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Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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Robert Legato
Milica Govich as Nurse Fletcher
Tim Holmes as Krieger
Jordan Trovillion as Pretty Girl
Rick Robinson Jr. as Detective Frazer
Storyline: Set in a defunct insane asylum known as 'Eloise,' four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will grant one of them the rights to a sizable inheritance. While inside the asylum, the group not only finds that Eloise houses a horrifying history but also the truth about their own tragic pasts.
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Oh My God.
I have to say that this was the best horror movie made in an asylum ever. I love it so much it is beyond scary. I might not be like the other two people who reviewed this but the writer is amazing and on point with this one and the director did a great job with this. The actors are also perfect for their parts. Both, Eliza Dushku and Chance Crawford play their role immensely well. Eliza has it already from her constant acting skills in different movies but she was amazing in the one and only BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. She was an insane character but this role fits her perfectly. She does not seem to be fake in any of her acting like most horror movies the female characters do not act well and they end up showing a very fake vibe but Eliza shows her skills brilliantly and does not do flinch. As for Chance, I have not seem him in a horror movie. I have only seen him as the preppy spoiled boy in Gossip Girl but wow!! He does a great job too and you can feel the tension between the two characters together. Not to mention the best of the best: Robert Patrick; damn what an actor. It is funny in an amazing scary way. He was one of those actors that does action with no emotion well he also does horror with no emotion too; it can be funny but the movie for me was scary as hell. Hell of a good movie.
the most unrealistic acting I have ever seen. also very bad directing, bad sound, bad lighting, bad everything ! Casting was very bad too. the only interesting thing is some of the outdoor shots and you get to see something that is somewhere else so it got some kind of value, but aside from that, the movie totally suck.
Oh, dear Lord – where to begin? A horror film? The only thing horrific about this movie is that it was filmed at all. The plot is nonsensical to the point of being laughable. The acting is forgettable to say the least, and this from a guy who has tremendous admiration for Eliza Dushku. But even her fading skills cannot resurrect this travesty. The plot holes are so huge and so numerous as to belie description. Let's start with the asylum itself, supposedly abandoned for 30 years. Amazingly, it still has power to all the lights, although they all are flickering constantly. Having all the red EXIT lights still visible and functioning after three decades was a nice touch. The hospital medicine cabinet is still fully stocked after 30 years, which allows one of the ridiculously unnecessary characters to accidentally absorb some LSD. Say what? I found myself regularly saying "Seriously?" out loud, even though I was alone. It was that bad. Not even any gratuitous sex scenes to liven things up, nor does the still-luscious Eliza even wear any form fitting clothes for some desperately-needed eye candy. This film disappoints on virtually every level. I would give it a zero rating if I could. The only thing you will want after watching is to somehow get that wasted hour and a half back. Eliza, Eliza ... are times really that hard now?
Not true
This story is not true; it is total fantasy. Eloise was a real place but otherwise the story is total fiction. I don't see any reviews that makes that totally clear.

The story is ridiculous, as many other reviews say. It is also boring and confusing. It is boring in that there are portions that are like dramatic pauses that are quite lengthy and then not much happens after the pause; little or no drama. It is confusing because there are flashbacks but I have no idea of the relevance of the flashbacks. Sometimes the present-day characters are in the flashbacks but there is a thirty-year difference in time. Perhaps there is an explanation in the movie about how the present-day characters are in the flashbacks and if so then I was too bored to understand.

If you are an Eliza Dushku fan then I think you will be disappointed; there is not much material in the movie to get much of her. She cares about her brother and is sweet like that but otherwise there is not much.
Premisea tough one...
In horror movies whatever it takes to get the leads into the creepy house, forest, or in this case asylum usually isn't a major deal, but it does have to have some validity; at least for me. Campers camping, sure. Ghost hunters hunting, sure. Newlyweds in remote mountain cabin with a few pals celebrating, sure.

