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The LEGO Batman Movie
USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris McKay
Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn (voice)
Jason Mantzoukas as Scarecrow (voice)
Doug Benson as Bane (voice)
Mariah Carey as Mayor Marion Grange (voice)
Kate Micucci as Clayface (voice)
Conan O'Brien as The Riddler (voice)
Eddie Izzard as Voldemort (voice)
Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman (voice)
Michael Cera as Robin / Dick Grayson (voice)
Will Arnett as Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Riki Lindhome as Poison Ivy (voice)
Zach Galifianakis as The Joker (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon (voice)
Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face (voice)
Siri as 'Puter (voice)
Storyline: There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.
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Better than Batman in the DCEU but not as good as Lego Movie...
From the creators of the Lego Movie and executive produced by the now Secretary of the Treasury for the Trump administration, the Lego Batman Movie is one of the best movies of the year. Chockful of fourth wall humor and tons of brick and mortar action, this movie features an all star cast of superheroes and villains, not to mention cameos from other franchises and classic Lego toys to make up for what's the longest of the Lego movies. There are some moments when the adults laugh a lot and there is kiddie humor as well. I highly recommend seeing this while it lasts in the theaters to get the full experience. I can't wait to see what the Lego Ninjago Movie has in store when it opens in the fall of this year!!!
Like Playing Batman With Your Un-Cool Mom
If the first Lego movie was about a son messing around with his father's Lego and the two eventually finding common ground, then Lego Batman is what it's like to play Batman with your annoying nagging mother in the form of Bat Girl.

The film opens with a similar energy as The Lego Movie, but it falls apart very quickly and the story becomes mired in the very clichés it's attempting to poke fun at.

Batman isn't good at working with others. It's a theme that has been explored countless times. Yet despite the self-awareness of Lego Batman it still manages to drag on and get annoying as hell. It's the same theme that made Batman & Robin so obnoxious.

Pretty much every time Bat Girl opens her mouth it's like listening to a lecture from your mother about playing well with others and obeying the rules. Here you are just trying to role-play as The Dark Knight and you have to listen to someone talk about the virtues of teamwork. Many if not most animated kids films tend to incorporate some kind of moral or message (which I don't have a problem with), but this is way too in your face and heavy handed it sucks the fun right out of the film.

Another problem is that Lego Batman doesn't give you much reason to care. The Lego Movie succeeds in this by having an average Joe character as well as the sub-plot of the son and his father, and you can clearly distinguish the dramatic and comedic moments. In Lego Batman the tone is incredibly muddled, shifting from manic to dramatic in an instant while it tries to shoehorn in character development.

For Lego Batman they took what was basically a good gag in the Lego Movie and tried to stretch it out for an hour and forty minutes. It doesn't work unless you think Big Bang Theory is funny and that references to nerdy things are jokes in and of themselves. Granted there are some pretty funny moments scattered throughout the film, mainly in the first two thirds. By the last third of the film they've exhausted pretty much all the jokes.

On the technical side it looks just as good as the first film and the realism of the Lego textures is something to admire. However, I did notice a lot more cheating this time around. In The Lego Movie everything was made out of Lego, even smoke and water. Here, smoke is just obvious CGI and so is the water. The characters also stretch and extend in ways that Lego pieces can't, which was done in Lego Movie but concealed much better.

After being blown away by the brilliance of Lego Movie I was very disappointed by Lego Batman which couldn't live up to the very high bar its predecessor set. Lego Movie was full of heart whereas Lego Batman felt like an attempt by DC to damage control a lot of the negative attention they've received for their handling of Justice League. Lego Batman relies entirely on references and fails to create a unique or compelling story, as such I can only give it 5/10.
Good for 15 minutes of inside jokes
This block takes a hard dive into Snooze Feast 2017. If this was 1933 the movie would be cut up into two dozen shorts between Lassie & the Bowery Boys trilogies . What a money grab...but in the beginning my movie watching neighbors seated next to me laughed ,guffawed and Hyena snorted . Now fifteen minutes latter it was dead silence like a Lion took over the Lego carcass. So repetitious mind numbing boring, went from cute to dredging the bottom of the popcorn bucket just to have something to do. Should have brought my own Legos as this cash grab numbed my senses like the DMV long line kiddie coaster ride at LEGOLAND .
Darkness!!! No Parents!!!
An intro. Every important review begins with an intro, and a star rating, 7 or more stars out of 10, or in this case 9 out of 10 because the Lego Batman Movie is awesome. After the success of the Lego Movie and of Will Arnett's portrayal of the Dark Knight within it, this butt kicking movie has come our way and it does not disappoint. This film will please fans of Lego, Batman, Lego batman, movies and all out pop culture.

