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USA, UK, Poland
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Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer
Mark Ruffalo as Himself (archive footage)
Craig Sautner as Himself - Resident, Dimmock, Pennsylvania
Mike Uretsky as Himself
Bryan Swistock as Himself
Carl Shaffer as Himself
Marian Schweighofer as Herself - Dairy Farmer
Karl Canfield as Himself - Dimock, Pennsylvania, Dairy Farmer
Terry Engelder as Himself
Karen Radwanski as Herself - Resident, Dimock, Pennsylvania
Bruce Ames as Himself
Bill Graby as Himself
Josh Fox as Himself
Ernest Majer as Himself
Storyline: FrackNation follows journalist Phelim McAleer as he faces gun threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits when questioning green extremists for the truth about fracking. Fracking is going to make America one of the world's leading energy producers and has become the target of a concerted campaign by environmentalists who want it banned. In FrackNation McAleer travels across the USA and Europe to uncover the science suppressed by environmental activists and ignored by much of the media. He talks with scientists and ordinary Americans who live in fracking areas and who tell him the truth behind the exaggerations and misrepresentations of anti-fracking activists.
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Science trumps Emotion
Phelim McAleer in "FrackNation" provides a well researched, thorough, entertaining, and scientific rebuttal to the emotional pleas provided in Josh Fox's "GasLand."

Opponents of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) would have us believe that the human push-and-pull of fueling civilization versus conserving the biosphere is a left-versus-right or climate change supporter versus denier phenomenon; in fact it is a conflict of science versus emotion. This is the genius of "GasLand": we want to get emotionally angry over a cause. "FrackNation," however, tosses some ice onto those smoldering embers with cold facts.

Nothing is more damaging to the platform of "GasLand" supporters than Fox's multiple refusals to answer pointed questions from McAleer:

McAleer: "Isn't it true that decades before fracking started, that there was methane in the water there?" (regarding the flammable tap water)

Fox: "Can you identify yourself?"

McAleer: "My name is Philem McAleer."

Fox: "Okay, where are you from?"

McAleer: "I'm a journalist."

Fox: "Journalist from where?"

McAleer: "From Ireland."

Fox: "From Ireland?"

McAleer: "Yes. Isn't it true..."

Fox: "You're concerned about the fracking going on in Ireland?"

McAleer: "No, I'm concerned about the accuracy of the documentary."

Fox: "You're a journalist for what paper?"

On the surface, a cause's champion refusing to answer the opposition is unsettling but it goes further; Fox's thinly veiled attempts to impugn the credentials of McAleer--even his nationality--and his absolute refusal to respond to challenges to "GasLand's" documentary authenticity leave the watcher mentally ticking off points in McAleer's column. But there's more.

At another point, Fox repeatedly refuses to engage MacAleer in conversation at an event held at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Eventually McAleer and his director are ejected from the event... scientific dialog indeed.

Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, McAleer obtains video from the US Government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest environmental regulatory body in the world. In this video, the Sautner family--the champions of "GasLand"--were presented with the results of an EPA sampling of their well water, demonstrating that the well water was not contaminated. The Sautners react with emotion: the wife storms out, the husband demanding the results are false, and the EPA representative stating "we found no contaminants."

Scientific and methodical thinking people of the entire political spectrum are forced by this film to consider the evidence of the hydraulic fracturing issue and see the opponents reacting with emotional pleas and the supporters providing clear and well documented science.

No less biased than Gasland
FrackNation sets out to discredit the claims made in the feature length documentary film Gasland and does so quite effectively, using mostly the same journalistic techniques as Gasland itself: cherry picking evidence, cynical editing of interviews and conversations to show detractors in a negative light, misdirection etc. For example, there's a particularly irrelevant sequence in which a poor Polish grandmother speaks about the hardship she faces in paying her energy bills. It has nothing to do with objective debate about fracking whatsoever, but cynically manipulates the viewer's emotional response to the film's message (Gasland uses the same trick with sob stories of lost property values and health woes, unsubstantiated by evidence). It's curious that the majority of popular feature length documentaries follow the same basic formula: a highly persuasive attack on some phenomena or other drenched in enough ideological bias to make the editors at Fox News blush.

As is fairly typical for documentary films on such emotive subjects, people who agree with the filmmaker's point of view rate it highly and rave about the film's objectivity while those who are predisposed against that point of view disparage it as industry propaganda and attack the credibility of the filmmakers. If like me to start with no pre-formed opinions on the subject of Fracking, you may find yourself very much persuaded by watching either Gasland or FrackNation, but even if you watch both, you will not have received much in the way of balanced and objective information on the subject. To get that, you need to check other, less biased sources of information. I read articles on the subject from Wikipedia, New Scientist, the United States Geological Survey and a variety of news organisations and watched both movies, and the opinion I formed was as follows: the jury is still out. There isn't very much reliable evidence that fracking causes water contamination, earthquakes or any of the other things it is blamed for, but it does appear to also be true that there are some regulatory shortcomings and independent research doesn't seem to have caught up with the pace of development in the industry. In other words, fracking is probably a good thing but we need to do more to prove that scientifically.

