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Moontrap: Target Earth
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Robert Dyke
John Ager as Computer Tech
Michael Stephen Bryant as Truck Driver
Damon Dayoub as Daniel Allen
Steven Dutton as Trucker
Chris Newman as Carter
Jennifer Kincer as Nicole
Sarah Butler as Scout
Loretta Higgins as The Engineer
Charles Shaughnessy as Richard Kontral
Christopher J. Courtney as Truck Driver
Storyline: A long forgotten ancient spacecraft discovered on Earth. Investigations carried out by Scout transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization.
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Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen
I never leave reviews, but I felt it necessary to warn people about this film.

The premise was great! It is the stuff I love to see in films, but the execution was just downright terrible. The acting, the props, the writing... it was all half-assed and not thought out in the least. It's almost as if they didn't even try! I've seen better movies with beter effects and acting come out of high school A/V clubs. Seriously, it is that bad. Don't waste your time.
Nothing to do with the original Moontrap (1989) this one delivers nothing. It's extremely slow moving and there aren't any real effects used. Or when there are effects, like the spaceship it's done in a laughable way. Maybe the face replacing a cyborgs face is the only thing well done. And the cyborgs moving around are really slow and are lame. There are two covers circling around and one has the two cyborgs fighting which you will make you think, ahaa another transformer well forget it.

One of the reasons I came across it is the fact that Sarah Butler is in it. First time I saw her acting was in the I Spit On Your Grave (2010) remake. She immediately became a scream queen in so many hearts of horror geeks. But here she also doesn't add a thing towards this flick. The director was clever enough by knowing that Sarah is used to show her body but here she goes all the way out of focus. Really?

I ain't going to give it a 1 because for the only reason that they did an effort to make a sci-fy sadly it failed and the acting was okay.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 1/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
Truly a disaster
When I happened across this on Amazon video, I decided "Sure, let's watch a terrible scifi flick". I promptly informed my room mate, who loves terrible movies, and I started up the movie.

First impression was "wtf?" which incited some laughter, when the main character subsequently responds with "wtf?"

The first interaction between the two main characters was surprisingly acceptable. It actually felt like real people talking to each other. Unfortunately, this ended up raising expectations. Expectations which were promptly dashed.

This film has zero flow, massive holes in the story and plot, and I'm fairly certain that at least one scene was edited into the wrong place. The story has no substance or investment, and merely happens. Not much at all happens in a realistic or natural way. Most of the dialog is dreadfully bad, to the point that some scenes felt like random words were thrown at the page until a word count was met.

There is no depth to any of the characters, and many of the characters just show up out of nowhere, add nothing to the scene, and feel entirely like set dressing. It's as though someone thought "There's not enough movement happening in the background, we should put something there to keep people's attention."

At times the movie feels like it is taking itself WAY too seriously. like this was going to be the next 2001 or something, then at other times, it feels intentionally bad. This is precisely the kind of movie that makes me think "How come I'm not making movies? I can do better than this at least."

The effects are particularly bad. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect much from these low budget sci fi movies that have become so prolific in recent times as a result of cheap CG effects that literally 10 year olds can get into now, but this was on a whole new level of bad. I would be ashamed of myself if I ever let anyone see something like this with my name on it. Actually, that might be why I don't make movies... I'm terrible at CGI.

Finally, the acting is typically terrible for a low budget film. Honestly, the acting was probably the best part of the film, as bad as the acting was. I just hope that nobody was expecting this to be their big break or anything.

Bottom line, if you're into terrible B movie scifi, you might get a kick out of this, but there is better terrible movies out there. I would never pay to watch this, but it it's free, most people might still find it overpriced.
Low budget sci fi failure
MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH is another indie science fiction film that fails to convince due to lack of budget. It doesn't help that the script veers between boredom-inducing exposition and incoherence. The story is about a spaceship that's discovered on the surface of the Moon and one character's trip there to discover something about civilisation, but none of it is remotely convincing. Half of it was filmed in a quarry which reminded me of the old DR WHO episodes while other parts are green screen. There are only three or four actors on screen at the same time. At the very end you get to see a robot whose look is copied from STAR WARS.
Stupid and poorly written
This has got to be one of the worst movies I've seen. The writing's bad - unless you are entertained by tons of swearing and a very lame story... both evidence of lack of education on the writer's part. Editing sucks, too. And every time something's about to happen, my husband announces what it will be, it's that predictable. I think I'll go find the original, maybe that one has some redeeming qualities.

I wonder if there's a way to get our $4 back from Amazon.
Starts bad. Gets worse
The only reason that I didn't give this one star is that it isn't a complete waste of time. It just SEEMS like it is.

If you gave a pre-school class typewriters, lots of cookies and promised to take them Mickey D's afterward, they would almost come up with a better. Weak plot, thin characterizations and without a doubt some of the worst acting that I have ever seen in a straight to DVD film that wasn't a Troma property.

If you have NOTHING else to do, it'll kill 90 minutes. If you have a wall with some paint drying on it, you might want to entertain yourself with that.
A plot in search of a suitable story
Somewhere in this plodding, underdeveloped mish-mash of a movie there is a story worth doing. Sadly, it wasn't done correctly here. You will find yourself wondering why they didn't do "X" or "Y" all the way through it. That is, if you can stay with it long enough. This movie could have been done in half the length of time it took, and the result would have been far superior. Vast chunks of time are wasted on long, lingering shots of ...... nothing important. Or s-l-o-o-o-w pan shots that do nothing to advance the story. The SFX are mediocre, at best. The dialog goes from snappy to dull in the blink of an eye. With a few more bucks in the budget, and a director and cinematographer who actually cared, this could have been a half decent B flick.

Save your precious dollars, and find another flick to watch.
The original Moontrap is better
This movie is vastly inferior to the original Moontrap. The story is a mish-mash of elements from better movies like Prometheus, and the typical we don't want the populous to know of this, it will ruin society. The special effects are sub par and compare to the worse the SyFy channel dishes out. Moontrap was not a A budget movie but is made good use of the stars and budget. This one had only 2 robots and neither looked like the Kaalium. One plus is the character development, you cared about what was going on with them. The ending was unsatisfying. Overall a movie that needed to look at the original for better inspiration and better writers and effects.
nothing like the original...
The original movie was dark and of far higher quality. I am a fan of the original so i was really excited when i learned that a sequel was in the works. But as soon as info started coming in -even from preproduction phase- i realized that i was about to experience a huge disappointment. I was not wrong. Now i've watched this wreckage and boy they did an awful job. Yes i understand that it is a low-budged film but even that is no excuse for the god-awful script and laughable effects. I won't say anything about the script because really i'm too mature for that (It's like it was written by a toddler). I'll say this about the effects though: They used CGI. Modern times right? Thing is with CGI though it can be either mind-blowing or ridiculous. There is no middle ground. Good professional CGI can look amazing. Poor cheap CGI on the other hand is unwatchable. As the producers knew they had a very *very* limited budget in hand they should had opted for good- old fashioned effects, like in the original movie. I'd choose a real- metal robot even if moved by visible wire any day over a cartoonish animation that doesn't even blend with the background. So i don't accept the low-budget argument as an excuse for ruining potential. They should be ashamed for doing this to a classic sci-fi horror.
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