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Dead Story
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Suneel Tripuraneni
Terry Vanderheyden as Police assistant 1
Jason Mcroberts as Police Officer
Christopher Phipps as Dr. Chambers
Charlie Pearce as Police assistant 2
Hope Holguin as Caitlin 2
Jay Bowles as Neil
Nerissa Hart as News Reporter (voice)
Chase Austin as Harold Harris
Olivia Denton as Caitlin 3
Melissa Alouf as Caitlin 1
Sheril Rodgers as Martha
Kelsey Deanne as Anne Harris
Storyline: Young couple Anne and Harold moves to a new home without knowing it was a site of horrific murders, Anne's loneliness and strange behavior makes their relationship complicated, when Anne finds out about a dark presence of Mary, she has no escape from Mary.
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A usual effort to escape ghost
A good movie to get scared. Title of the movie could have been better. A usual plot of new family entering a house. With an appreciable unique effort by the writer to show the ghost's way to possess the body. Little things taken care are 1. Family drama between 2 ladies. 2. An off going relationship. 3. Not over-exaggerating the presence of ghost with loud noise. 4. Movie doesn't take much time to show the ghost 5. Not much drama like rolling chairs,creepy noise, flying objects etc. 6. No additional unnecessary going off the plot. A movie that directly comes to the point than taking things to nowhere. Recommended not to watch alone. Surely not recommended to weak hearts and brains!!
A few technical issues with the movie
Just wanted to mention a few of technical issues with the movie. There are some inaccuracies throughout the movie that could have been avoided during the edit. For instance:

When Anne is taking photos the camera shutter sound sometimes is not properly synced and is missed totally for some shots.

In 20:50 a boom pole together with a part of an operator's shirt can be seen.

Anne removes her jacket twice in the same timeline, 21:33, then she enters the bedroom and is wearing the jacket and again takes it off.

In 50:10, Harold pretends to pour wine into the glasses. The head of the bottle can be seen in the shot, no wine is pouring out of it though.

In 1:00:50, the man (who had found Anne in the woods) leaves the house in his car without his son. However, they came together.

1:21:05 when Anne and Harold are leaving the house, in the bedroom they leave with two suitcases and a backpack. Outside the house, they have only one suitcase.
What about the furniture moving?
A couple moves into a supposedly haunted house. Anne (Kelsey Deanne) seems to have mental issues not well developed. Her mother-in-law (Sheril Rodgers) loathes her in a rather over-the-top fashion. Her husband (Chase Austin) is supportive, but work keeps him away.

The film wasn't overly bad, but the dialogue wasn't well scripted, the actors were bland, except I had to scratch my head over the MIL's behavior. The house was allegedly was pre- WWI Victorian but looked new, a forgivable offense for low budget films. The film copies the pop craze of having ghosts with long black unwashed hair covering the face. Unless your ghost is Japanese, please stop. The budget and script couldn't afford a psychic investigator, albeit cliché, but would have worked better than take these sedatives and call me in the morning type doctor. I miss you Zelda.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
Not worth the time
This movie was a total waste of time. I'm an avid horror fan, I've seen all kinds of horror movies. I seen the good, and the bad. But sad to say, this one made it to the top of my list of the worst, horror movie ever. The story was all over the place, and there was literally no actual plot to it. Typical couple moves into a house, the wife starts hearing things, and the husband doesn't believe the wife cliché. There was no scares to this movie at all. And even the music was corny. The acting is absolutely TERRIBLE. I watched the whole movie because I was hoping it would get better, but I should've turned it off as soon as I saw the acting. You don't even get to know much about the characters. Please don't waste your time on this.
A movie living up to its name
As it was said by others,this is a real "dead story".I am a huge fan of any kind of horror,and I have seen or at least finished, plenty of them.This one is absolutely awful.The acting is poor(like whole new level),the story is weak and it is impossible to finish.I managed to get to the end only because of the facts that the remote was in the other room,I am really lazy and i had a bottle of scotch and my phone with me.If you get to read this before watching it-just don't.If you think that you are such a hardcore horror fan that you would be able to find something worthy in this,be my guest- watch how nothing happens for the whole movie.The movie doesn't deliver any kind of scare moments,fails to build tension or interest in the story or the characters.The movie is filled with scenes the bore you to death.Even the music and sound can't deliver a proper mood.To sum it up, it is a waste of time.
really a death story, all predictable
Oops, first minute or just before the opening credits we are already confronted with a murder. But hey, is this CGI blood. Guessed the rest of this flick would be a turn down.

And it was. It's slow and after a while naturally things go wrong in the house but so dull. I mean, things appear next shot disappeared and visa verso and that goes on and on and the wife being alone at the house of course she starts to see things. You know what, her husband doesn't believe her. And the nightmares, it's there that he is killed constantly. Evil mother in law,...

But no effects whatsoever. Lights flickering and a ghost walking around. Seen it all before but better done. The only thing well done is the ghost itself. She does remind me of the girl in The Ring franchise, you know, long black hair before her face.

But at the end, what a perfect title, the story was indeed death.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5
Okay- But Muddled
I am not sure if this really contains spoilers, but I don't want to risk it. Here we go... 1) There is SO much room for improvement, especially when it comes to special effects. This is the first tip off that this film is extremely low budget. 2) There are a lot of grey areas that are not cleared up. For instance, there is no history about the house besides her BFF's husband (or brother in law?)'s story about the house which was said to be fake by both her husband- who had checked the public records regarding the house- and by her BFF/sister. Who was the ghost? There was no explanation or comprehensive backstory. If all the events been in her head (which was not confirmed or clear either) then what was the story said by the radio announcer at the very beginning? Also, if it was in her head then it wouldn't have explained the ending either. 3) The crazy mom in law was just over the top IMO. 4) Again, there was not enough background and too many loose ends.

4.6 out of 10.
As a horror movie fan, I thought I'd give this movie a try. Oh dear, was I sorry. The acting is terrible.They all seemed a bit forced. The so called horror bits have been done to death in other far better movies. You know whats going to happen well before it does. The background to the story is never explained. It's like it was made by a bunch of inexperienced college students, who decided on a whim to make a movie. I'm getting really bored these days with all the cheap, badly acted movies they are churning out these days. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME DON'T EVEN BOTHER WATCHING THIS MOVIE. I gave this movie 3 stars and that's because I'm in a good mood!
" dead story is brilliant movie in horror genre of 2017"
I loved the movie its excellent movie of horror genre loved the location its beautiful suspense nerve tickling scary.In every scene there is tremendous amount of suspense "Whats going to happen next" ?.Couple Anne and Harold who relocated in a new home with large area of landscape within their campus didn't knew about the presence of a distressed "spirit " who already resides there and keep haunting Annie who was mostly alone in her residence, her relation with her mom-in- law was not at all good who seems to be always demeaning Annie and cursing her for marrying her son but seems was not good in the eyes of the spirit into whose hands she lost her life for torturing Annie.It was very sad for Annie and her husband. The movie overall is true horror movie some scenes are really scary especially the scratching of the wardrope's room's floor and the light coming out from the room,One scene where all the furniture were shown scattered and suddenly were well placed when Annie try to take pics of that place.Good Cinematography, beautiful location,two lovely couple and a creepy ghost makes the movie a must watch.
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