I rated FrackNation 6/10 based on the fact that it made me think about the issues it raised and helped me to form an opinion on it's chosen subject, but in a way that was incomplete and in some ways unhelpful. It was fairly interesting to watch, but I strongly encourage anyone interested in this subject to consult sources of differing viewpoints.
An informative documentary with strong investigative reporting
This film has a strong premise of uncovering the truth. It especially focuses on a response to Gasland, a Josh Fox film, that has riled the media with its flaming faucet scene. FrackNation exposes the truth behind that scene and a lot of the so-called facts that are in Gasland and puts Josh Fox and biased lawmakers on the hot-seat.

Since the release of this movie the Dimmock story continues with the latest news this week that the most vocal couple in Dimmock and in the movie (the ones who constantly display dirty bottled water) have sold their house for a very good price and moved to a small farm in New York state. They retained the gas and oil lease rights at their sold home and their new farm is also under a gas and mineral lease. Go figure! We, the farmers and property owners, have been victimized long enough by twisted lies. This movie is a great way to expose those lies and tell the story of our struggles to be heard over the movie star injected nonsense. They have high-jacked the title "Environmentalists" when we are the real protectors of the land and the environment. We realize that natural gas will save the open spaces in the Marcellus Shale Basin for generations to come. Thanks you for making this film.
One of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen
Before this documentary was released, I had been hearing a lot about Josh Fox's movie Gasland; it had been creating a lot of buzz. It was my plan to eventually watch it. The week that Fracknation was first broadcast on TV, I was able to record it along with Gasland. I watched them back-to-back that week. (Note: there are some spoilers in this review.) After first watching Gasland, I was disturbed by the powerful imagery of what these unassuming people had to endure as a result of the frac'ing taking place near their homes. The claims that Fox made seemed to be well substantiated. Though his movie is a little slow and somber, it leaves a powerful impression on the viewer.

I then watched Fracknation. I knew that it was a rebuttal to Gasland, and I was wondering how its producers were going to be able to account for the seemingly overwhelming amount of data showing frac'ing to be harmful. Boy were they able to! Point by point (co-director) McAleer was able to dismantle Fox's claims. The stories of the citizens of Dimock, Pa were drastically different from what Fox would have you believe. The findings of the EPA and the state environmental agency coroaborated this as well. It seems as though nearly all of the "evidence" Fox gave was fabricated. I realized that Fox wasn't just wrong about frac'ing, he was lying. Few seem to be calling him on his lies either.

Fracknation is an inspiring movie if you care about ideas and the truth. Seeing how the first director uses propaganda to sell his message and the second pursues the truth is a powerful lesson in today's society. It shows us just how easy it can be to sell lies, and it reminds us how we need to always be skeptical when accepting assumed truths. Given the importance of energy as a means for human life, there are few documentaries more important than this one. I have little doubt that Fracknation will significantly change the national discourse on frac'ing. Go see it!
Very enjoyable and informative - a must see!
Speaking now as a less extreme environmentalist - this director is professional and not scared to confront opponents head-on sometimes reminding me of Michael Moore. He also uncovers a great deal of misinformation.

His "investigation" spans all the way from Western Europe, thru New England, down to Texas and finally to California.

Sorry I did not see this one a long time ago......it helped me to get a clearer understanding of the real issues because it references very reliable and reputable sources and solid scientific data. I could only find one piece of misinformation in the documentary......

For those whose motto is... "My mind is made up so don't try to confuse me with facts"..... do not watch this documentary.... it will just exacerbate your state of confusion!
FrackNation ranks among top docs
A well-researched and beautiful look at the untold story of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). I would be hard-pressed to find a documentary that looks better and is better informed than FrackNation. This film does what the media and other documentaries have failed to do. It gives landowners, farmers, and ordinary citizens a voice. For instance, the film reveals that in Dimock, PA--the heart of the fracking controversy--it's 11 litigants who are trying to have fracking banned ... and 1,500 people who signed a petition to say their water is fine. Where has the media been that they couldn't find one of these 1,500 people to put on the news?
Might be biased, but still has useful information
Technically, I'm not sure whether my review contains spoilers or not, so I labeled it as such just to be safe.

What is interesting and informative about this documentary has nothing to do with whatever scientific information it may purport to present, nor even its coverage of its topic, fracking. You can discount everything they actually SAY or claim with respect to the makers and participants in the movie "Gasland" to absolute zero, and STILL this movie proves, beyond debate, that those members of the anti-fracking crowd that were involved with the making of that film are a pack of unmitigated liars.

