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John Wick: Chapter 2
USA, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Chad Stahelski
Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Ruby Rose as Ares
Perry Yung as Doctor
Riccardo Scamarcio as Santino D'Antonio
Tobias Segal as Earl
Claudia Gerini as Gianna D'Antonio
Lance Reddick as Charon
John Leguizamo as Aurelio
Ian McShane as Winston
Common as Cassian
Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King
Storyline: After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.
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Too many flaws
Where the first one was the ultra-cliché action film with the invincible good guy and the greedy bad guy, full of gun shots and one-liners etc... it still was an accomplished film.

This one is way too long, has horrible pacing: the action scenes are endless and look like evidently planned choreography not realistic fighting scenes; has too many characters (that ultimately don't matter at all) and the good industrial/filtered futuristic soundtrack and super hot and sexy visual quality won't salvage much from this 2hour redundant sequel.

They went for style, but with little inspiration for the rest. There's a host of unacceptably unrealistic things in the scenes consistently throughout the flick...

As with most things when it comes to modern (unoriginal in plot) films, it's all in the (ahem, straightens tie) execution.
This movie takes a little while to really get started - by this I mean the first half of the movie is going through the motions as far as story goes, with the set-up being that Wick owes one of those 'blood oaths' to a criminal scumbag and, after the guy sets his house on fire (as if he expects a smile to come from Wick with this task), he has him go kill his sister in Italy, who sits on some worldwide-criminal-council thing - but once it does, and it really does about 35/40 minutes in (and even more-so once Wick comes back from Rome to NYC), it's a violent pot of fun.

There's not much to intellectualize with this kind of filmmaking - like in the first movie, you get what it advertises, as Reeves kills a lot of people. I think what carries it over from being potentially boring or dreadful is that the execution is excellent. Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the first bone-crunching/guns-firing-knives-stabbing extravaganza, returns as solo director working from what must have been a thin script from Derek Kolstad. By this I mean not just in dialog, though Wick is a decidedly 'talk-less-action-and-looking-listening-more' kind of action anti-hero, but also that the director, who was a stunt-man for years, set out to craft this film completely during the shooting, with some minimal editing. What sets it apart from other action drek is Reeves as a formidable presence (the less he does, too, the better for us all), and how the director and his DP choose to shoot it, favoring comparatively to today long(er) takes and a flow to the action that is kinetic without being overly so.

In other words, if you somehow dragged yourself out to Jason Bourne last summer and left with a migraine headache, then this is the opposite of that. Once the action gets to New York, and the villain character fully puts his set-up of Wick into motion (how Wick didn't see it coming is a flaw, but I'll let that go for now on this viewing), everyone is out to get Wick and the intensity comes from all of the staging. I can't stress enough that if you love action direction that has clarity and UMPH to it, this is your kind of movie. Not to mention there's the added bonus of having Laurence Fishburne as some pigeon-cooper type who also has his own underground homeless(!) criminal element going on. I wished there was more of him, as he plays this character with a perverse joy to everything (even how he wears a robe), but hopefully there's more to see in part 3 - and yes, there will be a part 3, I can assure you.

The highlight I must mention before I wrap this up: a sequence involving mirrors at a museum. Oh goodness is this spectacular work! Again, there's not exactly "story" here, but there is a progression of events and how the characters move in this environment feels less like a rip-off of a, I dunno, Enter the Dragon style climax than a part homage and then partly doing something else (at times the way the director uses color is absorbing too, like out of the best parts of Skyfall). I could watch this sequence over and over for how assured the staging is, how we always know where the characters are or, if we don't, it's not for too long, and how visceral the action is maintained in this setting. I could recommend the movie on this scene alone - that there are other set pieces that come close to its virtuosity makes it almost a must see.

To close, I don't want to rate this TOO highly; at the end of the day, John Wick Chapter Two is action junk, a comic book with little on its mind but to get its guns-and-punches audience frothing at the mouth. But it keeps being an intriguing comic-book for adults, and it builds just enough from the first movie's quasi-mythology (once again Ian McShane is the "manager" of this hotel that is exclusively for hit men and criminals it would seem). This is a world that is not entirely meant to be in a reality, but creating its own, and that kept me interested despite the familiar beats.
One hell of a ride
The original 'John Wick' was such a giant success that it was always going to get a sequel, whether it was pre-planned or not. In fact before 'John Wick: Chapter 2' was even made this was planned to be a trilogy with each movie following on almost immediately from the previous one. So what makes the 'John Wick' movies so great? For me, it's that they've found a very unique and effective style. In a world of very little originality, it's actually very hard to pinpoint a film that is like 'John Wick'. So many actions films today are just trying to be imitations of other successful franchises. 'John Wick' feels like it is very much going in its own direction. I like that fact a lot.

