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Dark Space
IMDB rating:
Emmett Callinan
Jose Rosete as Extra Terrestrial 2
Freddie Johnson as Soldier 1
Tim Martin as Soldier 2
Marcus Jordan as Extra Terrestrial 3
Francisco Espalliat as Extra Terrestrial 1
Blake Edgerton as Soldier 3
Alana Dietze as Shelly
Sharlene Brown as Spaceport Attendant
Avital Ash as Kristy
Keith Reay as Devin
Joseph Darden as Shaun (as Joe Darden)
Tonya Kay as Flower
Preston James Hillier as EVS Commander Mahoney
Steve West as Jack
Storyline: When their shuttle is damaged on the way to Centari Five, six friends are forced to crash land on the surface of a mysterious alien planet. Stranded with little hope of rescue, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone. Hunted by the planet's ferocious inhabitants and targeted by heavily-armed forces, they will have to struggle just to survive.
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Low Budget, Great Effort, Decent Acting -- Overall, not bad!
OK, first off, when reviewing/analyzing this movie, look at the fact that it has a budget of only 750,000 U.S. Dollars. I've seen Syfy movies made with budgets of 1.5 mil - 10 mil U.S. Dollars and are worse than this movie in almost every way. For the budget of this movie, they pulled off some unbelievable stuff - to the point of you hoping that they find a bright future in movie production, because if they had 10 mil U.S. Dollars, I can guarantee you that the movie will be a huge hit!!

Now, given the budget of $750k, the effects of the armor, the hull integrity, the space ship designs, the Artificial Intelligence built into the ships' mainframe, and the planetary (both, from space and ground) effects were stunning! In terms of effects and atmospheric simulations, this automatically gets a 7/10, given the budget.

However, the acting was very good for first-timers or at least beginning actors, as I don't recognize many faces in this movie. They could've done better -- but could they, really? Think about it, most good actors are behind a green screen or actually jumping out of windows, but these people only had a budget of $750k, so they didn't have much to go on, and they pulled it off nicely!

Sure, it had a generic plot, but this is typical with low-budget movies.

Overall, I give this movie a 6/10, because it had great special effects, not bad acting, and generic plot with slight enhancements - throw in an extremely low budget of $750k, and you got yourself a seller!
B movie? Impressed.
I feel like this movie wont get the credit it deserves because it was a budget film. In all my years of B rated movies this one has definitely raised the bar on twenty-first century budget movies. Not expecting much, in the beginning this movie kept my attention even though it was a bit ruff in the beginning. To sum it up, the graphics and costume design was great, the story line was good and it was a pretty good movie. I look forward to a sequel that links to the first and also movie replicas(I would love some movie replicas). If you had a part in this movie and you just so happened to read this I would like to say it was a great movie and I hope you continue to succeed(and contact me I want replicas), good luck and keep working hard.
Try to look past the first 15 or 20 minutes of the film...it DOES get better!
It's frustrating to watch this film because it had so much potential and with a tiny re-write it could have been really special. In its present form, however, it's a bit tough to love.

A few months ago, I reviewed a low budget sci-fi film that surprised me. While "Starship Rising" had many faults, I was extremely impressed by the look of the movie. Despite having almost nothing to spend to make the film, the special effects looked so very professional. It's too bad that the film wasn't particularly good when it came to what is important--the plot. Well, when I watched "Dark Space" a few days ago, I felt like it was a case of deja vu! Once again, here was a sci-fi film with a minuscule budget yet had exquisite special effects that made the film look very professional. Yet, as in "Starship Rising", the writing left a lot to be desired. If the makers of either film could improve the writing and characters significantly, I would sure to love to see more of their work.

"Dark Space", unfortunately, starts off very, very poorly. My youngest daughter was watching the film with me and she kept remarking how dumb the characters were--and she was right. Believe it or not, although the film is set in the distant future where space travel is commonplace, the characters seem like they were lifted out of an old "Friday the 13th" or "Halloween" movie! I half expected them to land on a planet where they'd find themselves at an abandoned summer camp or roller disco and the characters lacked depth--they were just there to be killed by some unseen menace. Many of the characters (particularly Devin) were irritating and completely ridiculous...and seemed more like clichés than people.

At this point, you might wonder why we continued watching since we hated the characters so much (and we REALLY hated them). Well, we assumed it was just a really, really bad film and we were actually having a good time laughing at the writing and characters since they were so bad. However, through the course of the film something strange happened--we both found we had to finish the movie and we actually were enjoying what we were seeing. However, I wonder how many people would bother sticking with this one.

On the plus side, the outer space scenes are extremely professional and look like something out of Hollywood as are the aliens. Additionally, although the plot is quite simple (sort of like combining Friday 13th with Predator), it works well and gets better as the film progresses. Plus, the explanation as to what is occurring and why is really very creative. The bottom line is that the film has a lot of merits...along with some god-awful characters that seemed more like caricatures than people.

By the way, if you are looking for an ultra low-budget sci-fi film which has a bit more to offer, try "Hunter Prey". Despite a simple plot, the film is rock solid from start to finish and is a great example of what can be done by clever filmmakers even if they are hampered with a micro-budget.
Some potential
This movie was okay for a low-budget SF movie.

