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Death Race 2050
Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
G.J. Echternkamp
Malcolm McDowell as Chairman
Gonzalo Alonso Ruiz as The Resistance soldier
Shanna Olson as Grace Tickle
Burt Grinstead as Jed Perfectus
Folake Olowofoyeku as Minerva Jefferson
Marci Miller as Annie Sullivan
Anessa Ramsey as Tammy
Yancy Butler as Alexis Hamilton
D.C. Douglas as Abe (voice)
Manu Bennett as Frankenstein
Storyline: The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles.
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Amazing as long as you have the right perspective and have seen the original
OK. So it is cheap. The effects are terrible. The acting OK. The music choices vary in quality. Now that I got that out of the way....

This remake was fantastic and amazingly true in tone to the original making many improvements along the way. No spoilers here except to say that the updates made sense, the characters were fun, and everyone seemed to be having a good time making it. Malcolm McDowell did what he does so well playing the villain.

It was episodic, but so was the original. You get the feeling that the director studied the original for what worked, then brought that and a lot more into the remake. Roger Cormen and his daughter produced, so you know it was made by the right people (Cormen produced the original as well)

If you did not like it, you would not have liked the original. It was a worthy remake that reminds us what a lot of imagination can do on a limited budget. Cormen devotees should be thrilled.
A subtle masterpiece
The Village Voice said this "is the only movie that matters in 2017" and with only two weeks into the year, they very well may be right. Death Race 2050 is set in a well thought out dystopic near-future, masked with a ridiculously fantastic premise. I loved this movie and give it 10/10 because it accomplished what it set out to do, with many subtle threads and social commentaries. The humour can be silly without being stupid, the political and social messages are profound without being preachy, the casting is great, and the acting is perfectly dialed in. The movie has an uplifting and inspiring conclusion despite not taking itself seriously all the way through. If given a chance, it will gain a cult following similar to "Idiocracy."
Insane moments and characters
Does this come into the so bad it's good category? Since Sharknado (2013) made knowingly bad films annoying I would say 'no'. But then again it was fast paced and help my attention with insane moments and characters. It is far more like the original than the newer trilogy which were serious and actually okay films. Drive drive kill kill switch off.
Seriously unwatchable.
SPOILERS. I'm at a loss to see so many 10-star reviews here. Must be from the director/writers/producers, because this film is, without exaggeration, unwatchable.

From the early and zero-climax reveal of Frankenstein, to the endless dialog during endless poorly done green-screen background driving scenes, to the campy and disappointing sped-up shots of car by's, to the very stupid Liberal philosophy strewn throughout the awful script, to the very disturbing scene of parents putting their disabled children in harm's way of the cars just so Frankenstein can score points, it is unbearable to sit through.
More like Farce Race 2050...
Now, I will say that the movie cover/poster does have a certain retro feel to it, and it was that and the fact that Malcolm McDowell was in it that I decided to sit down to watch "Death Race 2050". I did so despite knowing very well that this was most likely going to be a questionable movie; especially with the last many years track history of the "Death Race" movies.

But still, I gave it a chance. And I ended up every bit as disappointing as I thought I would be. "Death Race 2050" was the worst of the "Death Race" movies that I have seen so far.

The story in "Death Race 2050" was so simple that even a dead person could keep up with it. Actually, it was so simple that there almost was no storyline to be found anywhere. And if you have seen any of the many previous "Death Race" movies, then you have essentially also seen this one.

As for the action sequences and the car sequences, well, let's just say that they tried. They didn't succeed, but they tried. The cars were laughable at best, and looked like something some teenagers had built in a questionable workshop somewhere. The car designs was so ridiculous that it was hard to take them seriously.

The acting in "Death Race 2050" was every bit as rigid, wooden and questionable as the car designs. And not even Malcolm McDowell could do anything to lift up the movie.

"Death Race 2050" makes usage of some CGI, as most movies do. But wow, the CGI in this movie was just horrible to look at, and it was hard to believe that such effects would see the light of day in 2017.

This movie was not entertaining, aside from the way that the main villain died. That was the only bright point of the movie. The rest of "Death Race 2050" was just not really worth the time, effort or money.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Death Race 2050
"Drive drive, kill kill, drive drive". That's a song lyric and/or spoken line from Death Race 2050 (my latest review). Split screens, a game of "chicken", Malcolm McDowell surrounded by topless women wearing a topless toupee, virtual reality as an audience medium, video game likeness. "Race 2050" has it all. Sadly, it's an elevated form of cinematic torture, pure torture.

First off, I wonder what Sylvester Stallone might think of this uninspired, post-dated sequel to 1975's drive-in sensation, Death Race 2000. Currently, it's a straight-to-video release so I'm sure he might have been too busy to check it out.

Anyway, the producer of "Race 2050" is 90-year-old Roger Corman. The days of his Boxcar Bertha are long gone. Now, he really needs to check himself. This film is truly bad camp and frankly, I don't get how it could have any appeal whatsoever. Death Race 2050 starts off 2017 in a lousy way. Call it the nonchalant face of death and destruction. Heck, deem it the bastardized lovechild of The Running Man, the bloodied up version of The Cannonball Run, The Road Warrior for the radically inept, or the more violent, trenchant mirror of something like 1971's 200 Motels. This is hyper satire but not entertainment folks. That's unless you're under the influence of some heavy drugs (I don't endorse that notion just so you know).