However in the case of "Eloise" we must buy into a legal statute saying someone must be missing 7 years to be declared dead. While this is a fairly common statute, in this instance, the person has been missing since 1982 when the asylum they were committed in burned. Still the protagonists lawyer insists it will take 7 years from the current date forward (not 1982, but the present) to declare them dead. Mentioned early in, it bugged me throughout.

The presumption of death would not be a major 7 year hurdle if the person has not been seen or heard from in 30+ years and had been committed to an asylum at the time it burned down. The same legal principal that was used after WWII to declare missing people dead would come into play. Anyway... fine spook show otherwise. If you do not let the absurd 7 year thing get in the way, you'll have fun.
A wasted opportunity
This movie is based on real location, Eloise Insane Asylum. Four young adults break into the now derelict Eloise to hunt for a death certificate needed to allow one of the four to claim his inheritance.

With a great cast, excellent location and pretty good story it had all the ingredients of a solid horror. Unfortunately it just doesn't gel. There have been many movies similar which have been made much better such as Grave Encounters, Dark Feed, Reel Evil and Sanatorium.

There was no atmosphere, it wasn't believable, the performances lacked charisma. It is a watchable film but is disappointing and not one that you would particularly want to re-watch.
Okay… Who forgot to bring the plot line?
Of all the elements that go into the making of a movie, by far the most difficult to do well is the plot line. Most of the other elements in a movie (lighting, cinematography, music, acting, etc.) can almost be guaranteed if you have enough of a budget to purchase the appropriate talent. But getting a good story? That's almost always a crap shoot. Certainly there are some writers who have a better track record than others for producing quality stories, but it's never a shoo-in.

And nowhere are these truths more apparent than in ELOISE. Overall, the fundamental production values within ELOISE are much higher than they are for the average of this sort of movie. There are at least two "namebrand" actors in the movie: Eliza Dushku and Robert Patrick, both of whom have long and well-established careers and both do a decent job in ELOISE. Brandon T. Jackson is a little less well-established but he certainly does a respectable job with the thin material he is given.

Lighting, sound and music are all professionally polished.

A particularly interesting element to this movie is that it's not merely BASED upon an actual insane asylum, but almost everything about the asylum is completely real. Even the name of the movie itself is the actual name of the real place, and much of the movie is really shot there (at least what of it is still left standing today).

Here's a Wikipedia article about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eloise_(psychiatric_hospital)

Here's a for sale listing if you'd like to buy one of the remaining buildings which appears in the movie: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/19494723/30600-Michigan-Avenue- Westland-MI/?linkcode=31060

Here's a YouTube video which claims to show images taken at the asylum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNbF3FNNXpo , although it's impossible to know if these images are actually from the asylum for a certainty.

It's worth a Google search and rooting around the Internet for a while. The history of the place is fascinating and the "insane asylum" part of it is actually only one aspect of something that evolved through many different incarnations and purposes over its overall 145 year existence.

ELOISE's reputation as a haunted place is an open question to be answered by those who believe in that sort of thing. There have been many medical advances over the last couple of hundred years but we would naturally view some of the medical practices that historically happened there as horrific by today's standards. The whole field of psychiatry and the treatment of mental illness, and even the definition of mental illness itself, have more or less invented themselves during that same time period. Given the arrogant but popular tendency to judge other eras by our own standards so in vogue nowadays, this certainly provides a context of rich material to draw from. Whatever horrors actually happened at ELOISE are largely a function of insufficient funding, incessant overcrowding and the primitive state of what science was involved. I'm sure future generations will look back upon the present day with similar horror.

So ELOISE certainly has a lot of things going for it.

And then the whole thing is topped off with one of the worst plot lines EVER, even for the "haunted insane asylum" ilk.

