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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
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Baltasar Kormákur
Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday
William Lucking as Bud Farraday
Amber Gaiennie as Danny's Bride
Jason Mitchell as Walter
Paul LeBlanc as CBP Official
Connor Hill as Michael
David O'Hara as Jim Church
Robert Wahlberg as John Bryce
Giovanni Ribisi as Tim Briggs
J.K. Simmons as Captain Camp
Ben Foster as Sebastian Abney
Kate Beckinsale as Kate Farraday
Kent Jude Bernard as Tommy Raymer
Diego Luna as Gonzalo
Lukas Haas as Danny Raymer
Storyline: Chris Faraday once smuggled illegal items or contraband into the country on freighters. He left that life behind, got married, has a family and went legit. But when his brother-in-law got involved with Briggs, a drug dealer and when he blew a deal, Briggs demands restitution which he can't deliver. So Chris offers to find a way to pay Briggs but then he threatens Chris' family if he doesn't deliver. So he gets on a freighter destined for Panama and he sets out to bring back some counterfeit currency. Briggs "goes to see" Chris' family. When Chris learns of this he asks his friend Sebastian to take care of them which he does. He tells Chris that it would be better to bring drugs instead of the cash.
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Don't believe the reviewers, this action packed adventure thrilled and entertained the entire audience. Even got spotty applause which is a rarity except for the most exceptional films.

Great camera work gave exciting glimpses of the Panama Canal, the Canal Zone and the port of New Orleans.

Contraband is a perfect portrayal of the gritty life of crime, and the amoral people who live it. Several exciting twists and turns make the ending a surprise not even my genius plot detective wife could figure out beforehand.

Mark Wahlberg continues to give us one realistic performance after another. Leave the kids at home and go see this action packed thriller.
Good movie with bad videography
Contraband starts out as another Gone In Sixty Seconds. Instead of boosting cars, it's about smuggling drugs and cash. John Bryce (Mark Wahlberg) has been out of the game for three years. He is forced back in when his wife's brother (Caleb Landry) mucks up a deal. To save his brother-in-law's life from a hardass drug lord (Giovanni Ribisi), Bryce forms a crew with the help of his longtime friend Sebastian (Ben Foster), and sets out to Panama to retrieve a shipment of contraband (hence the title).

The trailers present this movie as an action flick. While there is some action in Contraband, it is not the main focus. What makes this movie different than Gone In Sixty Seconds is how it explores the world of crime and drug smuggling. It is low-tech and very incognito. The idea of using a cargo ship as a means of transporting money and drugs is genius. You have to give the smugglers credit for being so clever, especially Bryce. He and his crew do not draw attention to themselves, nor do they face a final showdown between cops and thugs, which has become the stereotype in so many films about crime. I will not bother in going into details about how they pull off the scheme, for it is that good.

Even without all the action sequences, Contraband is a very intense film. Much of this is due to Giovanni Ribisi's performance as the drug lord. He is not afraid to force a gun into a person's face, and he likes to smash women's heads into mirrors. He is ruthless and rotten to the core. Mark Wahlberg is intense in this film too, but he is not as rough as Ribisi. He plays the typical fast-talking, badass that we've seen in The Departed. In this however, he is at least one step ahead of everyone in the business of smuggling. Whenever things start to go to hell, he has a plan up his sleeve. Caleb Landry is in stark contrast to Wahlberg's character. Every chance he gets, he does something wrong or stupid. It comes to the point that he makes you wonder if he is messing up on purpose. Well, probably not, but a good smuggler would not take the "funny money" that is owed to the cartel and run for it while leaving his pals behind. Landry plays the part well as an inexperienced amateur. Ben Foster does not have much screen time in this film, but he presents himself as a likable ally to Bryce, but this changes quickly towards the second half of the film. There is more to him than a seemingly nice friend.

