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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Biography
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Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as James 'Jimmy' Conway
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill
Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito
Lorraine Bracco as Karen Hill
Paul Sorvino as Paul Cicero
Frank Sivero as Frankie Carbone
Tony Darrow as Sonny Bunz
Mike Starr as Frenchy
Frank Vincent as Billy Batts
Chuck Low as Morris 'Morrie' Kessler
Frank DiLeo as Tuddy Cicero
Gina Mastrogiacomo as Janice Rossi
Catherine Scorsese as Tommy's Mother
Storyline: Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy?
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A sharp-edges gangster film that has a script that is one the all time best. One of the greatest films of all time
What makes Goodfellas such an enjoyable film for me would have to be its hard hitting, witty dialogue. If I have to pick a film that is a winner script-wise, Goodfellas would definitely be one of the top contenders. With a script like this, there are many lines that are good enough to be quotable, and it's very long list to choose from. And the desired effect is not only achieved by the script, it had to be the select number of people who be up to the task at bringing out the sharp wit of the characters and we have a cast that really shines in that department.

With Ray Liotta playing Henry Hill, his performance in letting you in on the character by putting you through his perspective with his narration alone is enough to pull you in and become captivated by the film. And as he pulls you into his world, we get introduced to numerous criminals he gets mixed up with such as Tommy DeVito played by Joe Pesci, who he plays with a lot of intensity that brings out a lot of the brutal elements in the film. When on screen, you can always sense something is going to go wrong, and what Pesci brings to this character is deserving of all the praise.

Every character evokes that sense of intensity that really gives this film its distinctive edge, but one person I seem to be captivated the most by in the movie would have to be Robert De Niro's performance as Jimmy Conway, who is crazier, but in his own more methodical way that is a lot more subtle than Tommy. What Bob brings to the table is something special that again shows how versatile he is as an actor and gives me another reason as to why I think he is the greatest actor ever. He may not be in every scene, but he is the foundation of the movie for me.

These are all great performances that help to bring out this story and to know that these are true events makes this film even more insane than it already is. While The Godfather felt more graceful and has placed a heavier emphasis on subtlety to make the violent scenes have more impact when they happen unexpectedly, Goodfellas is sharp all around its edges. Whereas The Godfather was violent, it offered insight into the human aspects of the criminals and the reasons they murdered for business. That sense of sentimentality is nonexistent in Goodfellas and offers a bare bones, raw insight into the crooked lives these criminals were leading, and with that, you get a story that is sharp like a knife that when it hits you, you'll know you'll never forget it.
Simply a masterpiece. Scorsese's last truly great movie (to date).
'Goodfellas' is a masterpiece, pure and simple. While not my favourite Martin Scorsese movie it is a stunning achievement, and one of his very best movies. The film is stunning technically. The consistently fine acting by the large ensemble cast (both known and unknown), the cinematography, editing, dialogue, brilliant use of music, it's all breathtaking. But Scorsese and co-writer Mitch Pileggi never lose lose sight of their main goal - to tell a story. And in that it's really hard to beat this movie. As to the actors De Niro is on top form, Ray Liotta is the best he's ever been, and this is Joe Pesci's definitive performance. Plus you have Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Michael Imperioli, and lots of well known faces in small but important roles (Debi Mazar, Samuel L. Jackson, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Corrigan), plus dozens of unfamiliar actors (and non-actors) who are all so good it seems unfair just to single out the "stars". (Also keep an eye out for Vincent Gallo in a few scenes. He has no lines, but looks cool!). 'Goodfellas' is (to date) Scorsese's last Great Movie, and one of the very best films of the 1990s. Absolutely essential viewing for any movie fan, this tremendous film is not to be missed! Highly recommended!
2 enthusiastic thumbs up
I grew up loving the Godfather movies and this one was damn good. The way the story is told through the eyes of one of the characters only helps to draw you into the story. The relationships within the movie were well played and since this movie, I have declared Ray Liotta certifiable. Joe Pesci, who I usually find funny, began to irritate me but Paul Sorvino's Pauly truly made me feel like I could identify with these characters...he was awesome! The rest of the cast really helped to pull this amazing movie together. Then to find out it was actually based on a true story, WOW! There is no way that you can watch Goodfellas and tell me you didn't enjoy it! I did and I am super finicky with what I watch....I not only give this movie 2 enthusiastic thumbs up but I encourage you to re-watch it if its been a while!
A masterpiece exposing misguided loyalties and greed
Scorcese & Pileggi's masterpiece on the life of Henry Hill as a Brooklyn NY mob wise-guy.

As much as the true events of Henry's life have more than likely been dramatised and glamourised to a certain extent, the essence of this film IMO is that it is still a brilliantly damning portrayal of the characters and lifestyle of mobsters.

The sham of the mafiosi is exposed - preaching loyalty, respect & principles - but when it comes down to it they are just two-bit criminals that'll stab each other in the back for money or power over others. Each of them has an inflated sense of self-worth and stature that comes with being a "wiseguy", breeding with it paranoia that others are not giving them the respect they deserve.