What makes this film so great and so satisfying to me, is how surprisingly epic and meta this film is. This is not just a Batman movie it is much, much more. This is the crossover movie everybody has been waiting to see. I attribute the critical failure of the DC universe to studio interference, so this film is made that much more satisfying as it is obvious that the studios loosened their grip for this film, and said yes to certain things they would have said no to with DC's other films. For example; the opening titles are the greatest opening titles to a film I have ever seen, period! Please go see for yourself.

As I said this isn't just any old Batman movie. This is a Batman timeline homage and Superhero and Supervillain crossover animated movie. The intertextuality in this film is off the charts and will leave almost every fandom gasping, perspiring and losing their mind in their seat. This film has decades of Batman material to reference and it does that and then some. Remember Warner Bros owns much more than just Batman. This is an epic movie done right and I would argue is one of the greatest superhero films ever made. Yeah I said it. Superman come fight me bro.

The voice acting in this film is fantastic. Will Arnett is hilarious as Batman and Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera and Ralph Fiennes do decent jobs as The Joker, Robin and Alfred. Batman and Joker's relationship is dealt with in a very unique way, and the two are hilarious together. Coming back to Will Arnett, like Gob Bluth in Arrested Development, he was born to play this role. His voice acting is both funny and doesn't make Batman sound like a chain smoker... *cough* Christian Bale *cough*.

The animation in these Lego movie's are phenomenal. There is so much happening on screen, but not to the point where it becomes overwhelmingly cluttered. The animation style is beautiful and made all the more so with the gorgeous orange tints throughout the film. I really hope that award panel's such as the academy awards look at this animation the same way they would look at Pixar or Dreamworks (same animation style but different standalone movie), and not look at this like they did with The Adventures of TinTin or the Lego Movie (not classifying for whatever reason). This movie deserves an Oscar. It is beautiful.

There really isn't a whole lot bad to say about this film, the only thing I can think of is the jokes are told at a speed which is a little too fast. This is a fast paced film and the jokes are told at a very fast pace, to a point where it is hard to keep up, or the order of jokes doesn't quite make sense. Because there are so many jokes in this film, there are quite a bit that don't work, but there are also quite a lot that do work and boy are they good.

A conclusion, every important review concludes with a conclusion of the writer's overall thoughts of the film. So without further ado, I conclude that the Lego Batman Movie is absolutely breathtaking. It's a hugely enjoyable movie that will satisfy fans of everything Warner Bros and DC. As a fan of Lego, Batman, films and other pop culture, this film is like a dream come true. I give this film 1 star for every ab Batman has. Please see this film. Batman Out.
loved it!
Wanna see a film that will just keep you laughing all the way through it? Well last night we certainly found one, "The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)". Lego Batman was a film that we had been waiting to see and last night we headed out to the theaters to enjoy some laughter.

