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Alistair Legrand
Adrian Flowers as Charlie
Dion Basco as Jeremy Platt
Nestor Serrano as Dr. Saul
Kevin Rahm as Alex
India Eisley as Nora
Vinessa Shaw as Dr. Jane Mathis
Storyline: A psychiatrist tries to put her life back together after a violent attack by seeking to repair the life of a new patient, but he has his own terrifying history.
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It was good......until the ending ***Spoilers***
This movie sucked me in immediately. The acting was well done and the story really gets you interested in finding out what's going on with a particular character. I felt like the movie was building up to a twist which is fine with me. I enjoy a good twist....the key word there is "good"...this twist was so ridiculous in my opinion. Then there's the character you would be most interested in...well he just takes a turn for the worst and it's almost as if the writers from the beginning of the film took off and they had to bring in the B team to hurry up and finish it. The last part of the movie is so bad it's not worth devoting any time to watching it. Netflix has done such a great job with their original stuff but this movie was just outright frustrating after having been so interesting and then it just peters out.
This Movie Had Its Moments But Not Many
The movie Clinical was categorized as horror under the online streaming option of in Netflix. This movie was certainly not horror, but more of a twisted thriller. The main character, Dr. Mathis, a psychiatrist that treated post-trauma patients went a little overboard with medicating herself. She herself needed help, but did not see it.

Mathis should have sought out psychiatric help for herself when she continued to have visions and flashbacks of a particular patient that previously slashed her own neck and blamed Dr. Mathis for the poor advice given her. Mathis was told to stop treating post-trauma patients because it was taking a toll on her and driving her over the edge. But she didn't stop, and the old adage, "Physician Heal Thyself", never entered her mind.

I didn't have any suspicions that the tormented and badly injured Alex character as being the one that was driving Dr. Mathis over the edge. Alex being the former patient's father, and who was out for revenge, was the only twist that helped this stale movie be somewhat bearable. Unfortunately for the viewer, the twist came close to the end.
Clinical is a boring psychological thriller where the performance of lead actress is the only saving grace.
Clinical (2017): Since I watched Stranger Things,I became a huge fan of Netflix.I made a decision that i should never miss any series or movie that comes from Netflix.So,I watched Clinical with decent expectations as it is a psychological thriller,my favorite genre.So how is Clinical?

Plot: Clinical, tells the story of Dr. Jane Mathis (Vinessa Shaw), a psychiatrist who develops the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after she is brutally attacked by one her patients; and subsequently witnesses the patient cut her own throat. She begins seeing a therapist to cope with her PTSD and is advised to stay away from emotionally intensive patients.But she meets a new patient with PTSD named Alex (Kevin Rahm),a man who suffered a horrible car accident and is severely disfigured.

Plus Points: 1)Performances: Vinessa Shaw is the only pro for this uneven thriller.It is her performance which makes us intrigued in this hollow film.She gave decent performance as a troubled psychiatrist.Kevin Rahm's look as disfigured face has good make up work.

2)Production Values: This movie has good production values which helped a lot to give a perfect locations and camera work.

3)Background Score: Background score is good at few scenes.

Minus Points: 1)Screenplay and Direction: Clinical is interesting for first 20 mins,but after that screenplay goes very slow and repetitive.The sessions between Alex and Mathis is so boring.It just gives a build up of giving a mind blowing twist but instead its gives a pretty lame predictable twist.

So,Clinical is a boring psychological thriller where the performance of lead actress is the only saving grace.

My rating 5/10
somewhere between a thriller and a horror
Every horror site I visited the last week(s) showed me the trailer of this netflix original. Netflix do make good series but for horror you don't have to go to them. Trailers did show some nasty shots so I gave it a try.

Is it worth watching, well if you are into action or horrors that give you the creeps then this isn't a good choice but if you do like psychological horrors with a twist then I recommend it.

The opening sequence of Clinical offers some nasty shots because it involves a child doing awful things. Once after that this flick turns into a flick about characterisation and psychology. I can't go too deep into the story because I would be spoiling.

Here and there it do gives some bloody scenes but it's at the end that the real horror comes back and the red stuff do sputter around. The ending will leave you with a few questions.

Overall i enjoyed it but I solved the puzzle quickly. Some say that a lot of scene's were too dark and I agree here and there. The effects used were above mediocre and done on-camera without CGI.

This flick will have his pro's but also a lot of contra's because it's a mixture of horror (begin and ending) and a thriller. Not for the gorehounds but for those who can dig a good riddle mixed with red stuff.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
Pretty Good Thriller Overall
Clinical was actually pretty good. I enjoyed this film. At times it was a bit slow and intentionally confusing, but overall this was a decent thriller. If I were a psychiatrist, I wouldn't react the way the character did but her self-medicating made for some decent drama and an excuse for all the "visions" she had. *Spoiler Alert* the mangled-faced Alex was thoroughly creepy, as was the abused girl with the glass. There is definitely a lesson here about using drugs to cope with trauma. The characters had some depth to them. The actors did a good job and were believable in their roles. There was a good twist and the end was satisfying.
Formulaic, movie to avoid
Slow moving plot, 2 dimensional characters, not a thriller, 2 hours of my life I will never get back. The Netflix brand affixed to this movie made me think it might be good. NOT!!! Do not waste your time. Even the lighting was ever-changing to make some scenes easy to see & others murky. Too little explanation & depth to story line. Under developed story line. Sad no matter how you slice it. Camera angles added little interest & editing could have been much crisper. House used for female psychiatrist was nice, though, and actress playing psychiatrist did the best she could with the material she was given. I hope she gets a chance in a movie with an engaging story line.
Good film
No spoilers here...this rating of 5.1 is undervalued... film was great..plot was great...and i wasn't confused at all with story line like one reviewer said...i voted this film 7 because of the script...its all in the script with this one :) The casting was good, i was glad to see Nerd from Nikita in this..so this carried some weight for me because i think he is a great actor...also... there are a few familiar faces in this movie which made it better..if there were no mark actors in this film i don't think it would have carried so well..so good job on the casting crew :) the SFX were above average so id score this film SFX wise 6.5/10. The film had me curious from within 10 Min's..then on i couldn't stop watching till i found out the ending..
Wait what?
Okay 60 second review begins ... NOW ...