ELOISE brings nothing new or original or even interesting to the haunted asylum genre. Fundamentally it confabulates and intermingles the notion of ghosts and some bizarre variation of timeshifting/time travel. It's as if the director said, "It's an insane asylum, right? So let's just throw a bunch of insane, disjointed and disconnected crap at the screen and hope for the best." What ELOISE calls horror is mostly just throwing our heroes somehow back in time and distorting practitioners in bygone eras as monsters gleefully enjoying torturing people rather than simply doing the best they knew to do at the time.

And there are a few more crimes against cinema, in no particular order:

Dictated by the plot line, Robert Patrick is woefully underutilized and is clearly a ringer brought in purely for his name and face. I would be surprised if his total on-screen time added up to more than 5 minutes.

Brandon T. Jackson, unbelievably, is literally used as the token- black-guy-who-gets-killed-first trope.

In a desperate attempt to make an un-scary and tiresome movie more scary, there are constant, blinding strobe flashes (supposed to be lightning happening outside) to create "atmosphere" but only serve to either give you a headache or an epileptic seizure.

I wouldn't exactly call GRAVE ENCOUNTERS a top-quality movie, but it's plot line had a lot more going for it in terms of the haunted asylum concept then did ELOISE.
So sorry
I'm so sorry that my review will cut this movie up but it's garbage in every sense of the word. Loose ends, jumps, loopholes, complicated, unnecessary stuff, continuity? It's a sound story line in the first 15 minutes. But then it goes into stupid mode shortly thereafter. I mean, I found myself asking "WHY?" several times. If I saw this at a movie theater I would have walked out.
A Complete Mess
When his estranged father dies in Detroit, Jacob Martin (Chace Crawford) is summoned by the lawyer to attend the funeral and to acknowledge the will of his father. Martin learns that his father has 1.2 million-dollar that he may inherit provided he brings the death certificate of his aunt Genevieve Martin (Nicole Forester) to the lawyer. He also learns that she spent her last days in the mental institution Eloise that is abandoned after a fire but keeps a small office working.. Jacob requests the death certificate to the clerk but it would take many months to get it. So he decides to break in the asylum with his friend Dell Richards (Brandon T. Jackson) and teams up with the local Pia (Eliza Dushku) and her retarded brother Scott Carter (P.J. Byrne) to steal the death certificate of his aunt. Jacob succeeds and finds the document but Scott and Dell have hallucinations and disappears. While Jacob and Pia seek them out, they have visions and relives the past of Eloise when the sadistic and insane director Dr. H.H. Greiss (Robert Patrick) conducted dreadful and sick experiments with his patients.

"Eloise" is a horror film with a storyline that is a complete mess. The plot is absurd but logic in the beginning until the moment learns that he needs a court order to get the necessary document. From this moment on, the plot is awful and senseless. The characters are not-well developed and the viewer never learns why Jacob has a problem with his father; who is the criminal Dell; or the fate of Scott that simply disappears. The good thing is to see Eliza Dushku on the big screen again. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
Descent to Death
"Eloise" is a film based on the actual Eloise Asylum located in Michigan. Eloise has quite a history and not all of it good.

Jacob and Dell are pretty good friends, and when Jacob is advised of his father's death, he is also told by the attorney handling the estate that he is the sole inheritor of $1.2 million--providing he can get the actual death certificate of a former aunt who--you guessed it-- resided at Eloise. He tells Dell of his need and since Dell is also in dire need of cash (to the tune of $20,000) he agrees to help. They should have just waited for the state to declare his aunt officially dead.

Along the way they encounter Eliza Dushku and her brother who apparently has a connection AND the blueprints to Eloise. They break in; getting out is the problem.

I will not be as critical of this movie as most. I thought the story line was developed nicely (it did actually make sense), and the acting and directing was better than most movies of this genre. There was not an overuse of blood and gore and the director did manage to build some actual tension. That does not mean the movie is without its warts, because it did have plenty.

Rated "R" for language, disturbing images, and some violence. This one is a toss-up.
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