With decent performances and an interesting enough story, Contraband appears to be another good flick. However, it suffers because of terrible videography. This is unfortunate, especially since Barry Ackroyd, the man who did phenomenal work for The Hurt Locker and The Bourne Ultimatum, was the cinematographer. He is a master of the use of the hand-held camera and this is suitable for a film like Contraband. It is not the shakiness of the camera that is the problem; it is the lack of focus and poor compositions in the shots. One example comes to mind is the constant use of the quick zoom. Not only is the quick zoom a bit jarring on the eyes, but also it tends to result in a blurry shot. The cameraman seems to realize this, for the lens abruptly changes to make the shot in focus. Another instance is the tendency that character's heads and bodies are cut off from the frame. When Mark Wahlberg is talking, I want to see him in frame, not half in and half out. Yet again, the cameraman makes a swift change, trying to readjust the shot. This is not the work of a professional, but rather an amateur. Unless the filmmaker was on a tight budget, Barry Ackroyd should have redone the shots to make them more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Then again, this may have been what the director had in mind. For me though, the film suffers because of it. Contraband would receive a higher rating from me if the cinematography were improved.
Contraband (2012) - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Reunion!
"Contraband" is your ordinary January action thriller, a smuggling heist motion picture, besides being totally unimpressive. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as an ex-smuggler who used to be the king of smuggling, but now he wants to rest with his wife and kids. Until his wife's brother screws up at a job, so now he has to do one more contraband run to give money to a drug lord. So, if you're a heist film fan, you can probably tell that "Contraband" is completely unoriginal, since having the same idea as the film, "Gone in 60 Seconds". "Contraband" is not really a perfect movie, since the storyline is so unoriginal, and it's a recycled plot that's been used plenty of times before. But that doesn't make this a bad movie. Although having a formulaic storyline, "Contraband" still has some of it's positive pros. Mark Wahlberg delivers a likable performance, still delivering a macho-man attitude. The rest of the cast includes Kate Beckinsale as Wahlberg's wife, Ben Foster as his best friend, and Giovanni Ribisi in a terrific performance as the ruthless drug lord. Although they deliver such well-acted performances, their characters aren't really that memorable. I also thought that the cinematography by Barry Ackroyd was really well-handled, since he was known for delivering clever cinematography in "The Hurt Locker". But here's what didn't work in "Contraband". Most scenes in the movie, especially all those cool action scenes, aren't really that interesting, and it's quite easy to forget. Besides, there are also some moments that make this movie so confusing. Some scenes that explain a major conflict, those scenes are poorly explained, and they contain no back-story whatsoever. To be honest, I'm not really a heist film fan. I just feel that those aren't my type of thrillers. But I have to give this movie credit for being well shot and well acted. But, the entire 110-minute run time is filled with confusing twists, forgettable heists, and unoriginality. Not that it's a bad movie, or anything like that! Even though this movie had it's average moments, this is still worth anyone's time. If you're into this sort of thing! "Contraband", in my review, "lack of originality, forgettable moments".
Not bad, but lengthy run-up
The first 30 minutes (= prior to real action) are rather ordinary and most events on the ship heading for Panama are not thrilling either. Luckily, in Panama, all the rock'n'roll begins: chases, betrayals, bursts and other elements necessary for a good action movie. All cast is above average for a movie of that kind - Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Foster, Lukas Haas...

Tensions come and go, but do not persist; in other words, the director is no Guy Ritchie (an Icelander Baltasar Kormákur who himself starred in 2008 Icelandic film Reykjavík-Rotterdam, which is the forerunner of Contraband). But in general, the movie is okay, becoming better and better as the plot develops: the ending scenes were versatile and with twists.
HATED this movie.Slow, poor acting and writing.
I was stuck for a film to see today so thought I'd go for this as had seen some good reviews.

I was wary as I really don't think Mark Whalberg is a good actor. He's not had professional training and it shows in my opinion, in all his films I've seen. He lacks emotional depth and it's almost acting by numbers. People who just 'turn to' acting do not have the necessary foundation skills to craft and hone over time as they've not studied it professionally. I know some people will disagree with my comments.

I could not empathise or sympathise with ANY of these characters. The story is based in the drugs culture with Whalberg's character almost glamorising drug/money smuggling. Certainly no moral ethics are seen here. I couldn't have cared less if his wife got buried in concrete in a plastic bag with her mobile phone to be honest. How can you sympathise with characters who are so caught up in their needs being met through a life of crime without even thinking of the impact of their behaviours and actions on others? Whalberg appears very bored right the way through. I don't know if anyone saw him on the Graham Norton show, but he said he was tired and couldn't be bothered on that too and it showed. Perhaps he needs to retire now? The rest of the cast were very average. The direction was unremarkable as were the action scenes.