I admit to not having high hopes for this movie, after having seen the trailer, but overall I am a fan of Netflix's original productions so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Unless you're bored to tears, just skip this movie. I thought it *might* go into Martyrs territory, but it didn't. The horror aspect is fleeting and feels cheap, but at least doesn't resort to jump scares.

I thought maybe the flick would end with a satisfying Shyamalan- esque resolution, but instead I was just surprised that the movie was over. Like ... that's it?

Still giving it 5 stars because it gave me hope for an hour and 30 minutes.
"Clinical"- A thrilling and well-executed finale can't make up for a thoroughly mean-spirited and poorly constructed narrative.
Netflix has had a pretty good thing going the past couple of years between high-quality licensed films and series in addition to their growing catalog of original works. Unfortunately, much like any studio, Netflix is not perfect and has had its fair share of clunkers. And the 2017 thriller "Clinical" is definitely among them. A wholly unpleasant experience all around, director Alistair Legrand's tale of psychological horror is a strange and mean-spirited little film that sports some of the most clunky and contrived storytelling I've seen in quite some time. Its plot ultimately feels pointless and its twists and turns pandering, while all the while it piles on head-scratching developments and predictable jumps and frankly tactless gore to increasingly diminishing results. It's a woefully misjudged film that left me cold and emotionless as the credits began to roll.

Dr. Jane Mathis (Vinessa Shaw) is a therapist specializing in the treatment of people suffering severe trauma and distress. However, one night two years ago, she was brutally attacked by a deranged patient called Nora Green (India Eisley), and has since been unable to help others as she herself seeks treatment and therapy. Upon deciding to move on and try to make a difference once again, she begins to take on clients, eventually finding Alex (Kevin Rahm)- a horribly-scarred man whose life was shattered in an accident. However, Jane finds herself in a dangerous situation, as Alex's actions take a dark turn and she begins to experience surreal visions of Nora returning to finish her off... And she must ask herself... Is what she's seeing the truth? Or has she slipped into the same madness that haunts so many of her patients?

The biggest problem I have with the film is one I don't see brought up too much. And that is the cynical nature of the story, and the pervasive mean streak that permeates throughout. "Clinical" comes across as an incredibly bitter and angry movie in the worst of ways. And that might seem like a hypocritical complaint. After all, I've enjoyed many movies with similarly nihilistic and cynical overtones that have dealt with similar subject matter. The difference here is that the film is so blatant and yet so pointless that it begins to feel unclean. It condemns all with mental distress as either irredeemable monsters or mere props for the characters to encounter and contend with. It portrays almost everyone outside of the protagonist as being either two-faced or morally dubious. And its onslaught of mindless carnage throughout comes across as nothing but darkness for the sake of darkness. It's not even played for entertainment value. It's just sort-of there... presented in such a way that film just feels ugly to behold. And that's coming from a genuine fan of extreme cinema and exploitation. You need to have purpose, whether serious or satirical, for such ugliness and cynicism. "Clinical" doesn't. The film lacks any sense of humanity or even irony to ground it all.

Though the weird thing is... I don't necessarily think this was intentional. I think it's more the result of the exceedingly poor writing and visual direction. The script is a mish-mash effort that can never decide what it wants to be. It haplessly throws in the worst elements of psychological thrillers with the worst clichés of the slasher genre and the worst aspects of character dramas. Never once did I feel like I was watching a film with a completed script. The movie comes across like three or four different writers working on different projects whose work was sort-of mushed together in an inorganic way. On top of it all, the characters are frequently unbelievable and do things that are flat-out ridiculous. Not only behaving in standard horror movie "stupid mode", but doing things that are blatantly unprofessional and morally reprehensible despite being portrayed as doing the "right thing." And that hurts the film, making it impossible to get invested in the story. I could barely sit through the darned flick because my attention was constantly being whipped back and forth between conflicting tones and scenes. And this isn't helped in the slightest by the brainless visual choices made by director Legrand.

Legrand is one of those directors who seems to understand that different filming techniques and editing tricks exist that can be used to tell a story... but he doesn't understand when and why to use them. "Clinical" has a very "over-eager film student" feel to it, as Legrand throws every trick in the book on-screen and tries see what sticks. Whether it be the constant onslaught of needless "dutch angles" in scenes where they feel completely out of place. Or the random and unpredictable moments of quick-cutting and flash-frames that come out of left field. Or the awkward slow moments that attempt to build tension even though we don't know why tension is supposed to be building. It's like he took the vague concept of the "language of film" and somehow ran it through Google translate a half-dozen times... It's a complete mess.

To give some credit where it is due, our leads Vinessa Shaw and Kevin Rahm do the best they can with such poor material and manage to squeeze out decent performances. I particularly admired Rahm, whose portrayal of Alex is both sensitive yet also suspicious, as his motivations are questioned throughout the film. And yeah... the final fifteen minutes are just a ton of fun on a pure, visceral and aesthetic level, though I will not spoil them. But that can't save the film. The writing is ridiculous. The choices in visual direction are laughable. And the mean-spirited tone robs any opportunity for entertainment or investment. "Clinical" gets a terrible 2 out of 10. I'd say skip this pointless, unpleasant ride.
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