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Police Story: Lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Sheng Ding
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
Fu Hai as Tao Zi
Zou Yizheng as Worker
Peiqi Liu as Chief Zhang
Hailong Liu as Pi Song (as Liu Hailong)
Zha Ka as Bin Ge
Xiaoou Zhou as Wei Xiao Fu (as Zhou Xiao'ou)
Tao Yin as Lan Lan
Wei Na as Na Na
Tian Jing as Miao Miao
Lu Cai as A Kun
Yiwei Liu as General Manager Niu
Rongguang Yu as Captain Wu
Ye Liu as Wu Jiang
Storyline: A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
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Editing was too frenetic...
As a long time JC fan and movie buff, I found the fast paced editing too distracting. Why the editor decided to hack even dialog sequences into constantly shifting angles and tiny bits is beyond my knowledge of film making. The director and photography certainly covered ALL the bases, but editing tried too hard to evoke or imply action where it was not needed, or, at other times, cover for poorly directed choreography. I do understand JC is not a spring chicken and that plays a role in edits. Still...could be handled more concisely without jumping edits. Seemed as if the editor was a character at times. Hmmmm.

The story was fairly solid, production values were very high. Acting was spotty at times due to seemingly weak characterizations in the script. The premise had merit, though the finale was not entirely consistent to such.

Again, it was the frenetic editing and confusing camera direction that distracted from the core elements of the story/narrative and knocked two stars off the review. At the same time, two stars added for seeing JC in a serious role and incorporating family values regarding a single father trying to amend his relationship was great. There is, as always, tremendous talent there. As to those that criticize JC for this effort, I'd suggest they be more gracious toward a man that is evolving on personal levels, and one who strives to entertain at all costs. Go Jackie!!
A disappointing action drama thriller
Although Police Story 2013 (警察故事2013) stars Jackie Chan and shares the same name as the first three 'Police Story' films that got him famous, they're unrelated and very different in tone. Similar to the unrelated New Police Story (新警察故事) released in 2004, this film uses a serious, darker and gritter approach as well.

The story is about a group of people gets kidnapped at a nightclub, all seemingly unrelated, until it is revealed that is not the case and Jackie need to save the victims and his own daughter as well. The first half of the film is slightly boring and uneventful for an action thriller. Some plot events that happens in the film are unnecessary to the story.

Despite Jackie's great performance in the film (especially the emotional ending scene where he's willing to do whatever it takes to save his daughter), the film greatly suffers due to its lackluster plot and lack of memorable strong developed supporting characters.There's aren't enough action sequences in this film and most of them were normally out of focus and hard to really see what is really going on at times, especially the brutal cage match between Jackie and a Thai fighter.

The film also lacks a compelling villain, his motivations for doing the kidnapping are very personal but the film doesn't provide any scenes for the audience to empathize with his loss. A great villain normally have a plan that is well thought-out and precise. They know when should they strike and where it hurts the most. They have a goal and clearly knows the best way to accomplish it. This one doesn't.

Furthermore, the Cantonese-dubbed version I've watched in the cinema ruined the experience as well. I would really prefer that they use the original Mandarin version instead. A disappointing film.

Rating: 6.5/10
I expected much better
I like Jacki Chan Movies but I don not Know why he not produce it in Hollywood.

I've watched all police story and this one is worst. the events very slow, direction and the story bad and silly. the only advantage of this movie, Jacki Chan name in the beginning.

MANY MISTAKES in the directing and there is no realistic on it. there is some funny shots but not reach the desired expecting. fighting and action of the movie generally not bad but some times be a stall and u will dislike and bored..

I like Jacki act and how he acts in his face and u fell his emotion
Full Metal Jackie
Police Story (1985) marked the start of Jackie Chan's adventures as Captain Zhong Wen and the many other names his character has gone by. Now in the 2010's Chan is back in a one-man-versus-gang hostage situation in Police Story: Lockdown.

The films plot and story is intriguing, a Die Hard hostage movie with a touch of mystery as the film keeps you guessing as to what the villain, Wu Jiang's motive is. The mystery of the motive and enigma's of the film are interesting enough to keep you watching but the reveals and answers to those enigmas aren't delivered as well. It's not that the resolve is bad its just a tad confusing, but maybe if you have seen and remember the past films of this series, or you are fast enough to read all of the subtitles, you may understand everything that happens in the end. My confusion was that everyone in the film seemed to know more than I did and so I think I probably got lost in translation with this one.

