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Patti Cakes
Drama, Music
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Geremy Jasper
Kirk Knight as Nomad
Yair Koas as Sound Technician / Crowd Member
Warren Bub as Mr. Bagadella
Brett Diggs as Promoter
Mackenzie Grace Castle as Bar Mitzvah Dancer
Mamoudou Athie as Basterd
Ray Iannicelli as Joe Puppy
Dylan Blue as Drewsky / Master of Ceremonies
Storyline: PATTI CAKE$ is centered on aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, who is fighting an unlikely quest for glory in her downtrodden hometown in New Jersey.
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Watch it for Danielle Macdonald's sensational performance
"Patti Cake$" (2017 release; 108 min.) brings the story of aspiring New Jersey rap-artist Patricia Dombrowski. As the movie opens, she is being announced as Killa P. at a big rap show. Turns out our girl was dreaming in her sleep. She wakes up and we get to know her daily routine, working a crappy job at a crappy bar. She dreams of making it big, with help from her friend Jheri, himself stuck at a lousy job in a drug store. We also get to know her mom, who turns out was on the edge of making it herself as a musician 30 years ago, but alas just missed out on getting signed by a record label. And then there is Nana, who seems closer to death than she is alive. At this point we're 10 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the feature-length debut for writer-director Geremy Jasper (who previously has done various music videos). Here he tackles familiar territory, one that could be titled the female version of "8 Miles", albeit this movie is sweeter and ultimately more rewarding. The director captures the yearning of these Jersey kids perfectly, as they stare at the NY skyline and can't wait to get out of New Jersey. Beware: there is crass language throughout the movie, so if that is a problem for you, do yourself a favor and check out another movie. Australian plus-sized actress Danielle Macdonald is nothing short of sensational in the title role, and surely we have not seen the last of her. I was shocked to see in the end titles that Nana was played by none other than Cathy Moriarty, who is completely unrecognizable. Last but certainly not least, there is a ton of great music throughout the film (the original songs are written or co-written by Geremy Jasper), and check out also the Bruce Springsteen tune "The Time That Never Was" (from the 2015 The River Outtakes collection).

"Petti Cake$" premiered at this year's Sundance film festival to immediate critical acclaim, and I've been eagerly waiting to see it. It finally was released most recently, and I happen to catch it during a recent family visit in Belgium. The Wednesday early evening screening where I saw this at in Antwerp, Belgium, was attended nicely, I am happy to say. If you are in the mood for an empowering and even uplifting movie that is MILES away from your standard Hollywood fare, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.
She's a fascinating modern girl: talented, ambitious, and heavy.
You don't have to like rap music or plus-sized women to like Geremy Jasper's gritty Patti Cake$. The story of working-class North Jersey girl Patti (Danielle Macdonald) working through the challenges of poverty, dead-end jobs, and family dysfunction to become a rapper is alternately clichéd, sentimental, and poignant.

If it weren't about rap, it would be about any other impoverished young woman pursuing her dream despite the daunting Newark world. Think 8 Mile and the ultimate working-class to riches, Rocky.

Her dogged pursuit is uplifting where another overweight young woman might fold hearing the regular shout-outs calling her "Dumbo." Where in Precious the audience might be aware of Precious's weight, here Patti's movement out of poverty is the major concern. In fact, she has been called "White Precious." Fortunately, she has boyfriends and male colleagues who believe in her talent and in some cases love her.

It's not that Patti is lovable because Jasper's script does not allow her to be sweet. It's just that she makes sacrifices for her dying grandma and washed-up singer mom while she also nurtures her band, PBnJ, to where they can have the minor break on a local stage they have longed for.

Special note for actress Danielle Macdonald: Amazingly you are not a Joiesy girl, you are from Australia; you are not a rapper, you are a fine actress who can believably rap with the best. For those of us who love classical music and mid-20thcentury folk, as I listen to the layers of culture in each rap song, I believe I could become a believer. Not enough songs, however, in this film.

I should not forget to praise the soundtrack from Bruce Springsteen to unknown hip hop—it is full of the joy Patti has for her poetry; we just need to give her a chance.
Patti Cake$: Waitress by Day, Rapper by Night
Cert 15 for language content.

This is an independent musical which follows the rags to (presumably) riches life of an aspiring female rapper. Australian actress Danielle MacDonald is Patti, a young waitress by day, ambitious rapper by night. Patti is searching for stardom with her equally talented friend who works as a pharmacist.

Meanwhile Patti is also financially struggling to support her ailing grandmother, whose medical costs are mounting causing frequent phone-calls chasing up for payment.

There's some friction between Patti and her mother, who had a promising singing career which ended early.

Patti is a white girl trying to make it in the black stereotypical world of rap, it's not the most original story, and feels predictable, especially towards the end.

Worth watching even if you're not a big fan of rap music
A star is born
Love films centred around music. Being someone who grew up with music being a huge part of my life, who sings and who graduated last year with a degree in Vocal and Operatic Studies, so considers music very important and that it wasn't appreciated enough or sadly not cool to like as a subject in my school years.

