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Bad Actress
IMDB rating:
Jean Pierre Da Silva as Jean Pierre
Excelina Ordonez as Valentina
Jimmy Paredes as Creepy
Gordon Scott Venters as Dick Strong
Sade Serena as Herself
Alexa DeCarlo as Server / bartender
Nicole McCloud as Herself (as Lillie McCloud)
Michael Gibb as Skip
Mitchell Shultz as Mr. Hojangles
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A waste of time
The thought that crossed my mind at the start was that the producers had assembled a cast for a porno but later changed their minds to make a serious movie instead. Suffice to say, it is terrible, but I somehow watched to the end. The "funniest" part of the movie for me was when Valentina and her fiancé get robbed by the priest officiating their wedding (I let out a little chuckle). Badly written, edited and directed, the movie is a mess from start to finish. I think it could have been better though. The lead is literally a bad actress but she is attractive, all the other characters were not really terrible -some might even find Dick Strong from WTF News funny- and it didn't seem the budget was extremely low but overall it's seems like a lazy piece of work and I think a waste of time to watch. I'll be very generous and give it a three.
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