a good script, it is just a waste.
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