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The Bye Bye Man
Thriller, Horror
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Stacy Title
Carrie-Anne Moss as Det. Shaw
Ava Penner as Anna
Kurt Yue as Fireman
Dan Anders as K-9 Cop
Laura Knox as Jane (as Lara Knox)
Faye Dunaway as Widow Redmon
Doug Jones as The Bye Bye Man
Cleo King as Ms. Watkins
Michael Trucco as Virgil
Douglas Smith as Elliot
Jonathan Penner as Mr. Daizy
Seth William Meier as Police Captain
Storyline: When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name. The friends must try to save each other, all the while keeping The Bye Bye Man's existence a secret to save others from the same deadly fate.
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Yes the title and name is really lame but it has a decent plot and about what you'd expect from a B-rate movie
I couldn't help but compare this to It Follows because the premise is based on an urban legend figure that seems to gain power when you pass it on. Unfortunately this one lacks the amazing cinematography as well as decent writing and directing in It Follows. It was pretty predictable in every way and introduced details that were left largely unexplained that made me question whether or not they meant to make a sequel to this movie.

The acting wasn't that great either. Unfortunately it becomes glaringly obvious who the veteran actors are because the detective and big brother really shine despite the small screen time they were given. Other than them all the other side characters deliver their lines pretty badly imo (especially the librarian). And the actress who plays the girlfriend is glaringly bad.

I was also a bit confused by the scene where she goes to talk to the owner of their rented house and asks about the night stand that started it all because they make you think it would go somewhere but it doesn't and never gets brought up again. The entire scene could've been deleted from the movie and it wouldn't change it one bit. The upside though is that you do get to enjoy a really awkward exchange between her and the house owner, a close up of her wooden facial expression as she delivers her lines and her hilariously bad fake sneeze. She literally says "achoo!"

Overall if you don't take this movie seriously then it can actually be quite funny and I think that is its saving grace. The bad acting and dialogue and even the way in which some of them died had me cracking at times.
not AS bad as people have made out
it's not great, it's actually not good at all, but it's not as bad as some have made out.

The acting isn't that bad and it's quite a well made movie, where it lacks for me is they had an OK idea, one that's been done a dozen times before but is OK, you hear the guys name (awful, awful, name though) and he comes and gets you...

Although he doesn't really, and thats where the movie really lets itself down. nothing much happens and by the end it's just a bit of a joke.

apart from a couple of moments it's not got enough scares for viewers who want to jump and no blood for viewers that want blood and no depth to the story or people if anyone wanted that.

I can't recommend it, but as a lover of this type of movie I'd say it was a slightly below average horror.
At least it works as a comedy
The Bye Bye Man is a horror movie released in January. I think that already says enough. But it actually has a nice premise. It's about this creature (or whatever it is, it's never explained) called The Bye Bye Man who plays with your mind when you think of him and gives you all kinds of hallucinations and makes you go crazy. That's why you mustn't even say his name so it doesn't spread.

Now the main characters are, obviously, not very smart teens. The acting is one of the worst I've seen lately. Porn actors deliver Oscar-worthy acting compared to the actors in this movie. The lead actor was the only one who looked like he was trying and deliver some more emotion, but then in the second half he just goes full Nicolas Cage and it starts to feel like an overacting contest. At least it will give you plenty of unintended laughs, so if you're going into this movie just for that, you picked the right movie.

Now, back to the beginning. The movie opens a bit clichéd, but actually pretty well done. The opening is surprisingly very atmospheric and intense. But then it all just goes worse, and worse, and worse. The premise is really not bad. This really could have been good. But the writers made zero effort in explaining the story and ignored the logic or sense. Also, they pretty much copied The Ring in some moments and seems like enough horror movies these days already do that.

I hate seeing good ideas wasted on terrible movies, this is obviously one of those cases. But, fortunately, that doesn't mean the movie is boring. Actually, it's hilarious when you watch it with someone. So, if you want to see something bad and unintentionally funny, I say go for it. In any other case, avoid this.
College teen horror movie crap fest

I've heard the original story, and it is a lot better. When I first heard they were making a movie about it, I was like "how?"

Now this isn't just a case of a movie that doesn't stand up to the original story, it just doesn't stand up at all. Couldn't get past half way through it
Don't think it don't say it don't think it don't say it
Bye Bye Man was a triumph. Every second of it was amazing. I have seen a lot of good movies but this movie takes the cake it was fantastic. I thought it was going to be scary , but it was not and for a horror movie that would hurt it, but for some reason it helped this movie. My favorite line from the movie is Don't think it, don't say it, don't think it, don't say it. There was not a dull moment it was non stop action and thrills and chills it was just fantastic. I wish it would never end but sadly it ended after 96 minutes and that was not long enough for a movie like this.

Parents this movie is rated PG-13 and it defiantly deserved the PG-13 rating because it was intense very intense but very very good. I loved this movie so much that when I get older I may even get a bye bye man tattoo.

Don't THINK IT Don't SAY IT Don't THINK IT Don't SAY IT.
Don't trust these other reviews
This movie was very impressive to me, especially as a starter for horror in the new year. The whole basis of the movie was of the titled Bye Bye Man. A creature, ghost, entity, whatever, is not defined; He is still a horrifying thing. The first half of the movie gets into it very quickly. We get a decent introduction to all the characters, and then right there everything just starts going down. As the movie progressed I was honestly very gripped by it and the overall feel of the movie was amazing. One of the coolest parts of the movie is how the Bye Bye Man not only affects the characters but the viewer in many ways. I was completely shocked by how well down this movie was honestly. it was a refreshing take on the idea of a boogeyman-type character. Yes this movie may be full of clichés, but hey, that hasn't stopped some movies from becoming amazing. The clichés actually, in my opinion, worked and helped the story line of the movie.

