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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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An intriguing downer
I didn't have too much trouble following this film after the first ten minutes - maybe because I'm a touch dyslexic, and I'd seen the backward Seinfeld wedding-in-India episode several times. It was ingenious that while the central character had his puzzle to figure out, we as an audience were given one that paralleled his.

But the further Memento progressed, the more I felt that I neither liked nor related to any of the characters, who become more one-dimensional the further back in time we encounter them, and that then becomes who they really are. It's not a film I would have cared to see had it been chronological.

Take Groundhog Day, make it the others in the film who know what's going on, then change it from a comedy to a moody thriller with a bunch of sleazeballs, and you have Memento. It gives the impression not only that nothing is as it seems, but that no one can be trusted, and everyone is parasitic when given the opportunity. It's sad that so many people have praised it, given it's jaundiced view of humanity.

Yes, it's a milestone, a new Third Man for the new century. I recommend it only as a study in film-making and storytelling. You may smile at the tricks in the unfolding of the magic. But if you have the simple desire to see real, complex characters -- with both good sides and human failings -- they won't turn up in Memento.

By the end - or beginning, as it were -- the completion of the puzzle only creates an ugly, slimy picture. It's like watching the magician pull a dead rabbit from his hat. At a different time in my life, I'd have been a lot more impressed.
Pretentious dreck
The novelty of this movie is supposed to be the shuffled time-line and slowly revealed plot elements. But, neither improve the mildly lackluster story. Rather, they make it an agonizing waste of time.

Movies are meant to entertain, or at the very least, to educate. This snoozer does neither. It seems to me merely an exercise in hipper-than-thou pretentiousness. And, so many of the high-ratings coupled with reviews raving over how artistic and original the approach absolutely confirm this by presuming that anyone who doesn't like Momento is somehow incapable of understanding the complexity. Rubbish (both the movie and the smug reviews). If anything, it is they who are incapable of seeing through the hype to know when they've been duped.

Yes, I hung in there for the entire movie... only to wish I'd ditched after the first 10 or 15 minutes when I was first inclined to give up on it. And, yes, I do know the difference between art and pretense.

Take my advice. If you reach the same impasse shortly into your viewing, BAIL! I give you my permission. You won't be missing a thing.
Not plausible, but fun.
"Memento" is a sleaze-ball suspense movie with a twist. As if you don't know it yet, the scenes are played all jumbled and out of order.

What could have turned into just a nasty trick on the viewer is actually very well-done here. You see things from the perspective of our main character who suffers from a bizarre memory loss condition. Rather than explain the plot, I will just say that if you plan on watching this movie just once, get ready to change your plans. You will need to watch it twice to fully GET it. It moves too fast for the viewer and by the time it's over you will tell yourself that you GET it, but you don't.

To those who say there are no holes in this film I scoff at you. Why does Leonard have no memory loss in the murder sequence? He remembers long enough to drive all the way to that abandoned building and then wait for the murderer. In other scenes, he forgets what he is doing after two minutes. Maybe he is just psychotic and made the whole condition up in his mind to excuse a rampage? The hypotheses are endless. Personally, I'd rather watch a movie that just makes sense on it's own and no matter what you say, this one doesn't. "Memento" tries to do what "Pulp Fiction" did but takes itself way too seriously. The viewers are treated to a narrative from the character Teddy at the end when he has to explain the situation to Leonard thus explaining the movie to us. Kind of cheap, Nolan.

One thing is for sure: Guy Pearce is one of the best actors alive.

7 out of 10, kids.
I've got it, I've got it… Heck, I've got it.
Since I've started watching and reviewing movies, I was searching for innovation and fantastically. What then happened, it proved actually that my theory about British directors have stile, been wrong. That was when I saw Memento… At first, I found it unusual that the film begins extremely violent, do even the most controversial films ever made, like Cannibal Holocaust, or (what's more possible that this film is a copy of that movie) Pulp Fiction, don't begin by killing people, by showing how they die. Its true that's a shock for the audience and that they will stay to see the movie, but the next move, was so unprofessional, like he did never get a video camera in his hands. He broke the main rule, of every filmmaker that ever broke a rule. He tortured the audience by showing too many flashbacks. The rule, of every film is not to do a same thing more then 3 times… or 7 times but not at once. Even if you look at Pulp fiction, it's got not less then 7, yeah, seven my friends, seven! Memento's got 22 jumps. A man, a normal human, looses every wish to see a thing if you have repeated something more then 11 times. I'm somehow surprised that it became a success. I have nothing against the actors, because Nolan chooses quite well actors. What I'm really mad, are the characters… In every Nolan movie! The characters are mean, evil, stupid… I mean, you don't have to think in Nolan's movies, they tell you anything at the end, so you have to just watch the end, cause anything else it for throwing away: the horrible music, poor characters and no style directing, only some trademarks, but nothing else. But let's go back to Memento… You may have notice that the characters are changing, but from good up to evil. This lends realism, that's for sure, but it does not automatically made a great feature. Some of you would probably say that a man gets rotten, because the society wont help him with his problem, but that's not the case in Memento. Leo's the guy who actually killed the only person, who was ever kind to him, and understood his problem, Teddy, what makes Leonard a guy, who doesn't want any help from anyone which turns his character not into a anti hero, but more a antagonist: he has no purpose, he doesn't want any help, he loves nobody… a villain. Finally, some of you might think that I'm only writhing bad reviews all the time, but true's that I love much worse movies and writhe reviews that show how charming films are. I even see something positive in Michael Bays films, but this film doesn't have a place at IMDb top 250.

