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Frat Star
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Ippsie Jones, Grant S. Johnson
Chris Elliott as Eugene Cooper
Justin Mark as Billy Hawkins
Elijah Guo as Chong Chang
Spencer House as Chad Grazier
Ginger Grace as Ginger Cooper
Max Curnin as Jake
Courtney C. Clark as Penelope (as Courtney Klotz)
Nicole Balsam as Courtney
Cathryn Dylan as Rosanna
Justiin A. Davis as Jamarcus Johnson
Veronika Dash as Natalie
Storyline: "Frat Star" explores the alluring, superficial, manipulative, and dark world of Ivy League fraternity culture. An insecure, poor, and broken-hearted Nick enters freshman year with no interest in fraternities. This all changes when his old money roommate Billy convinces him to pledge.
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Odd Movie, a Paradox if you Will! Spoilers**
Starts out fun enough. Billy Hawkins was most enjoyable and we get a good foundation of a seemingly-to-be A movie. WRONG! At the end where **SPOILERS** Nick chooses his alter ego and then it's done? I think they tried to make it a story of how trading your soul for popularity will leave you with nothing. Or just another "blue blood tale" Nick told off Billy, which sucks because Billy was the coolest guy in the program. The movie builds up to the end quite amicably, then it flatlines. IDK what the hell I just watched. Very confusing. Also, why even lie about being Cooper Tires heir? All they'd have to do is google Nick's name on their phone LOL Lastly; the movie made me feel weird, I can't explain that...
this movie is a spoof of real fraternity life
i was sitting in my dorm chilling out and i saw this movie pop up on Netflix. i love watching these frat movies because i am in a well established fraternity and i love to see how far off or on these movies hit the mark. i saw that but watching this movie was a complete waste of time. it essentially centered around the pledging process and events that occur in that time. However, there is no real plot. in the end the kid doesn't make it because they found his FAFSA packet and the "elitist white assholes" that all frat guys are dropped him because he wasn't rich. no trust me i know this is a spoof so its not like I'm butt hurt but that's where the movie ends. like it just stops. the plot doesn't further there's no redemption story for this kid Jake cooper. he just doesn't make the cut and it ends.
B Movie college film that has its moments.
Looking at the trailer for this film I honestly kind of knew what to expect: gratuitous nudity, crude jokes and questionable acting. If I was to measure the success of the film based on my expectations, I would have to say it certainly delivered.

I easily watched the movie from beginning to end with interest and was disappointed with the ending which I won't discuss here. One of the stronger points of the film is the acting of Justin Mark, who plays Billy Hawkins. He has an on-screen charisma and delivery that helps to carry some otherwise very awkwardly staged scenes. At times I wonder if he might have been better cast as the Nick Cooper character.

The film follows a B movie formula in terms of its execution, and I think that's important to keep in mind when trying to appraise what we have here exactly. But even then, it does fall short. For example, it fails to adequately capture the energy and life of a college party at a frat house. In one scene, a bunch of girls are seated on the porch not really doing anything but maybe holding drinks. I can't help but wonder what a boring party that might be. As a student at Georgetown, walking down the street near campus, you can hear loud bumping music coming from any number of student houses.

Failing to capture the essence of what it is to be a party, is just one of many failures. And that does make a difference, it makes one question the entire purpose of the film. The debauchery of college is about excess, in particular bacchanalian style binges.

A good B movie goes too far, which is why it's a B movie. This movie doesn't go far enough and at the end it makes you wonder if you've gone anywhere at all. I think it's worth a watch, but approach it with an open mind.
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