Jackie Chan is great in this film. Hong Kong's best known actor plays a gritty and at times emotional character. Chan brilliantly breaks away from the happy and smiley Jackie Chan role he has been some what type cast as. As well as delivering a serious performance, the 62 year old still impresses as he is able to perform the stunts you expect. Jackie shows no sign of slowing down.

Speaking of stunts, there aren't that many in this film. Those expecting a 2 hour martial arts fight sequence where Jackie Chan runs, jumps and fights to the death will be disappointed. Don't get me wrong there are fight scenes in this film and they get quite brutal at times, such as the cage fight. My point being that this is a Chinese, mystery, thriller with a lot of talking, so if you enjoy watching mysteries unfold and reading subtitles (if you don't understand Manderin) then this film is for you.

Which brings me to an issue of mine, the subtitles come and go far too quickly. This may just be me being rusty at my subtitle reading as its been a while since I've seen a foreign language film, but there are times where the subtitles appear and suddenly disappear again almost in a blink of an eye. This is especially noticeable in back and forth short bursts of dialogue between characters but I understand the subtitles have to translate what is being said at the exact moment, but nevertheless you do need to be on you toes with this one.

Overall Police Story: Lockdown is an average hostage movie with a great performance from Jackie Chan. Its a film for fans of Chinese cinema, mysteries and of course, Jackie Chan. If you are a fan of the Police Story series then I am sure you will enjoy this grittier instalment to the Action Comedy saga. But for me, I'm waiting on Rush Hour 4.
Jackie Gets Serious
I have watched many of Jackie Chan's films in the past. I am a fan of how he combines his awesome martial arts skills and stunt work with precise comedic timing. We see a different Jackie Chan in "Police Story 2013", he gets darkly serious here.

Sad to say, I have not seen any of the five other Police Story films of Chan before. Not even the first one, which Jackie himself considers his best in terms of the action. This Police Story is not really related to the other films, so it does not really matter if you have seen the others or not.

The film opens with a shocking scene of Jackie Chan actually pulling the trigger of a pistol to his temple. From there we will get pulled into a tale of Captain Zhong Wen, a man torn between his dedication to his duty as a policeman and his duty as a father.

Zhong's rebellious daughter May introduces him to her boyfriend, Wu Jiang, who runs a very popular avant-garde bar. What was supposed to have been a family meeting turned out to be an elaborately-planned violent hostage-taking drama borne out of a tragic incident that happened five years ago.

Jackie Chan is much older now, but his action skills are not diminished. He gets to fight with a champion mixed martial arts fighter in one very long and brutal one-on-one fight scene. Awesome fight scene. His dramatic acting skills are wrung out here as well because of the dilemmas and tough decisions his character had to face. There was no hint of comedy in this Jackie here. We only see the old Jackie Chan smile and laugh in the outtakes over the final credits.

His daughter May was played by pretty young actress Tian Jing, whom I just saw in "Special ID" just last week. Too bad she did not figure in a fight scene in this film. But she was much better here in terms of her acting because of her character's arc. Tian actually looked a lot like Filipina actress Kim Chiu in this film.

The villain is played by award-winning Chinese actor Liu Ye. He plays his disturbed and vengeful character with much depth, with so many intense confrontation scenes with Jackie.

The direction by Sheng Ding was a little sloppy, with a lot of off-focus shots left in the final print. The story-telling and the script were quite neat in terms of the details, considering this tale went back and forth from previous events interjecting into present scenes. There were some welcome moments of comedy but they were not from Jackie.

Overall, this is a very good action film held together by an excellent dramatic story, with just the right amount of comedy to keep things interesting. Jackie Chan is really still at the top of his game, even at this age (he turns 60 in April this year). He should not be retiring soon. We still expect a lot from this talented man.
Heroic and Bravery of Man not by using mere action
We had seen Jackie doing incredible stunts in his career and it is time for him to move on doing something different. While the movie opening was quite loose and uninteresting, as the story slowly unfolds, it captured my heart and emotions. I must admit that Jackie actually act better than many action stars. I personally think that he has quite successfully transform himself to an actor not merely good at action but convincing in his role as well. This is not the usual good-and-bad-guy movie, and fighting scene is really minimal. There are many moments in this movie that clearly demonstrates a bravery of man and heroic act without expressing though action scenes with huge budget and CGI. It is so natural that fighting is really unnecessary in this movie. I am happy that Jackie has found a new way to blend his action talent with drama, only if the script is good, and this is a better one than Shinjuku Incident.
Wasted potential... could've gotten a Fincher treatment, instead backs out
Starting good, the pros: good writing, good acting, good direction, good character, good action. There is nothing really wrong with this movie(except for a few times where the shaky cam is just too much).