I'll give this film a rating 5.6 out-ha 10.0, cause I still think that the idea to have a whole film going backwards nice. As well the actors are pretty good, and its not easy to forget such a film, but its nothing special or innovative. Its mean, evil, not well directed and overrated…
Addictive and fun to figure out
Christopher Nolan's "Memento" is truly a rare and exceptional achievement in modern filmmaking in that it manages to be new, fresh, hip, and exciting without ever tiring its audience out - unless you're walking into this film without the desire to participate and actively analyze the mysterious details.

If that's the case, then this is DEFINITELY not a movie you should see. If, on the other hand, you are open-minded, creative, and alert, you'll definitely appreciate and get a kick out of this one. "Memento" is an old-fashioned "film noir"-type mystery thriller with an intriguing, ingenious twist: outfitting the entire film with a style that mirrors the protagonist's own mental condition while giving the poor viewer(s) his own perspective as well. It is masterfully filmed and edited in such a way that it is chronologically presented backwards (with two initially separate, parallel storylines - the main one, shot in colour, is the chronologically-backwards story with scenes that intercut with those of the other story, which is filmed more like a documentary, shot in black & white, and mostly takes place inside a motel room with the main character narrating, talking about the effects of his condition, etc.) While the average viewer may already be put off by such a complicated, confusing format, it is a very original premise that is well worth the struggle to figure out.

Acting is solid across the board, as is the writing, directing, etc., but special kudos must be extended to the very talented editor Dody Dorn, who successfully managed to put all of these fragments together and help them flow in a smooth, healthy manner that is not easy to pull off.

One of the most "memorable" (sorry, couldn't help slipping in the bad joke) films you're likely to ever see, "Memento" is an instant classic due to its groundbreaking narrative style and impressive dramatic undertones. For those jaded moviegoers who seek something to keep them awake, interested, and constantly thinking, there couldn't be a better choice than this film.

No substance
Very little substance in this movie, with the gimmick (very well done) of telling the story in non-continuous sequences and almost in reverse order. But it is a frustrating and non-rewarding movie that cheats the audience at every step: a fictitious illness, characters that do things more to startle the audience rather than for a realistic reason, and an ending that is way too predictable and really silly at the same time. Basically, if you told the movie in a normal fashion, it would show more holes than a certain cheese I am fond of.
OK, granted this movie has a unique premise. This movie is quite entertaining and will keep ya watching. But this movie is not the amazing work of art many would have you believe. It is a decent thriller with a twist in that it works backwards and puts the watcher into the same mindset of our main character who has reoccuring amnesia. Decent movie that changes the viewers opinion throughout the flick as our character slowly works his way through time in reverse. We see things happen and then we slowly find out how those things came to be as we move farther back.


One major fault in the movie. The scene where our main character is manipulated by the lady to deal with her boyfriend is completely screwy. They tried to make it out that she totally planned it and covered all the bases but if one watches that scene one can see that one million things could have gone wrong and even should have when she plays her game and gets hit. Hiding of the pens, the seriously fast relapse of the main character (and her not knowing at that point how fast a lapse takes), and other problems just bugged me with that one scene. It was the most far fetched part of the entire movie and should have been done differently.
Some memories are best forgotten. You have to appreciate how original a movie ‘Memento' really is!
Losing your memory would have to go close to one of the worst experience anyone could ever suffer from. In the movie ‘Memento', we get to see how bad it is to suffer from short term memory loss. It also gives us the chance to see how far a patient of such a disease will go to remember what is most important to him. In the vain of ‘Pulp Fiction', Memento is a movie that has to be seen to be believed. It is no wonder that this movie is so popular with the movie going public around the world.

Leonard Shelby wears expensive, tailored suits, drives a late model Jaguar sedan, but lives in cheap, anonymous motels, paying his way with thick wads of cash. Although he looks like a successful businessman, his only work is the pursuit of vengeance: tracking and punishing the man who raped and murdered his wife. The difficulty of locating his wife's killer is compounded by the fact that Leonard suffers from a rare, untreatable form of ‘amnesia'. Although he can recall details of life before his ‘accident' Leonard cannot remember what happened fifteen minutes ago, where he is, where he is going, or why.