Am not a big fan of rap, with a few exceptions, often finding it simplistic, repetitive and preachy, but have a high appreciation, if not quite love, for blues. So wasn't sure how good 'Patti Cake$' would be, despite it being positively received, but there are good music-following your dreams films out there and there was the hope that 'Patti Cake$' would be one of them. Seeing it, it was. Not as amazing as the best reviews have said it is, but for its flaws there is a lot to like here and it was quite the pleasant surprise.

Sure, 'Patti Cake$', being a film that treads familiar ground, is very predictable with not much new and characters that fall into cliché territory. The looking up to the rap god subplot is contrived and underdeveloped, feeling like filler. Agree too that the script has its clunky moments.

However, there are good things. The budget is not a huge one and 'Patti Cake$' is not a grand in spectacle film, nor does it need to be. It's hardly a cheap-looking film and is shot well. The music is catchy and tune, yes even the rap despite some simplistic lyric writing.

Most of the writing has humour that's a mix of gentle and witty, a warm heart and heartfelt poignancy. For its clichés and predictability and one subplot that falls flat, the story has freshness too and told in a way that has vibrancy and heart, with a lot of energy and creative spark, the very definition of feel good, it's very sweet, heart-warming and uplifting and the underdog/following your dreams story as a result just about works.

Geremy Jasper keeps things moving beautifully, with great direction of his actors and the drama and great, near-seamless synchronisation of visuals, staging and music. The characters, despite being clichés, are both fun and not hard to like, with the lead character being proof that one doesn't need to look like a supermodel to be an inspirational role model. In no way is that meant to cause offence, actually think lowly of people who think it's alright to make shallow comments about people's looks.

The cast do a great job, with Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay and Mamoudou Athie providing zesty support and Cathy Moriaty registering strongly too. Best of all, the backbone of the film and the best thing about it, is Danielle MacDonald, a brilliant star-making turn and she deserves to be a big star after this.

All in all, a very nice film that made me feel good, regardless of not completely loving it. Am aware that this review is going to be very unpopular, despite being a subjective person that the very eruditely written and in my mind honest positive reviews have so many negative useful votes is a surprise to me. 7/10 Bethany Cox
Loved it!
The 6.1 average is in my point of view very underrated for this movie. All the characters spoke to me and touched me. It's a great plot, great cast, great movie and amazing Patti. I couldn't believe she had to learn to rap for the movie. I loved her raps!! I really recommend this movie to anyone who have a heart for the underdogs.
Disney's kind of story about a rapper.
I watch this movie because of my work. It's nothing new. Follows the same old pattern of struggling protagonist who wants to be something big.

Like I said, it's a Disney's style. A feel good one. Not as much inspiring as Eminem's 8Miles. A lot of good but somehow cliché moments.

The rap part is what i dislike most. It's just like they put anything they can rhyme with in the lyrics. Or maybe this is a different kind of style, I don't know. But once you've watched this movie, the song will stick into your head for quite sometime. And imagine that I had to work with it for 3 or 4 days. PBNJ haunted me for like a week.

All in all, it's a good movie but not so good that I would recommend as a must see.
Rap saga that both inspires and lets reality bite
The braggadocio of the rap world in which Patti Cake$ main character Patricia (Danielle Macdonald) aspires could not be further from her daily routine. Climbing the social ladder in the real world means waitressing at a fancy establishment and watching the wealthy live their lives. In her head she is amongst OZ (Sahr Ngaujah) the most fantastical of hip- hop superstars.

This indie gem serves to illuminate the lobsters dragging everyone down amongst a medley of insularity and fading dreams, the bullying and the teenage pregnancies and the drunkenness all part of a conspiracy against escape. Perhaps the most complex relationship in the film is between Patricia and her mother Barb (Bridget Everett), who resents where her own life ended up after a promising early singing career.

This isn't all a film of grit and family strife. In spite of the confines of her environment, as well as a sharp diversion from her peers in the rap world, the girl has talent. The question isn't can a fat white girl rap, it's whether anyone will ever care. But to call this film a paean to women making it in a man's world, or big girls kicking it on screen, seems trite for a film that achieves this and much more.

Everything from the quiet tragedy of dive bar karaoke to a rap legend's pretension is displayed with authenticity and dedication. The film starts to follow a familiar pattern in its final act, but by there is enough investment in Patti and her Jersey surrounds to still will her to succeed.

Much of the film's ire is reserved for those who have left inventiveness for lazy misogyny in their work and in their lives. Patti's battle with one such loser is an early moment the audience can see her raw talent. She is also clearly more talented and authentic than best friend Jheri (Siddharth Dhananjay) and this potential cause of friction could have been explored further in the film.

