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Fifty Shades Darker
Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
James Foley
Max Martini as Taylor
Rita Ora as Mia Grey
Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele
Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey
Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh
Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde
Andrew Airlie as Carrick Grey
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Robinne Lee as Ros Bailey
Bruce Altman as Jerry Roach
Victor Rasuk as Jose
Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey
Storyline: Christian and Ana decide to rekindle their relationship, except this time there are no more rules or punishments. As they begin to get used to their newfound relationship, Christian's past begins to haunt Ana as Christian struggles with his innermost thoughts.
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Got dragged to this crap by a lady friend. I watched this movie and tried to figure out why people loved this franchise. It kind of felt pointless to me. Did we really need another movie after the first one? The first one was horrible.

And this one somehow manages to be even worse. And then I find out there's another one coming? WHAT? WHY?

Save yourself the trouble.

The movie feels like a better acted (not by much mind you) Skinemax movie.

It's both stupid and pretentious.

Only got see this if your significant other really wants to see it. And make sure that you make the deal that if you sit through this crap they have to see one of your movies too. I went to see this with my lady friend and I made the deal with her that if I saw this with her, she had to see "Get Out" with me. So I got screwed both ways because I ended up seeing two crap movies in one weekend.
Fifty Shades of Darker
I have reviewed several times the film: there are at least three times in the book that had to be absolutely highlighted because they are full of pathos and give meaning to the whole story, but in the film were just mentioned and made superficially banal, while the second book is the key to everything.

Bad screenplay, trite and gaunt (it seems that the author has read only a summary of the book ...), bad also cinematography and directing. The entire film seems a ugly trailer. The music is only a distant echo of that of the first film. Christian appears sloppy, inconsistent, lacking in personality. Ana has no personality, but what can you with a screenplay like this ...It seems that both the director and screenwriter have never read the books and that the author, so meticulous and careful in monitoring implementation of the first film, she went, for the second, on vacation somewhere.

A special, not relevant but significant (and is indicative of a total lack of care with which it was carried throughout the film and liquidated in a hurry) is the adopted brother of Christian, Elliot that in the first film was fun and bright, in FSD chewing gum throughout the film: horrible.

In Fifty Shades of Gray, Sam Taylor-Johnson had hit the mark and photography of Seamus McGarvey had made magic every detail. Everything had a very refined taste and was totally devoid of vulgarity. The excitement of the first film remain only a beautiful memory: I'm really very disappointed.
God awful
This one... The problem is they portray men as weak unless they are constantly having sex, and women are weak if they're not always bending to their partner's every will. They say BDSM should always be flaunted and proud of. It's also offensive to rape victims. You know how abuse and rape should be treated with care and respect? Well, this messes that up. It basically says that if you walk in on your parents having sex, you've been raped and scarred for life. That is stupid. So because this guy walked in on his parents having sex, he has to abuse his girlfriend in order to get it up? I mean, who needs a loving, caring, stable, healthy relationship when you can have glorified rape? The soundtrack is terrible, the acting is terrible, the whole "Masquerade Ball" thing reminds me of gross underground human trafficking dungeons, the messages are terrible, the characters are terrible, and the fact that this started as a Twilight fan fiction is kind of speaking for it's quality. And the worst thing is, this setup would have worked if it was a horror movie. But this is a romance that glorifies rape and pokes fun at actual rape victims. It says that the ideal man is a straight, rich, white guy who abuses his girlfriend. Do not watch this. Watch Lego Batman, Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, paint dry, anything is better.
the acting still....
needs improving. I don't get why they can't get better scripts and better acting for movies about such famous books. But still I think this sequel was a little better than the first film, which rarely happens. I just thought the story was a little better and not so silly. One part that I didn't like was how the helicopter crash was never explained, how did the copter not burst into flames. Can't stand plot holes like that. And the petty Elena character was written so silly, why would she care about Ana?

FINAL VERDICT: OK, but still probably only for fans of the books.
I hate this movie, worst movie of 2017
This movie really sucked. I was expecting it to be like the first one but I really did not expect it to be this convoluted, illogical and nonsensical. Fifty Shades of Grey should not be so financially successful, the fact that the first one made so much money really upsets me. I hated the over arching plots that did not tie into the 'story' at all and were REALLY forced into the 'story', but really there was no story, or no real reason to want to invest your time into these 'characters'. I hate movies like this that claim to be so R-rated but really are just a very extreme 15+. It became a comedy rather than a dramatic romance film because of its terrible writing, stale performances and overall confusing 'plot' that made no sense and really did not need to exist. This movie is a 1/10 because it is incredibly annoying and really did not need to be made.
May contain spoilers
Unlike the first movie, this one's pacing felt choppy. And why did it contain so many plot holes? I know they switched directors, but did they change the screenwriter as well? The movie appeared as if it were written by someone who took up screen writing the week before filming began. Seriously, some of the scenes lacked proper transition, flow, and some scenes were so damn awkward that they were almost too painful to watch. The dialogue felt constricted and seemed unrealistic at times. And unlike the first movie's intimate scenes, the sex scenes in Fifty Shades Darker just felt flat and played out more like an unedited video from Pornhub rather than a major film production. Had I not seen the first film, I would've blamed the terrible execution of this movie on the actors. But, it's obvious they tried and unfortunately failed because they had to do the best they could with the meek script provided.
Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequel Isn't Much
Like most sequels, it's not quite as good as the original film. I enjoyed it overall, but I could have waited for the video.