Christopher Nolan has made one great (but confusing) movie. His style in directing and editing ‘Memento' is quite unique, as no movie has ever been made quite like it before. The story being told in a backward kind of motion makes the audience have to think hard about what they are watching. It also makes the audience feel for a guy like Leonard, whose condition only gets worse and worse as the movie goes on. I am almost 100% sure that Nolan and his brother Jonathan, made up this story in the realisation that it was meant to be confusing. What is also cleverly done by Nolan is the use of black and white and then colour shots. In my opinion, the variations in these shots are used so it confuses the audience even more.

Guy Pearce's role in ‘Memento' shows me why he is so successful in Hollywood today. Pearce plays Leonard Shelby, a man on the hunt for his wife's killer. The only problem is that Shelby is suffering from ‘anterior-grade amnesia', a disease that cannot be treated. With ‘Lenny', I feel the audience suffers partly the same condition as he does, and partly does not, as we can remember what has happened in the present.

Memento's other main stars include corrupt cop ‘Teddy' (Joe Pantoliano). A friend said of Pantoliano's performance in Memento, ‘he was perfect for the role of ‘Teddy', as he comes across as the mysterious bad guy'. I could not agree more. There is also the character of Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss) who is a lot like Teddy in her own way. What is similar about these characters is the way they use Leonard's condition to advantage their own situations.

Other characters include Sammy Jenkis (Stephen Tobolowsky), who is a victim we learn about from an old case when Leonard Shelby was an insurance investigator. There is Leonard's wife, Catherine (C.S.I.'s Jorja Fox) who is another fascinating character. Although we do not hear her say much, she is a vital part of this most confusing story. Add in the funny role of Burt (Mark Boone Jnr.), the motel clerk, who openly admits to Lenny that he is ripping him off, by giving him two rooms, but that he will not remember it happening anyway.

Yet in no way do any of the characters in ‘Memento' realise they are in a time reversed movie. I am sure that many of the performers would have had to read their scripts many times to understand what was happening from a cinematic point of view. But from an acting prospective, this would have been an easy experience to be part of. Memento also has some interesting devices to tell the story. The way Leonard tries to remember things in the present and the future, via notes tattoos and photographs, making them an important element within the movie. Without them, our hero would not be able to remember anything.

Nonetheless, memory is the most vital element in this movie, because without it, people are confused, isolated and abused, which is what happens to our ‘hero', Leonard. As Lenny mentions early on in the film, "Memory's unreliable ... Memory's not perfect. It's not even that good. Ask the police; eyewitness testimony is unreliable ... Memory can change the shape of a room or the colour of a car. It's an interpretation, not a record. Memories can be changed or distorted, and they're irrelevant if you have the facts." But it has to be ironic that Leonard is the one who narrates ‘Memento', when his recollections and memories of events are inaccurate and jaded. There are also some powerful scenes in ‘Memento'. The one ‘which sticks in my mind the most' has to be where Natalie abuses Leonard, calling his dead wife a ‘whore', snorting smartly ‘that you won't be even able to remember what I have said'.

So, if you watch this movie and it confuses you the first or even the second time, I can assure you that is how you are meant to feel, confused. If you hated watching ‘Memento' the way Christopher Nolan intended, then I can only recommend that you get a hold of the DVD and watch it in chronological order, as it will really help you. Memento also shows how bad ‘mental disease' patients can be abused by healthy people and what lengths sick patients will go to try and keep ‘sane'. Also, if a movie makes you think, then in some way it has been successful in doing something that many movies do not do – making you think. Those sorts of cinematic experiences are the ones that we need to cherish for life, as they are few and far between. Memento is one such experience.

CMRS gives ‘Memento': 5 (Brilliant Movie)

A trip into the mind
If the director of this independent film tried to make us feel really confused, like the main character, he did it wonderfully. There are only a few movies like this one, the kind of movies that makes you pay attention to every minute of it. Obviously that doesn't work all the time, but this case is the exception. Really well directed with a wonderful photography and excellent cast. The main actors' performances are great. We really root for the guy as we hate the ones who try to take advantage of him.

Original films like this one always stand out. Perhaps it didn't caught much attention at first but now it is in an important position at the IMDb top 250 and that means that most the people recognize great movies when they see them.

As I said before, this movie is a little confusing because it runs backwards while the black and white scenes run in chronological order. But that wasn't a cheap trick to make the movie more "intelectual", it was its strength. A rare film that shouldn't be missed.
This movie has been vastly overrated.
There are holes in the plot of this movie that should prevent it from receiving the ranking it has in this database (1 of the top 10 all time best movies). In the end, the characters are not sympathetic or interesting enough to warrant the treatment they get in the film. I do not think this is a must see movie for anyone.
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