'John Wick: Chapter 2' is one hell of an action packed film. It's almost overwhelming at times. In fact it nearly gets to the point where it is a downfall of the movie. You can only shoot so many people before it becomes a little tedious to watch. The action sequences are at their best when they are being creative. There is a lot of that, but it can get a little lost amongst all the constant chaos and killing.

The story is very simple when you stop and think about it, however that's probably a strength of the film in a way. It's impossible to get confused because there really is nothing to be confused about. All that leaves is for the audience to sit back and have a good time. And a good time they will have with this film I suspect. As far as straight up action films go, this is about as good as they come today.
Classic badass action hero!
'JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Sequel to the 2014 action hit 'JOHN WICK', starring Keanu Reeves (once again) as the title character. The story revolves around Wick, a retired hit-man, who's once again forced to go back into his former world of violence, when a bounty is placed on his head. The movie is also once again directed by Chad Stahelski, and it's once again written by Derek Kolstad as well. Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick and Bridget Moynahan (briefly) also all reprise their roles from the first film; while Riccardo Scamarcio, Ruby Rose, Common and Laurence Fishburne (Reeves' former 'MATRIX' trilogy costar) also play supporting roles in this sequel. It's received nearly unanimous rave reviews from critics, and fans alike, and it's also a hit at the Box Office too. I also really enjoyed it (just like I did the first film).

The movie begins right where the first one left off, with John Wick (Reeves) tracking down his stolen car, at a chop shop, and getting revenge on those that stole it. He's then approached, at his home, by a crime lord named Santino D'Antonio (Scamarcio). The crime boss wants him to assassinate his sister (Claudia Gerini), so he can take her place at a council for crime lords. Wick initially rejects the assignment, but he soon learns that the bloody crime world, which he so desperately wants to leave, won't let him retire.

The film is once again nonstop action, and very bloody (and excessively violent) action as well. If you're a fan of the first movie, I'm sure you'll love it; especially if you're a fan of Keanu Reeves. I'm a big fan of Reeves as a person, and I like him as an actor, in certain roles too; but he sucks in a lot of roles as well. John Wick is definitely one of his best parts. The character is becoming a classic badass action hero, and the series is now becoming a classic action movie franchise. I can't wait to see what the third movie brings!

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This movie is absolute crap in my eyes. The scenario is set up in a way where John Wick is killing everybody with 1 move and they don't shoot him if he doesn't start :S I am really disappointed from the bad movie scenario and the poor script ... tbh the action itself is lame, i didn't see anything entertaining beside Keanu Reeve's judo who made good level out of it. I give 2 stars only because of respect to Keanu. And heeey suddenly when u think you've seen all - Laurence Fishburne appears again overreacting (only good actors in this movie and they are all overreacting - no idea why). I mean.. did u want to resemble matrix .. ?
Just violence with no story
No character development. No real plot. The story lacks cohesion. The scenes have no real connection. Actions without rhyme or reason. If you all you ask for is fight scenes, you will love it. If you want more than gratuitous violence, expect to be disappointed. Does anyone in Hollywood feel a story line matters? Easier to just go bang bang bang. I am all for violence if it adds to the story. The violence is all you get, with no story. It is like a generic first person shooter video game. No one will remember it. No classy scenes or memorable quotes. Just a run of the mill generic action film. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the fight scenes are generic and predictable.
Needs to get back to the original and add a story and characters
First film was brilliant 10 out of 10 - why change a great format into a video game - so disappointing. The film was boring as people queued up to be killed. Could not build any empathy with anyone - no attempt to give any characters any depth or personality. luckily did not watch in cinema or i would have walked out.
worst movie
It's so ridiculous and boring. After the first 15 min, the scenes are all fighting and repetitive. It's not even exciting because you know the hero will not die or injured, although there is thousands of bullets from the enemies. It doesn't have sensible story line. Killing all that people in the start for his car. So what? It's just like that some action scenes and fighting and car crashes and etc. are attached and created the movie. because there isn't any strong story at all. You can easily predict what's going to happen. When I finished watching this, I was like why I waste my time on this movie!
Nobody fears John Wick anymore...
Sin 1: Tossing out established canon.