Danielle Macdonald is excellent as Patti, displaying a fierce yet deeply wounded character. Women of her body type have too long been typecast as comic relief, and I hope MacDonald's dramatic here will be built on in upcoming roles alongside Jennifer Aniston in Dumplin' and Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird.

Patti Cake$ isn't just a calling card for Macdonald, but also director Geremy Jasper. Here he has shown the ability to delve into the banality of working class America and create a film of real vibrancy and hope. It's a far cry from Selena Gomez music videos and short films with David Beckham.

After generating serious buzz at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Patti Cake$ landed a $9.5 million distribution deal with Fox Searchlight Pictures. A September release date also shows that millions more may yet be sunk into an Oscar campaign. An Original Screenplay nomination for Patti Cake$ would be well earned, and anything less than a Best Actress nomination for Macdonald would be a travesty.

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Smart, Funny, and a GREAT Way to Spend a Couple of Hours!
What would you do if you had one shot, one opportunity…

Hold on. Wrong film.

When "Patti Cake$" was pitched to me as a white-Jersey-girl version of "8 Mile," I was a bit apprehensive but still interested. Not being a huge fan of the film it was compared to, I took the route of this being the film to officially close the 11th Dallas International Film Festival to keep me intrigued to see it because you wouldn't not want to finish strong, right?

In this case: RIGHT.

With first-time feature director Geremy Jasper working with an Australian actress who had never rapped before in Danielle Macdonald, there would theoretically be a lot working against this film, but the fact that it all works brilliantly and keeps a wonderful sense of humor is a testament to the dedication of everyone involved with this project. There are a TON of laughs in here without getting to the point of parody or ridiculous, a really head-bobbing soundtrack, and really great relationships with the characters that this cast pulls off in the greatest of ways.

And when you speak of this cast… it's not just Macdonald that brings the top of her and everyone else's game here. "The Get Down" star Mamaudou Athie is both intense and hilarious as a mysterious performance artist and producer that Patti takes on to shape her sound named Basterd, Siddarth Dhananjay does great comedic relief while keeping the character of her best friend and vocal partner, Jheri, grounded and not caricature, an appearance by M.C. Lyte as a local radio D.J., and the members of Patti's family with comedy veteran Bridget Everett as her mother who tries to hang on to her own former musical glory and the wonderful Cathy Moriarty as her grandmother who becomes a catalyst for Patti's hip-hop persona development.

Add all of this together and combine it with a script that Jasper constructs that plays to his actor's strengths to the point that there is a level of questioning whether the script of the actors came first, and "Patti Cake$" getting picked up by Fox Searchlight was a sure bet when it aired at the Sundance Film Festival to be released this summer. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop or not, this is a film that can be enjoyed by fans across all barriers. Just make sure to leave the kids at home.
Fun, Edgy Comedy Mixed With Great Music
From early on in "Patti Cake$," it seems evident that director Geremy Jasper's energetic style and tone to this story of a woman from 'dirty Jersey' trying to make it big in the rap scene will likely make this independent film appealing to mainstream audiences as well. First of all, the film's music is excellent. It is well-written, authentic and filled to the bone with genuine passion. If you're a rap fan, this would make the film most certainly worth the price of admission alone. The film has some notable performances as well, with Danielle Macdonald's role as Patti particularly note-worthy. The depiction of New Jersey is gritty and realistic, while still keeping a sense of dry humor when necessary, and the characters--while offbeat--are generally developed nicely.

However, the film is not without flaws. The main reason why this is the case is because of the film's rather generic script. While the script feels a bit bundled in parts and seems to work a little overtime to make the movie feel like a 'crowd-pleaser,' that's not the main problem with it. The real concern here is that the film contains a number of clichés that have been done many times before in films about performing arts. This makes the movie feel very slightly tedious and containing a bit of narrative 'filler' due to the presence of these tried-and-true events. As a result, it could have been about 10 or 15 minutes shorter without really losing anything.

While the movie is enjoyable and amusing throughout, it really rises to the occasion during the scenes Patti is rapping. In those scenes, the energy is truly both electric and infectious. Due to this (and the film's characters and accessibility,) this could also be an independent film that breaks out and finds a real audience in wide release, much like "The Big Sick" did earlier this summer--although unlike "The Big Sick," people will also run to iTunes when they get on their computers after arriving home from the theater to download the soundtrack. Recommended. 7/10

Disclaimer: I have not yet seen "The Big Sick," although I do plan on watching it on Redbox, and am not attempting to compare this film to that one in terms of quality. I was only using it as a comparison on the nature of accessibility/mainstream appeal.
1 Star - Awful
Well what good can be said about this film?? I was sure glad when it was over; so I guess that would be the one good thing about it. It is a movie overflowing with clichés, and lazy writing, and mediocre to bad acting. The accents the characters use are really annoying, and the words and phrases are simplistic and a lot of them disgusting. Some people say about movies that they did not really care much for: "wait and watch it on DVD". However with this movie, I suggest avoiding it all together. There are much, much, much better ways to spend your precious time.
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