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Devil in the Dark
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Tim Brown
Owen McMenemy-Brown as Young Clint
Kai Dickson as Young Adam
Kieran Dickson as Young Clint
Doug Brown as Gary
Owen Brown as Young Clint
Andy Bowie as Ted
Marshall Archibald as Young Adam
Jett Klyne as Bradley
Robin Dunne as Adam
Dan Payne as Clint
Storyline: When estranged brothers Adam and Clint attempt to reconnect over a week-long hunting trip in remote British Columbia, they find the tables turned by a mysterious presence lurking in the forest. Convinced that they are now besieged by a supernatural presence, the siblings begrudgingly agree on only one thing: they will have to put aside their differences and work together if they plan on making it out these dark woods alive.
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If you go down to the woods today...
Two brothers go into the woods on a hunting trip to repair their fractured relationship, only to find that they are not the only ones hunting! The star of this film is the scenery - the most beautiful forests and mountains and valleys, all filmed from the air. But as the characters get closer to danger, this all changes and the landscape becomes dry, denuded and barren.

There is a lot of time spent on the relationship of the two lead characters, but this is not at all boring because it is so realistic and the acting so strong. For me, the relationship between the brothers is a metaphor for our broken relationship with Nature; the creature, Nature itself getting payback for the damage inflicted by us.

There is a great twist ending to the film, which is always a favorite trope for me (I am an 80's "kid", when twists were mandatory!)...

I highly recommend this film and will be adding it to my collection.
I found it quite good and different - oh that ending!
I found some people saying this is is a boring movie but I found it quite the opposite. It's a different kind of horror and thriller - much more of a thriller than horror.

This movie focus a lot on the relationship of the two brothers because they are opposites, complete opposites to each other!

Nobody ever talks about the sound mixing but it is quite good - plus, the musics chosen are really good in my humble opinion.

The end, well, that's the part that gave me more chills and made angry at the same time, to be honest!
thanks the people that write real reviews
Before i rent a movie or watch it on the internet i like to read reviews, what i notice in the past few months is that a lot of people post fake reviews, your read the review and think wow this movie does look good, sometimes the fake reviews come a lot earlier then the real people that have seen the movie and fool people into either buying or renting the movie.

This movie is like a real boring drama between 2 brothers with a touch of supernatural here and there. Glad i rented this part of a 3 movie bundle and ended up paying 6$ of the whole bungle. But still don't believe the great reviews this movie is receiving been done a lot before and better.
Scary and stylish, but unfinished

Craftsmanship (cinematography, acting, sound, music, etc.): 4/5

Story: 1/5

Total: 5/10

On the positive side, the fundamental workmanship of DEVIL IN THE DARK is very professional. The movie looks polished, the acting is believable for the most part, and the music and sound work well together to create a solid basis for a decently scary flick.

On the negative side, while all the ingredients are definitely there for a reasonably good story, they're all just left on the counter as it were. The complete structure of the story is never put together. While I always tick the IMDb review submission checkbox that says "may contain spoilers" as a basic safety precaution (because the folks at IMDb make it clear that if you DON'T and your review happens to contain a spoiler or two, you can kiss your IMDb account goodbye), it's actually a little difficult to write a spoiler because there are very few places in the story where I fully understand the meaning of what is going on and why. So it's difficult to reveal what I don't know.

As examples…

I'm not really sure about the nature of the antagonist being(s). I don't even know for sure if there's one or more of them. Utterly nothing about it/them is ever explained: not what it/they are, not where it/they came from, any objectives and so on. Short of a freeze-frame, we don't even really get a good look at them as the movie takes pains not to show them to us. For all I can tell the entity/monster is nothing more than a crazy person in a suit with big deer antlers glued on.

I THINK there is a supernatural element to the goings-on, but I don't KNOW this. I more or less extrapolate this strictly from a couple of situations where the protagonist's eyes go all-black (the traditional visual effect for supernatural possession…) and they become enthralled.

There are deer antlers practically everywhere that has anything to do with the entity/creature/whatever. What's that all about?

The entity/creature/whatever appears to be in the habit of kidnapping people. For what reason?

One of the two main protagonists is clearly dead just before the end of the picture. And then, during the last half second of the last scene, he isn't. Huh?

What are the crows all about? What's with all the crows? Do they have some relationship to the entity/creature/whatever?

And the list goes on. Essentially, almost no answers about anything are given. Even questions regarding mundane interpersonal family issues are left unanswered. Did the father do something bad?

In the professional reviews of DEVIL IN THE DARK, much is made about the brotherly conflict between the two main protagonists; this is not surprising since the bulk of the movie is mostly devoted to depicting their interpersonal conflict in scene after scene. Certainly the movie portrays the two brothers as having practically nothing in common across the board right down to a variation of the "dad liked you best" fraternal resentment. The professional reviewers drone on and on about the conflict between the two brothers. Interestingly, in my opinion, the origin of this conflict is one of the few things clearly explained in the movie, and yet none of the professional reviewers even mention it.

Years ago, the younger brother, while only a little older than a toddler, had an absolutely terrifying brush with the entity/creature/whatever, all alone in the dark, dark woods, barely escaping the clutches of the thing at the last second, a fact none of the rest of the family are aware. Given that being out in the woods and hunting and suchlike was practically the theme of the family, it would certainly be no surprise that the younger brother would not be able to fit into that context from that point forward. Why does no one mention this?

