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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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Milos Forman
Peter Brocco as Col. Matterson
Dean R. Brooks as Dr. Spivey
Alonzo Brown as Miller
Mwako Cumbuka as Warren
Danny DeVito as Martini
William Duell as Jim Sefelt
Josip Elic as Bancini
Lan Fendors as Nurse Itsu
Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched
Nathan George as Washington
Ken Kenny as Beans Garfield
Mel Lambert as Harbor Master
Storyline: McMurphy has a criminal past and has once again gotten himself into trouble and is sentenced by the court. To escape labor duties in prison, McMurphy pleads insanity and is sent to a ward for the mentally unstable. Once here, McMurphy both endures and stands witness to the abuse and degradation of the oppressive Nurse Ratched, who gains superiority and power through the flaws of the other inmates. McMurphy and the other inmates band together to make a rebellious stance against the atrocious Nurse.
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Jack Nicholson at his finest
It's tough to really judge this movie. Is it Milos Forman's greatest directorial masterpiece or Jack Nicholson's best performance. Tough to say, but the marriage between both director and actor are quite phenomenal. From the first time we see Jack Nicholson to the sad, yet uplifting ending, one cannot escape the sheer power of the film. When a film is parodied as many times as this one has been, typically, greatness can be associated. Well, greatness was achieved, and let's hope this one never falls through the cracks.
Excellent drama with some comedy. All the actors are phenomenal in their interpretations, without any flaws! McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) claims insanity to not go to jail and is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. His vivacity and nonconformity spread to the ward's other patients, who are under the supervision of the oppressive and manipulative nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). The conflict of mentalities becomes inevitable, because the nurse does not admit even 'the middle ground' nor a small concession such as letting the patients see a baseball game. As the days pass, the conflict begins to escalate, and in the end, of course, reaches dramatic proportions.

This film can be analyzed by several prisms: literally for what it is, a beautiful and dramatic story very plausible and that could very well happen in reality, demonstrating well that the abuse of power is never beneficial however well intentioned. Looking more deeply, it is also one of the best allegories on the subject 'individual vs system', demonstrating that however noble the individual is in his intentions, mind and soul, always ends up under the yoke of the tyranny of the system. And it is clear that the system (whatever it is) is always run by despots who are often unaware of it (that they are tyrants), an inevitability of any hierarchical structure. A movie for the ages to appreciate and ponder on.
Memorable Eventuality of the Hero against Ratched
There's something magnificent about psych ward films. This is a place where daily life is devoid of all color. Something completely out of place in the real world. In the hospital gowns, the white walls, the windows, even in the faces of the patient workers who go to work there everyday. Maybe the psych patients are there only because they've got too much color to share or maybe even more than they can help themselves with and must be deported into a bland and controlled environment full of routine and schedules. Then who better to send into the psych ward than R.P. McMurphy? Taken fresh from the work farm with a rambunctious history of playful endeavors and placed into the hospital because he "fights 'n' !%&#s too much." In there he plays with cards that have pictures of women on them, shanghais a bus full of patients, coaches basketball and shows the rest of the ward what a good time with R.P. McMurphy is like. And the color splashes into places you would never expect. However, in this ward lies a nurse.

This nurse has my favorite performance in the movie. I don't think any part of her face moves for the entire movie except her lips, but it got me wondering so much: What could possibly have gotten behind those eyes that hardened her soul? Or is she actually showing any sign of a soul? Did she actually kind of smile when I thought she smiled when she took a staredown with McMurphy at circle time? What kind of living actress did it take to really not express anything in any way when everything else is happening around her? Did she really express the worst intentions when she stated McMurphy could be "helped" when he maybe didn't even have to be institutionalized in the first place? I can honestly say, when i'm not trying to speculate, I don't see anything behind those eyes. But, even then she's been villainized so vehemently. She turned down the chance for the ward to catch the World Series game, which is unforgiving enough, refused to turn down the strings music, took away Cheswick's cigarettes, and spoiled the morning after the night of a young man's life. But, to me, I have never seen her real motivating reasons for her lack of personal projection. Whether she's just a hollow shell or not, I have no idea. A truly colorless woman against the colorful R.P. McMurphy.

This leads to what is possibly the greatest payoff I have ever witnessed; it's personal and impersonal, philosophical and personally motivated, it's not circumstantial or a set-up of grandeur, it's both sides of a coin actually having to face each other, and they should never have faced each other.
No words
This is the one of those movie I want to write about and forget. Not because it is a bad film bit because it is painfully beautiful. And whenever I think about this story, something inside me shivers.

I have nothing much to add to the above review except the ten stars that it deserves in its total. I can only say that this is a film that is above and beyond an excellent script, rich performances and a beautiful narrative. The film is soul by itself. One that connects with you and stays with you. It's not simply to be watched but to be experienced.

I watches this film as a student of psychology as this film is frequently mentioned across psychology books. It does provide deep insight into the real world application of psychiatric systems. It is an eye opener. This film can actually be converted to a compulsory exercise to arouse empathy in students, and why students but in people across the globe. If this film can't arouse your emotions, nothing can.
Great! It's really funny and also sadly tragic
This film showcases great performances from everyone. Take a look at every single one of the people portraying a mentally ill patient. They all did a great job. The film also showcases a wide range of emotions, it's sad, fun, and the next it could be sad and tragic. These transitions were shocking and compelling.