The coolest bit of lore about the first movie is completely lost in the sequel. That alone is a sin you cannot redeem yourself for. In the original, it was established canon that John Wick was not a man to mess with. Even the main villain, respected and feared his abilities.

In John Wick 2, however, all of that is gone. Nobody fears John Wick. Nobody is afraid to take him on. His past deeds and reputation mean absolutely squat.

The new villain, never thinks twice about double crossing Wick. Every hit-man on the planet, and according to this movie they are every where, has no qualms about trying to take Wick out.

Sin 2: No main character growth In the first movie, we travel along with Wick as he avenges his dog and in the end moves forward with his grief. The video of his wife tells him to get up and move on. In John Wick 2, there is zero character growth. He is no different at the end of the movie as he is when it starts. Sure his circumstances have been altered, but as a character he has overcome nothing. That makes for a boring story.

Sin 3: Weak plot The original movie had a simple, but strong plot. Revenge. The plot of the sequel is weak, even by action movie standards. Wick has been called into service to kill a criminal, if he refuses he dies... but wait if he accepts, he also dies. The whole movie could have started and ended with the original premise of refusing the contract. It would have made more sense to refuse the contract and fight off the baddies coming to enforce the blood oath.

Sin 4: Video Game Bad Guys Wow. There is evidently a plethora of John Wick cannon fodder. They just keep coming, and there really is no logical reason why they do. The body count is so high that it becomes comical. The original had a big body count, but it was divided among 5 big action scenes and, for an action movie, seemed plausible. This one doubles the body count but there are so many, the coolness of each kill is lost in an over abundance of victims.

Sin 5: Invincible Superhero Hit by two cars, stabbed and shot numerous times and he just keeps on going. Must be seeing the doctor and getting pain pills, right? Nope no doctors in this one. That kind of logical realism may interfere with the killing of cardboard bad guys. At one point a fellow assassin, holds a pistol point blank in Wick's abdomen and fires a couple shots through him. No biggie Wick has another 42 bad guys to kill.

Sin 6: James Bond Gadgets I love the Continental, don't get me wrong, but the secret underground hit-man hosting hotel just goes too far in this one. Bulletproof suit coats that can be held up like Batman's cape to shield yourself from bullets? Silencers so quiet that two adversaries can have a shootout in a subway between bystanders and nobody knows even though bullet holes are being blasted into the walls around them?

Sin 7: Shallow Villains Yes there are the 140 plus cardboard video game baddies, but in the first John Wick, the main villain had a moral dilemma: turn over his son to save his own butt. The bad guys in Wick 2 have no interesting character motivation or dilemmas. The closest you get is Common's desire for revenge after Wick kills his client. And that was the most interesting bad guy on the screen. It is hard to believe the two movies were written by the same folks.

Sin 8: Soundtrack John Wick 1 had an unbelievable soundtrack that actually set the mood as he moved through the action scenes and the emotional scenes. This soundtrack just plain sucks. There is nothing memorable in it, and it does little to impart any emotion on a given scene.

Sin 9: Pacing Even the big action scenes in this movie are too long. In their desire to up the body count they went with longer action sequences. It really messes with the pace of the film. The first movie did a great job of dividing the action and keeping the viewer engaged. The longer these scenes go, the less believable they became which pulls the audience out of the moment.

Sin 10: Rehashing things that worked in the first movie There are some great scenes in the first Wick, and the director knew that so they tried to repeat them. This is a classic sequel mistake and unfortunately Wick 2 falls victim to this trope. You liked the interaction with Jimmy? We will get another one in there. Like the reload and kill? We will put a twist on that one also. It was great to see the pencil kills, that is how it should be done. Don't show us the same thing but different. Show us new, that may have been mentioned previously.

Making the next sequel look better then this one. The end of this movie sets up a very interesting plot for a third movie and almost everyone that walked out was excited to see it. That is wonderful, except when that movie actually sounds more interesting then the one you just watched. You should have just made that movie instead.

All in all Wick 2 falls short of the first one. Once again we are treated to an amazing movie whose sequel just doesn't capture the magic of the first one. I'm looking at you Red 2, Donnie Darko 2, Matrix 2, etc...
I liked the first John Wick because it had some realistic elements to it and you could relate to John and his suffering, and his will for revenge against those russians thugs. This one it just not plausible, they tried to make it bigger but it just gets ridiculous in my opinion. It's still mildly entertaining so I'll give it a 6 out of 10 but no more than that.
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