My big hope for this movie is that it's the first part of a two-part set. If a sequel were made, all of these issues could be dealt with and all of the questions could be appropriately answered. If this were to happen then this first movie, instead of coming off as a sort of half-baked mess in which literally nothing is explained or resolved, could then be viewed in a far more positive light.
The movie doesn't have a good story
It ends meaninglessly and I hate this kind of movies and I think that I have wasted my time by watching it. I'm sorry for people who created this movie because of wasting all that budget and money to make a movie that doesn't have a story at all. I think that if you wanna make a movie, first of all you should have a good story and then start making the movie based on that story. this is not a story "two brothers going to hunt and then something mysterious attacks them and kills one of them and the movie ends..." what does it mean?
The fun stops when the animal drops

As a child Adam (Marshall Archibald/Kai Dickson) got lost in the woods and saw something that looked more like a guy in long johns than the creature on the cover. There are numerous flashbacks to the incident, but we discover that these are not Adam's (Robin Dunne) flashbacks as an adult as he later states he has no memory of the incident. Adam lived in the shadow of his older brother Clint (Dan Payne) who was Dad's favorite. Adam has been out of town for the last 15 years and didn't visit his dad when he was dying. The reunion opened a lot of wounds for the brothers to work out on a hunting trip, something Adam loathes. We get character build up for about 55 minutes then something happens.

The nuts and bolts of the film were fine. I was just confused by the story itself. Shouldn't there be some sort of legend about what is in the woods, other than don't go on the plateau because a mentally handicapped person went missing there? Then there was the eye contacts thing. Sometimes they were in and a guy seemed possessed by something, but it was short lived. And then the whole Adam sad sack routine and what exactly did happen to him? The film ignores formula and closure unless the whole demon in the woods thing was a manifestation of their own personal demons and that too didn't have the proper build up, but was the only thing they did build up.

Personally if I was out hunting with a guy who doesn't hunt and was hung over I would be wearing orange and wouldn't split up.

Guide: a couple of F-words. No sex or nudity.
Oh Dear!!! How NOT to make a horror film.
Nice poster shame about the film... well, shame about the story actually.

This is NOT a horror story, nor is it a thriller. Basically, this is a drama about two brothers and their relationship in relation to their father and his death. These two brothers, Clint, played admirably by Dan Payne, and Adam, nicely acted by Robin Dunne, are two very different people with different interests and lives. Though in an effort to build some kind of connection between them Adam asks his brother to go on a camping trip with him. Clint turns it into a hunting trip. Adam agrees though he doesn't like hunting.

Adam suffers from a reoccurring nightmare where he's a kid lost in the woods. He finds himself in a strange clearing of dead trees that are decorated with stags antlers. There's something in the woods with him though he never gets to see what it is.

Imagine his horror when on the hunting trip with his brother they find themselves in the very same dead tree clearing.

It takes half of the film to get to this point. Up until then, we see the brothers arguing with each other, remembering past times, reconciling over other things. Even though the actors do a good job with their characters it's the story, written by Carey Dickson, that makes them unbelievable. It's not until the second half of the film that we're told it was Adams idea to come see his brother; if this is the case then why does he arrive late to dinner, wasting time driving around the town, and leave quickly afterwards to spend time with his old drinking buddies getting drunk. This doesn't ring true and there are plenty of other places in the script that feel the same way.

The director, Tim Brown, doesn't bring anything to the film. Instead of creating an atmosphere of unease and terror in Adam's dreams or when the brothers are troubled in the woods, he just gives the audience a bland rendition of the story.

The big letdown of the film is the reveal of the woodland monster. If you're a horror fan you'll know instantly where you've seen the naked blind albino humanoid form before - in a better more terrifyingly atmospheric movie, is where. On the heels of that is the "twist" at the climax. It's been done before and better - you just know it's coming. It's meant to leave you with a chill. It just left me sighing and shaking my head.

There are some good elements in the film which should have been built upon. The dead tree clearing. The stag's antlers. The antler tunnel. With these alone, a good writer should be able to form a story to chill the bones.

If you like horror films or thrillers then stay away from this movie, you won't get anything out of it. Though if you like dramas with moaning brothers in them... I still wouldn't recommend it.
Hunter or hunted?
Devil in the Dark's an interesting little film.

Its actually not an easy one to review either. You can see a lot of familiar tropes on offer here.There are elements reminiscent of The Omen, The Descent, Blair Witch (without the annoying shaky camera thing or a witch), films like Snow Beast (for those of us who remember 70's horror) and no doubt others you can think of.

All of this takes place in a wilderness setting, offering lots of atmosphere, with some genuinely creepy, nighttime scares. What is particularly praiseworthy about this film, is how the stark outdoorsy scares are transported back to civilization in the closing scenes of the film. An interesting little final twist that raises the hairs on the back of the neck.

The acting is not too bad either, with a somewhat predictable back story that establishes the fractious relationship between two brothers.

All in all not a bad little horror flick. I give Devil in the Dark a seven out of ten.
Hell NO!
I wasted my time... Bad script, bad cinematography, bad focus assistant, bad story, bad lighting, bad actors, poor CG, GOOD drone shots. Slow and painful to watch movie. So much noise in the picture!!! Long and painful scenes and nothing is happening in them. Unclear purpose, unclean story. OK we get the family drama, lame and common, but nothing for the creature, for it's motive.
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