Now the characters in Death Race 2050, are remorseless, unfeeling, and brainwashed. They arrive in their automobiles with the B movie techniques of rear projection and bluescreen totally evident. Their acting is hammy and shoddy. The soundtrack to "Race 2050" is I guess, annoying heavy metal rock. Finally, the cars featured (the title has "race" in it so go figure) are pointed and atypical. Within "Race 2050's" plot workings, heads are severed, torsos are cut in half, and blood spattering is cartoon-like. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Oh yeah, everyone gets hurt and dies without so much as a whimper (or empathy for that matter).

Silly, over of the top, and taking place in the year 2050 (duh), Death Race 2050 makes you long for something more akin to 2008's remake of Death Race 2000 simply titled, Death Race. That film wasn't really good to begin with. However, it at least took itself seriously enough to be made for somewhat compelling viewing. "Race 2050'" tries to be compelling in its last half. It even throws around the terms "Resistance" and "rebels". Futile attempt (ha ha). Don't the producers know that this is something already taken from the Star Wars franchise? Natch.

Lack of originality and kookiness aside, "Race 2050's" cast is comprised of Malcolm McDowell playing the same, sadistic monitor that he channeled in last year's 31. And look for Drop Zone's Yancy Butler in a small yet overacted role (it's sad that "Zone" is the last flick I remember her being in). As for the special effects, well they are cheesy and caricaturish and you know what, I think the filmmakers wanted it that way. Ugh.

All in all, the story concerning Death Race 2050, is about planet Earth being post-apocalyptic and overpopulated. America has renamed its 50 states (Arkansas is now called "Walmartinique") and in order to control said population, drivers compete in an annual "Death Race". Basically, they drive across country while killing everyday denizens with their slickly automobiles (they hastily score points too, double ugh). The main trouper is Frankenstein played by New Zealand-born Manu Bennett. He's like Mel Gibson with a big fat frog in his throat. You know what, I'm just gonna refrain from going on and on. Here's my overall rating: 1 and a half stars.
Unfathomably horrific
"Death Race 2000" is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, B-movie ever made. It was funny, clever, had some good subtle points, and full of action and beautiful girls. Of course, it was directed by the late great Paul Bartel, who is still sorely missed.

"Death Race 2050" however, is without a doubt one of the worst pieces of garbage that has been filmed in at least the past twenty or so years, maybe much longer.

There is absolutely nothing here that is in the least bit clever, interesting, or even good in the least. As far as the basics go, the acting horrendous, the cars ridiculous-looking, the FX abysmal, the characters annoying, it's all just a complete mess.

Even when the cars "race" they are going so slow and look so bad, they resemble a warped bumper car attraction at the local fair more than anything.

And my goodness, Malcolm McDowell, what happened, what happened. Did he really need the money that badly?

The very most I can say about this movie that doesn't completely tear it apart, is if you are into miniatures, watch for some scenes where they're used, they're probably the best things about this movie.

This isn't even as funny and clever as "Hardware Wars" was to "Star Wars" if you can possibly believe that.

This truly is such a poor blight on the original classic, it's a complete disgrace that this garbage was ever even considered to be filmed, let alone made. If you really, really must see this movie, torrent it, do not buy it, do not waste your money on it, do not pay a dime to see this movie.
Way better than the original at this point..
The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles. Death Race 2050 is finally here and it's not as bad as i thought it was going to be, let me start with the good stuff first Manu Bennett as Frankenstein was great he did a good job if you enjoyed his performance in Arrow you will enjoy his performance in Death Race 2050 as well also Marci Miller as Annie was really great as well i found her character to be very interesting and useful and she helped way more than the original Annie did in Death Race 2000 also some of the action and humor were actually pretty good but the rest of the film is well kinda terrible with many actors being over the top and awful like Burt Grinstead as Perfectus, Yancy Butler as Hamilton and Malcolm McDowell as the Chairman, certain characters and death scenes were campy as hell there's even a woman that finds pleasure by the actual car for some reason. But that's the good thing about Death Race 2050 it's a reboot and although it's definitely better than the original in terms of action and casting the 2 leads is the exact same film again but a bit more campy with more violence and lots of green screen but overall i found myself enjoying it and believe me it's not a masterpiece just like the first one wasn't i mean how can this have a 3.2 and the original has a 6.2? It's the same film except some new stuff like characters and a bit more violence but other than that it's the same movie. If you want to see a dumb and campy action movie full of gore and cartoony villains this is the movie for you if not go check out the Death Race from 2008 starring Jason Statham because that in my opinion is the best of the whole franchise!!!
A Pointless sequel
I imagine this had a larger budget than the original but manages to look even cheaper. But what the original Death Race 2000 lacked in budget in made up for in imagination and campy charm. This just wallows in it's excess gore and heavy handed humor. Whereas in the Paul Bartel's cult classic the violence is really kept in a minimum and is quite quick and brutal but without being overly exploitative. There are several elements that are directly referenced from the original. It makes me wish I was watching that than this. It is sad to see Macolm McDowell slumming in such trash. This will probably bring in a few DVD sales but will never be the classic as the original and will ultimately fade into obscurity quickly. Just watch the original.
Beyond Bad
First, even though I do like Manu Bennett from his days on Spartacus and Arrow, I don't usually see a movie or TV show because of whose in it. Seeing that Roger Corman was behind this (the last two remakes/reboots were OK, but just OK), I figured I'd give this a shot. Having watched it I can see why it never got any large release. Absolute trash. Not even the fun kind of trash, but just poor, badly written, directed and acted Trash. I'm sure everyone who was in this mess did it only for the paycheck. Roger certainly isn't the Roger of the old days, not if this is the best he can do. Sitting through this was like getting one's teeth pulled without Novocaine. Avoid this at all costs. Just a waste of cinema.
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