From the start of the movie it was on! This movie was Lego at it's finest, Batman took Lego films to a whole new level of laughter. Every few minutes we couldn't stop giggling. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) was filled with Batman singing his made up songs, The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) is a movie that made us finally feel like a kid again; awesome from start to finish!
It's not just a great kids movie, it's a great Batman movie!!!
This is the best theatrical film based on DC property that WB has put out in years. Sorry fans but this blew all 3 of the cinematic universe movies out of the freaking water. Just like the movie before it, the LEGO Batman movie surprises yet again with a fun piece of imaginative work. It has the humor, the action, the animation, and surprisingly again the heart. We thought to ourselves a Lego movie would never work, it sounds like the ultimate marketing sham Hollywood could ever put out to sell toys, but it became one my favorite animated films of all time why? The first movie blew me away because it not only worked as a story, but it encompassed everything a fan of Lego remembers. In a similar fashion, this movie encompassed everything you know about Batman, and I mean everything. I swear there was almost a reference to everything you remember about him, from Detective Comics all the way to Batfleck. It sounds like I'm talking about fan service because yes, it is most of the time. They use it to their advantage here, they praise and mock everything great, and everything terrible Batman has gone through over the years. You almost miss too much because they cram so many funny nod ons and jokes you wish they had spread em out a little bit. But In other words, the script is a hilarious tribute to arguably one of the greatest superheroes of all time, and surprisingly the most emotional. The focus of the film actually deals with to me a critical factor of Batman. His isolation and loneliness, his fear of becoming part of a family again. The special relationship Batman has with the Joker. It hits all the emotional beats just right with all of its themes. It utilizes it's imagination of Legos to it's potential. And it produces a fantastic message for kids, as well as a touching tribute to fans of Batman. Seriously this movie had a smile on my face except for the parts when it really hit home for me. It also makes me mad, because the film proves that WB is just sitting on a character's pile of good material to work with, and they don't know what to do with them in their real films. This movie has such a stronger emotional impact than anything the DC cinematic universe has done with its last three films. It doesn't mean DC has to sell to Disney, it doesn't mean critics are biased against DC. It just means when you get people who know the material well, they're gonna make it a great film if they know what to do with it. That's what's happening here, if WB can take notes and study why this movie really works, maybe the Justice League and Ben Affleck's Batman film will actually make a better impact? Regardless, this is the standard animated movies need to have outside of Disney, and WB really needs to bring the heart this movie has into their live action films. If you love Legos and Batman what are you waiting for?? Go now!! You don't even have to take a kid, it's a total blast for all ages, and I will definitely be seeing it again real soon.
Was your theatre as silent as mine?
When during the opening titles you have the lead character of your movie annoyingly talk to ruin any subtlety, you are setting up the rest of the way for a disaster. Lego Movie I liked, Lego Batman movie has a few moments, but only 2 giggles, no laughs. The character's weren't likable, they singled Batman out and made him look selfish and the sappy sentiment along the way was painstaking. It's just a lesser, messier, not as funny and far less memorable version of the lego movie. I was surprised because I wanted to like this. It's just some lazy over-the-top Saturday morning cartoon turned into big-budget movie where a lot of the humour is cringe-worthy and it's overly loud and obnoxious. Making Batman be apart of a sort of team in the end didn't really do it for me. They didn't materialize the mythos very well, instead they exploited much of it. Not that we're supposed to take the adaptation of this movie seriously. It's as if the writers abused their own main character by turning him into something he is not. The bad animated movies, like this one are so because they play to not a super-young audience, but a super-dumb audience. Good writing leaves characters as they are. An unfortunate weak entry.
A great funny comic book comedy
So the first comic book movie of 2017 is with us and it comes in Lego form as the spin off to the Lego Movie, it is The Lego Batman movie. The premise of this film sees Batman at a high having to stop The Joker while trying to accept his new allies help. Will Arnett reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman and totally owns this role , he knows how to totally make an awesome batman while also making fun of previous batman's as well. I thought he was really funny in this film and totally owns his own movie. Michael Cera plays Dick Grayson/Robin in this film and even though he can be a little annoying, it works well for this film and I ended up liking his character and his relationship with Batman. Ralph Fiennes plays Alfred seamlessly and I really enjoyed his performance, he was a great moral center for the film and I found him incredibly entertaining. Rosario Dawson fresh off her great role as Claire Temple in Marvels Netflix series voices Barbara Gordon in this film and she does a decent job. Her character isn't expanded on too much in this film but Dawson delivers enough for me to buy her as Gordon. Zach Galifinakis plays The Joker in this film and he adds a really fun twist on the character in this film. You see him eating up his relationship with Batman and Galifinakis totally adds lots of humor to his excellent performance. The story of this film has allot of funny moments in it and some quite heartfelt moments in it as well. I really liked how this film dealt with The Joker and Batman's conflict and it felt really new and fresh. However, there are certain story elements in this film involving some other characters that come across as filler and I just felt it hurt the overall plot as it absolutely leads to nothing towards the end of the film. The script has some incredibly funny dialogue in it with awesome references to the other Batman films and just films in general and I loved it. But I don't think the contrast between humor and drama in how the dialogue was treated compared to the situation. Sometimes I wish the film had stuck to its dramatic moments when they were happening instead of just giving it a cheap joke at the end of it. The style of this film looks great, probably even better then the Lego movie. The Lego world and Batman work together flawlessly and I loved the action scenes and how they were constructed in this world. Overall this is an incredibly entertaining film that is a must see film for all Batman fans.
Grab The Kragle, cause this film is crumbling brick by LEGO brick.
I walked out of The LEGO Batman Movie more confused as to what I was going to give it than any other movie I've reviewed before. Sure the acting, comedy, and animation were fantastic, but that still doesn't make up for its horrible pacing and lack of a real villain. With a cold heart I decided to stay with my gut and award The LEGO Batman Movie an "Alright" on theVade Review Bar or a 5 out of 10. Yes I might have been a little too harsh on this film, but when animated films like WALL-E can blow me away, I won't let films like these slide. So grab The Kragle, cause this film is crumbling brick by LEGO brick.