However, it could've turn into an exceptionally amazing film, but the director/writer/producers/studios played safe on the ending. All this movie, the dark, gritty tone and the characters, builds up to the final showdown(gunshot on the train-track). It made me feel the same feeling(kudos to the director and writer) as I did with Se7en's showdown: the moral conflict within the character. Could've gone Se7en's route and leave an emotional impact on the viewer by killing off Chan's character, but they instead backs away, and instead gave us a minor fight and a happy ending.

What a wasted opportunity.
some kind of little bad production
I watch this movie because of Jackie Chan, I and a lot of people from all around the world love him, we have watch a lot of movie with him. But... I don't know man... looks like something wrong with this movie, firstly what annoying me the most is the background music, that music effect! Its so loud and so off! Sometimes its not suitable with the situation, too exaggerated! This movie can be better if they change the music effect, why they never notice this obvious stuff? I don't know man, then the script is really.... not so bad but just weird. I never felt asleep while I'm watching any Jackie's movie and this is my first time! I never really sleep but I'm trying to not fall asleep because I'm still hope something good will appear from this movie, and yes! They fulfilled my wish, the story and the sound getting better till the end and makes me wonder if they are some high school production who just learn some skill little by little, they never notice this "little" thing in their post-production process, I don't know man. What can I say is for the first 1 hour this story is so bad but getting better in the last 1 hour. Weird isn't it? Oh, I want to sleep right now. If you love Jackie you might love this but just don't expect too much from this some kind of little bad production. Just be patient like me.
Wasn't Up to the Same Standards of a Jackie Chan Movie
Because of his dedication to duty and the demands of his job "Senior Inspector Zhong Wen" (Jackie Chan) has essentially neglected his wife and daughter for years. As a result, when his wife is seriously injured in a car accident he arrives at the hospital much too late and this causes his grief-stricken daughter "Miao" (Tian Jing) to want nothing more to do with him. However, sometime later things seem to change when Miao calls him and sets up a meeting at a night club. Unfortunately, when he gets there he is knocked unconscious and is taken hostage along with his daughter and several other people. It soon transpires that the kidnappers want more than just money and Senior Inspector Zhong Wen is the key to their plans. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this is yet another movie which focuses on the serious side of Jackie Chan. And while he certainly performs well enough I believe that this trend has somewhat diminished the overall entertainment value of his films. It's just not the same without the humor that normally accompanies the martial arts and action. Likewise, the technique used to tell the story resulted in a slow pace which didn't help either. In any case, this wasn't necessarily a bad film by any means but it clearly wasn't up to the typical standards of a Jackie Chan movie and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
Mixed bag results in Jackie's hostage thriller
POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN is a mixed bag of a movie for Jackie Chan fans. He gets a lot of screen time here and has a chance to act rather than fight for most of it, but the film itself is quite messy in places and doesn't really convince in its depiction of a hostage scenario. It's never quite suspenseful or exciting enough to succeed.

The setting is an elaborate multi-storey bar in which bad guy Liu Ye, from CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, and his handful of goons are located. They take Chan and various others hostage for reasons which are made apparent via some cheesy and slightly unbelievable flashbacks. It all feels rather melodramatic when it comes out, however the worst thing about this production is the direction.

My heart sank when I realised this film was from mainland China rather than Hong Kong, as China doesn't have the best movie-making record in recent years. Thankfully the bad CGI is kept to a minimum here but the direction is quite awful and the director's refusal to hold a shot more than a few seconds is more likely to provoke a headache than excitement. The cameraman feels more like a hyperactive child than anything else. Sheng Ding's previous film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER was more impressive than this.

It's also worth noting that this film has no connection to Jackie's previous POLICE STORY movies, all of which are considerably more interesting, well-made, and entertaining. The only connection is that Rongguang Yu is back from NEW POLICE STORY although he and Jackie play different albeit similar characters. Jackie has a family in this one. The action is limited and Jackie is unforgivably doubled for some of the fights, and even worse some of it is shoehorned into the story for no reason (an early fight and car chase are included in flashbacks that turn out to have no relation to the main story). On the plus side, it does have a very fast pace to take your mind off all the problems with the story, and it's fitfully entertaining, just a far cry from the fantastic films that Jackie used to make. He really spoiled us with those.
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