An example is De Niro's portrayal of Jimmy Conway. His outward persona is that of a calm and reasonable nature. But really he is a paranoid killer who at the drop of a hat would kill even his closest associates for money. I use associates rather than friends, as their relationships are of tolerance rather than kinship. Distrust, hate and jealousy through the forced smiles.

Interesting that given this, certain people envy their life-style and would have loved to have been a wiseguy. I personally couldn't think of anything worse that being tied for life with having to keep the likes of Tommy company, but whatever rocks your boat. Some people have actually paid to see The Dukes of Hazzard film, so I shouldn't be surprised.
Another version of the Godfather? No! Great movie? Yes!
This movie was an instant classic to me. From the second I pressed Play, I knew it was going to be great. And it was. A lot of people bash this movie for being a knockoff of "The Godfather", but it is in no way a knockoff. This movie is based off a true story first off. Also, there's no "mafia" or "families" really to speak of. And a majority of the characters are Irish, not Italian. I liked all the different characters involved, the wiseguys, the losers, the brutes, the smart AND dumb people, you name it. The fighting/shooting/heist scenes were perfectly executed (no pun intended). Ray Liotta is great as Henry Hill, he explains everything so well and makes "the life" look great. Robert DeNiro really proved himself once again in the part of Jimmy Conway. And Joe Pesci was perfect to play Tommy DeVito. All the supporting/side characters were great as well. I give this a 10/10, which I don't do very often but this movie deserves it.
See it to believe it
As far back as I can remember, this has been one of my favourite movies. This is a brutally honest and authentic depiction of the Mafia in New York and how they got their fingers in every pie available. The story is told mainly through the eyes of Henry Hill, who we see go from impressionable child to career criminal and finally a beleaguered nervous wreck. Ray Liotta turns in his best performance in the role, Joe Pesci likewise as Tommy DeVito is brilliant in his genuinely terrifying performance of the unstable and merciless mobster. Robert De Niro, although not as psychotic is just as ruthless and frightening in his part as Jimmy Conway, the mob enforcer who could easily be shaking your hand one minute, then shooting you in the head the next, as shown when he has most of the crew who helped in the Lufthansa heist murdered without so much a second thought. The rest of the cast are also brilliant particularly Lorraine Bracco as the impressionable wife of the mobster who finds herself at first attracted by the life and then terrified of it, and Paul Sorvino as the ultimate Mob boss who can bring people into line with just a look. Special mention for Frank Vincent, who, although not in the movie for very long turns in a memorable performance as Billy Batts whose arrogance would end up costing him dear. Goodfellas shows every aspect of the life of a mobster, including its dark and ugly side which shows how high the price can be for the perceived glamorous lifestyle, so I don't agree with the train of thought that it glamorizes organised crime, and its depiction of the lifestyle is feels very real and authentic. This movie is a definitive movie of the ages and one of the best ever made.
A true classic
This is the gangster film at its finest. Scorsese is on top form as are Pesci and De Niro. Liotta has never bettered the performance he gives here. The film starts as it means to go on - violent, full of profanity, fast paced and very stylish. The story follows Liotta's character from boy to man as he climbs his way up through the ranks of organised crime. We see all the highs and lows of his life and meet a host of very believable and very undesirable characters along the way. It's a film full of memorable scenes whilst remaining much more than the sum of its individual parts at the same time. This is what all movies should be like. It draws you in and won't let you out of its grasp at any point. When it finishes you feel exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. If ever the word 'masterpiece' was meant to be used, it was for this film.
GoodFellas Review
GoodFellas Review

Goodfellas is filmmaking at it's best. I mean sure, there are many more masterpieces that I would call better than Goodfellas like Citizen Kane, 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Scorsese's other film Taxi Driver but Goodfellas has always been my personal favorite movie of all time. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said about this movie. The directing is great, the writing is wonderfully adapted from the novel Wiseguy (which makes sense because the author of that co-wrote the screenplay with Marty), the cinematography is superb (everyone remembers the Copacabana scene) and the acting is amazing. Thanks to Scorsese letting his actors improvise on camera, we got probably the best performance from this movie by Joe Pesci. Besides the obvious ones like Vito Corleone and Tony Montana, Pesci's Tommy Devito is most likely the best mobster ever portrayed on screen. It's both entertaining and terrifying at the same time. Goodfellas is all around fun. It's a fun movie. That's it, that's where it ends. There's not much else to it. It's like a 2 hour and 28 minute roller coaster ride where you're seeing this kid become a criminal and rise through the ranks of mafia toward is eventual fall.
One of the best Gangster movies of all time
Martin Scorsese is brilliant! Goodfellas is one of the best Gangster movies of all time. Each character better than next. Love this movie! It's the good old days when the mob ruled. Liotta and Bracco killed it and Pesci, need I say more....classic Pesci. Scorsese is the only director for a movie like Goodfellas. Unchallenged power, Glamour, De Niro.
One helluva story!
Based on a true story. I drove a truck (younger years) daily through Idelwild Airport before it was renamed JFK Airport. Rest assured - the mob ruled. Forget the goofs, this was real life in the late 50's, early 60's. I also had conversation with Henry Hill in a cocktail lounge in Manhattan (New York City) in the 80's. This flick works!
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