I read both books and saw both movies. As entertainment, the acting is OK, the plot holds some glamorous locations and experiences that are inspiring and interesting, and its true to the book's plot.

As a romance for two consenting adults to view (it is rated R) it may nice to spark up a romance for a couple or be entertaining as relationship fantasy escape (certainly not dull or boring to date a young handsome billionaire).

As an ethical or moral influence on younger women, I can't recommend it for teenage girls as I think it's unrealistic about the dark side of his sexual desires and foibles of his wealth and power (in other words, I think she's lucky didn't get hurt or killed messing around with him. Won't plot spoil though).

Enjoy for what it's worth.
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
At one point in Sam Taylor-Johnson's largely uninteresting, but coherently put together Fifty Shades of Grey, our anti-hero, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) declares to our protagonist, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) that he is "fifty shades of f----- up." Quite honestly, the makers of the Fifty Shades Darker should have just named it that, as it is one of the worst films I have seen in quite some time.

Before I go off on about what I absolutely detest about the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, I would want to make it very clear that I was not a fan of the original film either. If you liked the first film, the chances are that you will find the second film enjoyable, and possibly more so because it is a little less serious and a little more self- aware. Besides the target audience, however, I would be surprised to see anyone else finding anything of merit in this absolute abomination of a film.

The direction and intention of Fifty Shades Darker from the onset seem so cynical that it really makes me genuinely dislike the film and the people involved in it. Fifty Shades of Grey, though extremely boring, had people really trying to make something that is of artistic merit. The cinematography, production design, and lighting of the first film, in particular, were really quite impressive. But with Fifty Shades Darker, the makers throw that level of effort out of the window because they know that the audience is going to come hoarding into the theater anyways. The lighting, for instance, is dimmer in Fifty Shades Darker than it was in Fifty Shades of Grey probably just to signify that it is a "darker" film than its predecessor. It has no role to actually play with the characters or the film's plot or tone. The aesthetics of the film, however, are the least of its problems. The director's decision to give absolutely no attention to the film's screenplay, editing, tone, characters, acting, and dialogue just because it would suffice the film's fan base (even they deserve better) is the real tragedy of Fifty Shades Darker.

The screenplay, editing, performances, and dialogues of this film border on the line of being so bad that they are good, but they never really crossed that barrier for me. There are about 3 different sub plots in the film which get no development at all. The dialogue of the film ranges from laughably bad lines like, "I am too dressed," to plain boring and uninspired dialogue. The lead performers, who are pretty good actors in other films, just come off badly in a film that feels like a film they are doing to get a paycheck. They have no chemistry because they have such weakly written characters, and as a result, the sex scenes between them (around which the film is built around) also become incredibly tame and uninteresting. The absolute standout in Fifty Shades Darker, however, is an abrupt helicopter crash sequence which jumps out of nowhere and makes no sense in terms of the film's storyline. It really is as if while filming, Mr. Foley told his writers that there is no tension in our film guys, let us add some tension. It is this barrage of awfulness, and carelessness from the filmmakers that left me in equal measures bored, annoyed, and angered.

I can understand if the filmmakers wanted to approach Fifty Shades Darker in a more self-aware way, addressing the ridiculousness of the source material from which the film is adapted. This approach, however really does not mean that the filmmakers do not put any effort in making the film. Fifty Shades Darker feels like a product and not a film, and that is why I absolutely detest it.
Dull one
Not that my expectations were too high, but come on :-) this is worse than the worst soap opera: too bad acting, the screenplay is awful, accent placed heavily on luxury and materialism; relationships at zero level; dialogue - none; story - extremely dull or even nothing there... shame for all the money invested in this production and for its advertising! As focus was placed on the sex scenes: wrong interpretation of good vs rude sexual interaction!!! Lack of imagination and link between scenes sexual or non-sexual ones! Dull episodes that have no place in the middle of the screenplay...etc. I can go on like this and one night will not be enough to list all the bad sides of this movie. Sorry, but on the background of all this negativity I would not mention a single positive aspect of it for it would not make any difference in the general view.
I want my 4.50e back please!
What to say, I want my money back, its like you have two glasses of water, and u just spill that water from one glass to another, and you keep doing it like 2 hours ... If you are teenager and you are in love, go and watch it, it will be interesting to you, but if you're smart teenager don't wast your money keep it for the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.
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