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Girlfriend's Day
Drama, Comedy
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Michael Stephenson
Stacy Keach as Gundy
Radek Lord as Peabody
Alex Karpovsky as Styvesan
Kevin O'Grady as Detective Miller
Natasha Lyonne as Mrs. Taft
Tucker Smallwood as Governor Speakman
Nate Mooney as Warez
Rich Sommer as Buddy
June Diane Raphael as Karen Lamb
Andy Richter as Harold Lamb
Stephanie Courtney as Cathy Gile
Storyline: In a city where greeting card writers are celebrated like movie stars, Romance writer Ray used to be the king. In trying to recapture the feelings that once made him the greatest, he gets entangled in a web of murder and deceit as writers vie to create the perfect card for a new holiday: Girlfriend's Day.
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1 hour long short story
I had no expectations and didn't look into the movie before I watched it. I just put this on, knowing Bob Odenkirk was in it.

I don't really understand why, but it seemed like the plot was intentionally nonsensical and simple. It was a weird mix of very predictable and very confusing. Like a greeting card, perhaps?

I enjoy experimental movies just as well as popular ones, but after watching it, I can't help but feel like it should either have been shorter, or had more content.

What I'm really trying to wrap more nicely than it feels, is that I think the writing felt unfinished. Or perhaps the first sketch after a writer's block. Yeah, that bad. I think the only moral or interesting point brought up in the movie was the quote in the opening scene.

Yet, I still enjoyed Bob's acting, but none of the characters really stood out to me in this one. I guess most notable to me was Natasha Lyonne, playing her usual playful character and Steven Michael Quezada playing his usual dutiful and determined working-class character. Amber Tamblyn had a few interesting moments as well - but it all felt very rushed and underdeveloped.

I'll be very surprised if this will end up rated highly. I think I might even have overrated it.
Pretty much a complete waste of time.
I came across this Netflix short movie, just over one hour. It has been raining all day, I needed something to watch.

I had enjoyed Odenkirk in 'Breaking Bad' and as 'Better Call Saul', he is a fun actor to watch, he creates interesting roles.

But this one, also written by him, falls mostly flat. Bob Odenkirk is Ray Wentworth, writer of romantic cards. In fact for three years in a row, a few years earlier, he was recognized as card writer of the year. But now we find him uninspired, unable to write anything meaningful. One friend thinks it started when his wife left him three years earlier.

He loses his job, he can't write, he can't pay his rent. When he learns of a contest, to write a new type of card, for Girlfriend's Day. In his favor it is only open to new writers or writers who are currently out of work.

Along the way, in his favorite bar, he meets Amber Tamblyn, 20 years his junior, as Jill. The meeting seems random, they become friends, they kiss, the spend the night together, she becomes his girlfriend. But not all is as it seems.

The Problem I have with this short movie is it has no substance, just a silly story, silly situations, and a few situations where Ray gets beat up. It is just a vehicle to give the actors jobs and for Netflix to produce some subscriber-only content.

I am disappointed.
Could've Actually Been A Tad Longer...
I saw this latest in the long line of Netflix original movies over the weekend, and I noticed it's an especially short movie -- only a little over an hour? I honestly think this could've stood to be a tad longer, to maybe develop itself a little more, but whatever.

"Better Call Saul"'s Bob Odenkirk heads up the cast as a former star greeting card writer who has lost that "magic touch", until a new holiday (the titular "Girlfriend's Day") is invented, and a cash prize leads everyone and their brother on a wild goose chase to get him (or force him rather) to come up with the perfect words for the first greeting card for the new holiday.

I am on the fence on this one -- I did like the actors and the premise, but again really think it needed to be a bit more developed, and most of it felt a little stale. Amber Tamblyn and Stacy Keach co-star.
A quirky, subtle fun-bite
Not for everyone admittedly, but rejecting it simply for the reason it is something off-beat and irregular is just a mistake.

This 70 minutes long satiric comedy sketch gives one an askew glimpse into the greeting-card and holiday industry.

Simple yet complex. Movie lovers will find little echoes of some films and TV-shows mixed in this bit. Most palpable influences I dare say were Enemy(Villeneuve), Punch-drunk Love, Dr. Strangelove, and for some oddly surprising reason some parts of Mulholland Dr.

I found it to be filled with heart, brains and subtlety.

Nothing serious, just a well written, very well acted and directed elongated sketch. Some will be bored to tears, some others (like me) will be enjoying this one with an idiotic smile on their faces. Watch and see for your self.
I packed it after maybe 10 minutes. This writer of greeting cards loses his job, and apparently starts another similar job for higher stakes.

Before we get to that, however, there is a bizarre scene wherein our man hears moaning from another room, and enters to find a giant but hostile owl-like creature 'involved' with an unseen female. huh? Too rich for my blood. Click! No, I don't want to know what this was supposed to be, or what it symbolized (I think it was some kind of dream sequence). So, don't write me an explanation. I ain't interested. I am not into weird. Enter at own risk.
Quirky at Best
This was a short fairly low budget picture that got made due to Bob Odenkirk and his name after Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. If we had to see the Los Angeles river flood channel (or whatever they call it) one more time I was going to scream. The city must charge very little to shoot there at it was almost a character. I found a few places to laugh but not enough to recommend this as a comedy. It is an offbeat quirky picture with some nice scenes but nothing more. The one standout performance was Amber Tamblyn as Jill.
Sloppy, slapdash... and I *loved* it.
Had all the elements of an Odenkirk production: It's a rollicking mash of slice-of-life, crushing failure, latent romance, and colorful character.

Folks point out that the story is a bit confused... and they're right. There's a way of managing essential vs. negligible detail in a story. I suspect it can be rightfully and respectfully said that Odenkirk has a way of blurring that line; a way that some folks find off-putting and others find charming. Personally, I find it charming. You may not find it charming, so you've been warned.

Girlfriend's Day is a labor of love. Tune it in, hang with it, and it may pay off with the delight and warmth of a mystery greeting card, hovering preborn in the aethers, and whose message we may never know.
Off-kilter drama
I knew nothing about this movie before turning it on, but assumed it would be a comedy, from the main few cast members. Boy, was I wrong. It has a little humor, but no big laughs. It was a drama somewhere between The Big Lebowski and a sendup of a Hitchcock thriller, with a few moments that were almost out of a Wes Anderson film. I'd recommend this if you like the quiet and surrealistic storytelling of Lebowski. The story doesn't make much sense when viewed through the lens of realism, but should be viewed with a bit of whimsy. Bob Odenkirk gives a reliably good performance, as we've come to expect from him after his more serious, introspective work on Better Call Saul, and the rest of the cast present a perfect landscape for his character. This film might not be for everyone, but it's short enough (just over an hour) that it won't put you out much to give it a watch, and the action, while sometimes confusing, moves quickly enough that it keeps your attention from start to finish.
a writer's movie
So, you're still in bed at 1 p.m. composing comments on friends' FaceBook shares, eating the other half of a stevia-sweetened chocolate bar from the night before, and then you move on to Netflix to get further from reality--where you see the face of beloved Bob Odenkirk in a harmless sounding title: "Girlfriends Day". You give it a look-see. You don't turn from it in irritation or boredom--it's holding you with the inscrutable power of untapped human potential. Every character looking at Odenkirk seems to be waiting for "something" to happen. Then his landlord takes action. And then I'm clapping for a brilliant moment, and barking out loud with laughter from my unused vocal chords at another moment. I get comfortable. I know that I, too, like Odenkirk's character, will write again. This film is exquisite.
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