When it comes to a contentious and complex issue such as fracking, discerning the technical and scientific truth is an almost impossible task for the general public. Virtually EVERYONE speaking publicly or presenting themselves as an authority on the subject has some ulterior motive. Even worse, we probably don't have enough long term/widespread data to know with certainty what the ramifications may be. Even those who aren't actively working to be deliberately misleading may simply be misinformed or be operating from unknowingly incomplete data.

Yet, even if you know NOTHING about this subject, and suspect EVERYONE on both sides of motive-based lying and distortions, you can still recognize certain kinds of falsehoods all by themselves.

For example, in "FrackNation", one claimant that was touted in "Gasland", and who is suing for contamination of well water, is interviewed and claims, ON CAMERA, that the EPA didn't find that their water was clean after all, and then makes vague threats about being armed. Subsequently, video is shown, obtained through the freedom of information act, that that is EXACTLY what the EPA determined. That's just a bald faced lie, no matter what ANYBODY, on either side, may claim about anything else.

Other contributors to "Gasland" are caught lying about their qualifications, falsifying information, distorting presentations, omitting relevant data, and committing other forms of fraud, and are even convicted in court of doing so. This is displayed on camera, and you are free to ignore anything and everything that Phelim McAleer, or anyone else, says; this evidence is incontrovertible and is just there for you to look at.

The makers of both films, "Gasland" and "FrackNation" may certainly have their own agendas. Nobody here is aglow with the light of pure truth. The information in "FrackNation" may or not be scientifically correct. Fracking may be the end of the world or the ultimate energy savior of mankind, or somewhere in between.

But one thing is established and set in concrete: many of the makers/contributors to "Gasland" are a pack of liars that cannot be trusted at all. If there is ANY truth in "Gasland", it is entirely coincidental and accidental. They tar themselves on film far beyond anything one could accuse them of.

You will have to look farther than "Gasland" or "FrackNation" to find the truth about fracking.

The truth about the makers of "Gasland"? Well, that's right here in moving pictures for you to see for yourself.
A personal attack masquerading as documentary
It quickly becomes pretty clear that this "documentary" is a personal attack on a documentary called Gasland and it's director. Had the "doc" been much better in it's execution and less eager to subvert just one man and his work. Then it could actually have delivered something that could've sparked a debate.

The theme is therefor less about researching fracking, and more about trying to discredit Gasland.

A lot of effort is poured into maintaining that the film was funded on Kickstarter. Actually so much effort go into iterating this, that it begins to become suspect. On top of this, researching superficially on the director "Phelim McAleer" quickly tells the story of a "documentarian" who has worked to support big business.

As for FrackNation as a whole it is a disjointed piece of work that, in its quest to connect human emotion with fracking, keep losing focus throughout. From obviously staged "demonstrations" in Dimock & ridiculous confrontations. To the involuntarily humorous, with it's attacks on renewable energy: "Wind turbines are massive, 24/7, ruthless, bird killing machines" and scenes where fracking becomes the great savior of farms (even though fracking has nothing to do with farming) around the country, purporting that should a farm dissipate it would automatically be replaced by residential buildings which would contribute massive amounts of pollution through traffic and well-digging.

We also have an interview with a biochemist called Bruce Ames on the chemicals used in the fracking process. But instead of explaining the chemicals, the issue is sidestepped and the conclusion just becomes "Scare stories sell newspapers", again taking jabs at Gasland.

It all closes with a corny propagandistic ad for energy, that feels completely disjointed from the rest of the movie. And a monologue that concludes, without any real data, that fracking is completely without problems.

In conclusion. The documentary merits of this film are severely lacking and even though the film-maker behind, goes to great lengths to talk up the "documentary's" independence from the energy industry. You're left with the distinct feeling that even though the film was financed through Kickstarter, the backers are the energy industry who've just made the contributions look like they were donated by a lot of different people.

Now I have to see Gasland. Hopefully that will be much better than this dribble.
Eye opening documentary of energy and food costs rising.
Really quite shocked that such a revealing, truthful documentary was able to be published in America. Now, if this does not show Americans how Hollywood, Gov bureaus,political power, land grabbers,foreign governments are at war with your liberties, than we do not deserve our freedom. This does reveal how our energy and food costs are controlled and manipulated with lies by individuals, town,city,state, federal and political parties. Took a foreign journalist,Phelim McAleer,with the courage and investigative talent, that not one American journalist can stand shoulder-to-shoulder and measure up to. What a shame that Americans are blind and lead by the hand to the slaughterhouse because of their ignorance.
Wonderful movie!
Fracking has been going on for 40 years in Colorado with no problems. It's only in the last few years that the environmental groups have decided that fracking is evil. There were plenty of environmental groups in the 70's and 80's and you can bet they knew about fracking at that time. I've recently learned that a lot of environmental groups are only in it for the money that they've learned they can make by settling out of court with these big corporations. These groups claim to be noble and righteous, but they have become parasites that make money off the hard work of other people. It's the worst form of profiting. The irony is that most of these groups say that profit is evil also.
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