I really recommend anyone who's a casual or big horror fan to watch this movie. Don't go into it thinking it's going to be some amazing Nightmare On Elm Street level horror movie. Go into it with a fresh mind and just experience it. You will not regret it.
The Bye Bye Man (2017)
Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't say it, don't think it. DON'T WATCH IT. What an awful awful film. This is a movie that you would see on the Chiller network (not a knock on the network). Its a completely generic, non-entertaining, ridiculously stupid waste of time. I went in with a clean slate (apart from thinking the title of the film was laughably dumb) and came out feeling like I really should have known better.

The film is about a group of friends that seem to be haunted by a presence known as The Bye Bye Man. This monstrous being has history connected to previous grizzly murders and now this group need to end the Bye Bye Man. Sounds dumb enough, and it is. The three lead characters are terrible. You want them to die. There are shallow, generic, infuriatingly boring and bland. Sometimes you get that with horror films, but I at least want to get behind the characters. Some of the characters and actions are so stupid that I was praying for their characters death. And when it came it was well deserved because of how dumb they are. I'm talking about a specific scene with a train at a railway crossing.

The film has nothing amazing going for it visually. The scares (if you can call it that) are so manufactured and tried that even if this was your first horror movie, you still would see it all coming. You want to laugh at how stupid the concept, name, and presence of the being is. Its not even in the so bad its good territory which is a shame because with something with a title like this it should have gone all out in the cheese department.

I've been very hard on this film. Its a January release, which is basically the graveyard of Hollywood films. Pretty certain that no one had any faith in this film, and I can see why. You can give me a pen and a pad and a camera and I can write you a more convincing horror film that this. At the very least we have memes of the catchphrase for this film. if anything, its going to go down as a giant joke. Its what it deserves.

Don't miss the point: it's not a straight-up horror flick
Most people are missing the point of Bye Bye Man: it's not really a horror flick. It's a self-aware parody of horror flicks. The evidence:

The three main actors playing the college kids who move into the creepy old house give some of the worst performances possible, and especially Leigh Whannell as the reporter who was only doing his job, but perhaps dug too deep and learned the name of Bye Bye Man. Even the title is a clue to the movie's self-awareness: it's The Bye Bye Man, not Bye Bye Man. C'mon, man!

None of it makes any sense. Three college kids try to fight insanity together in a house that's either haunted or has a really bad mojo to it. As a fellow movie-goer yelled: "Move that damn coat!" Watch out for coins that drop at inopportune times, a laughably-bad CGI blood dog, and the Bye Bye Man himself, who might be a mute cousin of the Emperor Palpatine.

What's the biggest enemy? It's a nightstand. The nightstand has the name what you should not think, nor say. Don't say it, don't think it, don't think it, and don't say it. Even the brief amount of time spent at college is devoted to a lesson in epistemology. What is real, and what is nothing more than what we perceive as real?

Add further Carrie-Ann Moss, who I'm sure is fully aware anytime she appears we think Matrix, perhaps the ultimate movie about reality vs. unreality. We even get a cameo by Faye Dunaway flashing a little Mommie Dearest, only short a few wire hangers.

If you're not convinced yet, it's because you're of two minds. One is telling you this is a horror flick, and another is convinced everyone is in on a big joke but you missed out and now you'll have to see The Bye Bye Man again. Aloha means hello and goodbye.
**This review is based on the UNRATED version**

Caught this one On-Demand last evening. I took most of the day pondering which way my review would go because this one really left me scratching my head.

What started with an interesting premise, managed to build some tension, and creep you out (even if just a little) turned into a muddled, confusing mess, and left this viewer with more questions than answers. Towards the end, it just seemed the director really did not know which way to go, and ran for the hills!

Another reviewer has stated he thought the acting in this movie was beyond terrible. He also said he had seen a lot of horror movies with bad acting. Really? Although there certainly were not any portrayals in here that were Oscar-worthy, I have seen WAY worse. I liked the director's idea to not reveal the villain until the end, although I will never understand what that dog had to do with anything. The director stated she considered this movie a "Greek tragedy" because all the characters were doomed--they just didn't know it.

Although there were aspects to this movie I liked, the "rushed" ending just did not set well with me. As noted above, the version I reviewed is the unrated version. It lasts 100 minutes and contains nudity, simulated sex, disturbing images, and violence. Toss-up for me on this one.
Candyman meets The Ring meets Sinister
THE BYE BYE MAN is another familiar mid-budget Hollywood horror flick that feels like a paint-by-numbers. The story, about a mythical figure who shows up to kill you should you dare speak his name, feels like a mix of CANDYMAN, THE RING, and SINISTER, with the latter in particular providing a strong inspiration in terms of slow-burning style and atmospherics. Truth be told, I was bored by the predictability of the whole thing; the well-telegraphed scare sequences in particular are entirely run of the mill. The reliable Doug Jones is okay as the baddie, Faye Dunaway has a cameo, and Carrie-Anne Moss plays a cop, but otherwise the cast is as undistinguished as this film's execution. THE BYE BYE MAN isn't bad, just entirely predictable.
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