I came out of the cinema just as the credits started to roll and felt angry that I'd sat through something which ultimately gave the message that drug crime pays. Try telling that to those of us who have or have had relatives who are hooked on the stuff and the shear hell it causes everyone else around them.

Hated this film with avengence.
I really expected more out of this movie.

I like Mark Walberg generally. "Boogie Nights" was wonderful, and I also enjoyed "Happenings".

"Contraband" doesn't match up against these other films.

It's disjointed, choppy, and difficult to keep up with.

If you like Mark, you'll probably enjoy this movie.

Without him it wouldn't be much.

That's starpower for you.

It begins to pick up speed at about 1:20 minutes.

This is probably a watch-it-once-and-forget-about movie, but you might like to watch it once.
It's almost has good as The Town
A former smuggler(Mark Wahlberg) who has moved away from that life, he now runs his own security business, and also has a beautiful wife(Kate Beckinsale) and three great kids, life couldn't s be any better. Until his wife's brother, who is a smuggler, and messes up on a job. That puts him and his family in danger with a dangerous drug dealer(Giovanni Ribisi). So now the former smuggler must go back to his old ways in order to save his family, but will he make through, or will he be in over his head?

A pretty entertaining crime thriller. Mark Wahlberg is good in the title role, like a old style tough guy. Kate Beckinsale as his wife was alright, but not strong enough. Giovanni Ribisi was awesome at being evil, you just enjoyed not liking him. Ben Foster and Lucas Haas are also good too. Also a great crime drama, that really grabs you hard. At time it can be predicable, but still entertaining.
I have to admit I quite enjoyed this trip into the shady world of smuggling. Most of the characters were quite believable and there weren't too many plot holes that made the whole thing ridiculous. I also liked that the filmmakers kept the action sequences quite realistic (loved the shoot-out in Panama). As far as performances go, I thought it was pretty much run of the mill stuff for most of them. Kate Beckinsale was a bit underused and Giovanni Ribisi played the loathsome Briggs very well. I guess this 'by the book' thriller was never going to win any prizes, but I did find it entertaining and that's all you can ask of a film of this ilk.

SteelMonster's verdict: RECOMMENDED

My score: 7.4/10.

You can find an expanded version of this review on my blog: Thoughts of a SteelMonster.
This is good movie, but could of done more
The movie contraband is made out to be more on the trailers, the constant shooting and action scenes seen in the trailer make you see the movie as a awesome action for the year,but in retrospect are not retrospect it isn't as much as it seems. great movie don't get me wrong but they could have done a bit more and made some of the scenes more complex and slow down the movie a bit more. A few Really good scenes, with action conflict and the need to do what needs to be done also a few scenes with very bad language, but pass and make u laugh. i do believe that this is a Defiantly see this movie, I believe when u see this is will be allot to discuss and analysis. i recommend if u are going to watch it to go and see it in Vmax- vmax is like a normal cinema but it has bigger seats, better sound, and a bigger screen, of course more expensive but worth the cost.
horrendous plot, what is this?
just done watching it...well, this movie is UNBELIEVABLE. i feel like it assumes the viewers are dumb enough to believe whatever the hell is going on. its just out in the open DUMB. its not enough that the plot goes into a convoluted mess, it becomes very irrational as well and this backs up the characters irrationality. it makes you go in your head "are you fkin kidding me?" and "really? WTF?"..."did you check the pulse??" at some point in the movie one of the bad guy Giovanni Ribisi's character did not know mark was the brother of one of the guy he was working for (ben foster)in which ben threatens giovanni to stay away from marks wife?? what the hell was the wife's role any way? to add tension? why are they enforcing the wife when mark was eager on doing the stupid "job" besides the stupid coke thing, the bad guys tactics and decision making skills or even common sense were non-existent. the whole relationship with the characters, like the "irish" guy or the crazy Mexican, the ships crew, the idiot brother in law... all the characters roles failed to connect when it should.

the ending was laughable, again not a bit of effort in explaining the series of events that supposedly happened. you wouldn't mind the ugly camera work zooming in on faces and or marky mark trying had not to look at the camera.

4 stars for the effort and for J.K. Simmons mustache.
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