The whole film overall deserves to be in the top 20 and deserves the 5 Oscars it won, heck it deserves more than just those 5 Oscars brad dourif also deserved an Oscar for his job as billy bibbit. Plus who doesn't wanna see Christopher Lloyd (doc brown) with dark hair and eat even shorter devito. This film is a must see for anyone who is a general fan of movies.
The Ultimate Backfire
It took a dozen years for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest to make it to the big screen from Broadway. In 1962 Kirk Douglas made his one and only return to Broadway to star as Randall P. McMurphy on stage with Joan Tetzel as his nemesis, nurse Ratched. Douglas bought the screen rights, but by the time anyone was interested in doing the film version, Kirk was too old for the part.

That may have been a break for the movie fans because as much as I like Kirk Douglas, I can't see anyone but Jack Nicholson doing this role as the free spirited McMurphy. McMurphy's a low level career criminal type who statutorily raped a girl as he put it '15 going on 35'. He decides to fake a crazy act while in prison to get out of the work farm he's assigned to.

So Nicholson's goes to the mental hospital where he meets an odd assortment of people whom he discovers voluntarily checked themselves in there, mainly because it's easier to stay there and not take all your psychological baggage into society. That's a crucial difference that Nicholson finds out the hard way, his new friends most of them can pack up and leave anytime they want. He's sent there by the state and the state determines when he's ready to go even if it's past the allotted jail time he was sentenced to.

The state in this case is Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched, one of the great Dickensian names ever given a movie character. Louise is the ultimate control freak and these people who've shut themselves away from life are her ultimate tools. When Nicholson comes in, he hasn't given up on life like the rest of these poor souls, he becomes a threat to Fletcher's little empire.

It's hard to believe that such a smart guy like McMurphy would not have known the rules about commitment. Still it doesn't detract a bit from the overall quality of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Though the topic is not a fixed one to any era, the script does leave many oblique references to the Sixties in the film. The electroshock treatment and the lobotomy operations depicted here were by 1975 no longer in use. They were pretty barbaric and the mental health profession discarded these, but not before too many lives were shattered with them.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest swept the main Oscar categories, it won for Best Picture, Best Director for Milos Forman, Best Actor for Jack Nicholson, Best Actress for Louise Fletcher and Best Adapted Screenplay to Lawrence Hauban and Bo Goldman. Brad Dourif was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but he lost to George Burns in The Sunshine Boys.

Louise Fletcher never got the career mileage she should have for playing Nurse Ratched. It took her years, but she did get another career role in television as the ruler of Bejor, Kai Winn on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is one timeless classic, it will be popular a millenia from now.
nice, but...
the book was much better. vastly overrated here on imdb (it's #12 right now.) probably wouldn't make my top 100. If you like early Nicholson you should check out The Last Detail. I thought it was much better than Cuckoo's.

A living masterpiece. One of Nicholson's best!
Directed By: Milos Forman

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher and Danny DeVito

Overall: This movie is a masterpiece and is very possible Nicholson's best.


1. Outstanding acting from everyone. Jack Nicholson is phenomenal as Randie McMurphy. Louise Fletcher is awesome as Nurse Ratched. Every single actor who portrayed a mental patient was also mind blowing.

2. Amazing dialogue

3. Pretty decent cinematography

4. A great and emotional story

5. Genius ending

6. The lack of music makes an eerie and amazing atmosphere.


1. A few dodgy editing decisions I didn't like but aside from that I think it's nigh perfect.

Jack Nicholson's best yet!
I cannot overrate this movie. I watched it last night so I'm writing this review with it still fresh in mind. I had high expectations knowing all the rewards that rained down on it, but the film and Jack Nicholson's performance in particular still managed to surprise me.

R.P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) is transferred to a mental institution for evaluation after given a short sentence on a prison farm for statutory rape charges. He tries to make the most of his suspected short stay in the hospital and challenges the head nurse (Louise Fletcher) at every chance he gets.

Anthony Hopkins has done a great intelligent psychopath, but no one does crazy better than Nicholson. I loved his performance in "The Shining" and am ashamed to say I have yet to see "As Good as it Gets" (one of three movies he won best actor Oscars for). He delivered an average performance in "The Departed" and isn't getting any younger, but I do hope he gives us at least one more role that comes close to the show he put on in Cuckoo's Nest. Watching his interaction with the other patients made me believe on some occasions I was seeing a comedy, but the movie quickly reminds us it can be just as depressing as it is funny.

It's hard to find fault with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Louise Fletcher did a great job as the leading actress and strong performances by all the supporting characters made the movie brilliant. Good screenplay, good directing and the music by Jack Nitzsche played nicely with the film.

I've seen some hate about the ending, but in my opinion it couldn't have been better. McMurthy could have jump out of the window when he had the chance and I think most of us were rooting for him to do so, but what he does next shows the strong bond formed with his odd friends inside the hospital.

The movie left me emotionally blank for a while and then I just felt sad. I'm not going to drop any major spoilers on this site as I know some of you still haven't seen it, but it's one of the few movies that have truly left me staring at the end credits in awe.


It ranks as one of the best in my book alongside "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Pulp Fiction". See this movie with the highest expectations and chances are it will surpass them!

Now I know why they closed?
This film is a brutal commentary and observation about mental health services in the United States. Many of these facilities have since closed. Many of these patients would be homeless on the streets. I only saw bits and pieces of the film in the past. Finally to see it altogether, Jack Nicholson is perfect as McMurphy. Nurse Ratched is well played by Louise Fletcher. Nurse Ratched is seen as the villain and labeled one of film history's villains. I don't see Nurse Ratched that way though. I don't know her enough. I believe she is doing her job which is difficult heading a psychiatric ward. I guess we see her coldness and true nature at the end when she discovers Bill's indiscretion. She uses it against him cruelly which leads him to tragedy. But I still don't think Nurse Ratched is this monster.
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