Read more at theVade.
The LEGO Batman Movie Parodies Batman Mercilessly and Provides Lots of Laughs For Kids and Adults Alike
The Lego movie was one of my favourite movies of 2014. It created this beautiful world around the beloved kids toy, provided some really funny characters (including Batman) and it had a sense of comedy that bordered on self awareness. It worked so well that it left me in tears from laughing so hard. It seemed like lightening in the bottle and when I heard they were making a LEGO Batman movie, I felt like the studio was just trying to cash in on the success of that movie. I was able to catch this with a friend and while I still think the original was the better of the two movies, the LEGO Batman movie still does a great job providing some kid-friendly entertainment and it actually functions as a better Batman movie than what we've gotten over the past couple of years.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* The movie begins with Batman (Will Arnett) narrating the opening credits, including the Warner Bros. and Ratpak logos (we also get a quote from Michael Jackson that Batman claims he wrote). Then a plane flies into Gotham City airspace. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until a team boards the plane in midair. They break into the plane and their leader reveals himself as the Joker (Zach Galifianakis). The pilot doesn't take him very seriously until Joker explains his plan to destroy Gotham City by releasing most of Gotham's super villains (e.g. Two-Face, Penguin, Bane etc.) to distract Batman while he plants a bomb. Commissioner Jim Gordon warns the mayor of Gotham not to go into the building and negotiate with the Joker but without the ability to signal Batman, she insists on doing it. After she gets in, she attempts to negotiate until she rips off her disguise and reveals herself to be Batman. Batman begins to battle the villains in an attempt to save the city and defeat his "greatest enemy" (who he barely acknowledges).

I don't know whether to be happy or sad that this is the best Batman movie we've had since Nolan was running the Batman franchise. I'm mostly serious about that too, this movie has enough understanding of the characters that is way beyond what you would expect. They poke fun at just about everything associated with Batman and they hit the more basic stuff for the kids (Batman's love of rapping and his silly costumes) to the subject matter only adults could appreciate (there's a lot of throwbacks to the Adam West era Batman). I was constantly smiling not only because the movie would fly from funny joke to funny joke but because there were so many Easter eggs related to so many different things. They did some top notch work with the dialogue, I think the original Lego movie was even funnier but they continue with that sense of non-stop comedy. Great animated movies are able to appeal across the age spectrum and as long as you're relatively open-minded to this kind of humour, you'll be laughing throughout The LEGO Batman Movie.

I talked in the opening paragraph about how beautiful the first Lego movie was, this movie is every bit as impressive when it comes to the visuals. They improve upon the animation in the action bits and the character design was excellent. I loved how the characters looked and how they would interact with each other in their own unique ways was cool. I don't want to spoil the other cameos in the movie but what they decided to include from other franchises not only looked interesting but it showed a lot of creativity. Warner Bros. really seemed to throw the book at this movie with all the different franchises that get mixed in and just like the original Lego movie, if you blink you'll miss some subtle visual gag that would make you laugh.

The voice cast of this movie is huge so I'll only be able to cover the bigger parts. Will Arnett was an excellent pick as Batman. He's got the perfect voice to mock Bruce Wayne's growling as Batman. Michael Cera was perfectly cast as Robin, he ended up stealing a lot of the scenes and Robin's interactions with Batman were not only funny but strangely emotional. Ralph Fiennes was a good pick as Alfred, this is lighter stuff than you usually see him in but he's game for it. Rosario Dawson was also great as Barbara Gordon. Barbara is given more development than you would expect as Jim is largely portrayed as a numbskull. Zach Galifianakis turned out to be an excellent Joker. He's in the movie a lot more than I expected him to be but he nailed it.

I have almost no complaints about this movie. I really think they did a good job of expanding on the LEGO movie and they showed that this isn't just some throwaway project for the studio. This movie really isn't afraid to skewer Batman with some crazy funny jokes and yet it still touches on the stuff you need to see in a kids movie (the message of family isn't new but they work it in and they sell it by the end). I'm giving this movie an 8.5/10 but I'll round up to a 9/10.
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