The plot is six college kids (who all look like they are in their early 30's, but Hollywood.) rent a spaceship for a vacation and then screw with the auto-pilot. They stumble into a war between aliens and soldiers on a black ops situation where they are genociding the aliens and killing any witnesses.

And that's the plot, that they have to milk 92 minutes of movie.

The acting was poor. We also never got a feeling for the universe they live in and they are really kind of blasé about being on a planet that amazingly looks like Earth. Lots and lots of footage of people walking around. The Walking Around itself didn't make a lot of sense. If the ship was fixable, they all should have worked on fixing the ship.
Should have been called 'Stereotypical Cliché'
I'm not going to mention the story as it's thin and very amateurish, I wont really mention anything other then the utter stupidity of it....oops there's the spoiler :) From the opening scene I was cringing, the acting was deplorable and the dialogue was an EPIC FAIL!, it was filled with dialogue of why the blonde guy (Keith Reay) shouldn't be allowed to "fly" a rented spaceship, all sorts of flying infringements etc (from a rental company no less) yet no one "flies" these craft they are fully automated, so why would ANYONE'S prior history (rented or not) come into play?.

The movie is like this all the way through, there is no cohesion, nothing gels it's just one BIG mistake after another, Keith Reay from the very beginning all I wanted to do was reach into the screen and punch him in the face just for being born, what an annoying actor he is, and no he wasn't acting his annoyance it's simply his presence.

The movie is filled with gaffs like the STUPID analogue switches on a console in a ship that wouldn't/shouldn't exist in a bloody 'rented craft', I mean seriously if you had a fully automated ship that was rented it's like that for a reason, you would not be able to override anything, let alone place a (apparently very easy to use)console for everyone to just play with...DUMB!.

Of course the craft crashes on an alien planet and 'Flower' has a compound fracture of her tibia, well ever wondered if you can walk on a compound fracture of your tibia?...well by all accounts you can, not only that she manages to run on it also....DUMB! Then while wandering out in the woods they just happen upon a 'stick man' Ala 'Blair Witch Project', it had no rhyme or reason being there it just was. DUMB! Then we have the stupid 'storm troopers' and to coin another reviewers term, they looked like they were wearing the armor from Halo, not only that the guns were frighteningly similar also, and these guns have nice big scopes on them...are the scopes being used?....no of course not, no wonder 100 'storm troopers' couldn't hit these annoying so called bloody actors, I was praying they would so the pain would stop :) DUMB! Then we have the poindexter nerd who CANNOT act to save his life, with his 'tool' he uses to repair the ships 'software' and changes 'hardware'...whatever right?, but the tool he uses looks like a damn icing gun my mother used to use to ice cakes...for crying out loud, absolutely NO IMAGINATION.....guys a hint, there's plenty of comic books around, get some hints there, I'm sure you own them all :) Now please remember this 'ship' is a rental, so why would it come equipped with an 'icing gun' and a bloody welder to repair the ship??, this clearly wasn't an Hertz rental was it?. :) DUMB! There are scenes right through this movie that SCREAM BULLSH!T, such as the scene where a 'storm trooper' checks a pulse with thick gloves on, I mean come on people, why are we treated like D!CKHEADS by these film makers, do they really think we are this DUMB?.

Well I'm very glad to disappoint them, they SUCK and so does this so called movie.

Total CRAP!.
Don't Leave Dark Space In The Dark
I like discovering movie gems, and Dark Space is certainly among my favorites. The sci-fi action thriller may be low budget, but it's sourced from a well-written script and very original story. Some of the acting and production value keep it from getting a higher rating, but any fan of science fiction should check out Dark Space.
Not a Bad Movie
I do not usually rate movies. Too much of a hassle, but I think this one deserved a better rating than it has been given. I gave this a seven out of ten. The acting was good as was the editing. It was filmed nicely and all the settings were believable if you just want to sit back, relax and not over think it. This is not for the people that are looking for deep thinking. You won't get a head ache figuring this one out.

To me the ending seemed a little weak although it did have a bit of a nice twist at the end. This is definitely a winner for a low budget movie. I don't watch these to the end if they are not entertaining. Give yourself a treat and keep an eye on the actors. Most of them should have a future in front of them.
Epitome of a good low budget sci-fi flick
Low budget, decent story and really too nothing special about this movie. But for some reason, once you get past the first 20 minutes, the movie keeps you intrigued all the way through the end. Great effort with a low budget. Do not know what the others are expecting for a low budget sci-fi movie but this one was good. I watch a lot of random crap movies just so I be rewarded with gem like Dark Space.
Movies like this make me question the intelligence of others
It's not worth writing a long review for this atrocious movie. Simply put, why and how are movies like this produced and released to the public?! Better yet, how did 3/4 of a million bucks ever find it's way into the hands of people who decided it was a good idea to produce this film? Most terrible movies have one thing in common, and that is, characters that lack any intelligence. It seems the only way that terrible writers are able to move their plot along is by having the characters do things that are so unintelligent, that nobody over the age of 10 would ever consider doing.. or anyone not locked up in an insane asylum would ever partake in doing.
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