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The Raking
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Bryan Brewer
Storyline: As part of a Cultural Anthropology Project, several college students embark on a weekend camping trip to research an urban-legend, The Rake. The Rake is a terrifying monster, in humanoid form with long claws. The creature feeds only on the Equinox, which also happens to be the same time the college students take their camping trip. As the college students explore deeper and deeper into the desert to chase down the myth, and disprove of it's existence, they find themselves no longer the hunters of mystery, but the prey of The Rake itself. Now they find themselves fighting for their very lives.
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Seriously bad acting
I could tolerate 45 minutes then i turned it off.

The start of the movie was quit good and the way it was filmed too, but after that it goes downhill. The acting was so bad, its like they all read the script in front of them line by line.

The creature affect where good to passable. This movie like many others bring nothing new to the gender, add that its poorly shot, and looks amateur at best in some part.

All the actors where very annoying too, avoid this movie its a mess.
It's my room too
The film opens with a Mercedes running out of gas on a back desert road attacked by the creature (Alan Maxson in a costume). There is a child in the back. The adult names are George and Carla, perhaps a tribute to George Carlin. Later at college, a group of diverse white students and their TA, Ethan Cooper (Bryan Brewster, director, writer, producer and basically guy to blame or praise) do a school project on urban legends. They choose to go on a camping trip at Joshua Tree because there is a legend that something happens in the desert to people at the equinox and the fact that is the trendy spot for low budget slasher films. Add a salty guy (Marshal Hilton) in a monster truck who helps them and I think you got the idea.

I will say the acting was better than most indie productions. Either Mr. Brewster has acting friends or decided to cast actors. The bar scene had the right amount of background noise, not using that canned crowded restaurant noise that never matches what is on the screen. I tend to notice dumb things like that and also one of the fast moving news articles claimed a "local Wichita boy" went missing. This is a Brain Damage film who started out making films too bad to watch. Apparently they learned from their errors and parlayed their earnings into better productions. Now many times directors place themselves into horror films, and where they die in the film is indicative of their ego.Just saying. Allie Rivera, co-producer played Jade,my favorite moody character contrasting Kennedy (Cree Kelly) and her own sister (Marisa Davila). A geek/nerd named Noah (Thatcher Robinson) rounds out the group.

Now the film claimed the equinox is an annual event. Before you kids tell your teacher that, it is not. It comes twice a year, spring and fall which is why they are called the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox. I'll let you figure out which is which.I thought the ending was ill conceived.

Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity due to arm placement.
Not bad for a indy horror
For a indy film this is not bad, granted it's not great but I'm sure if it had a bigger budget and a slight tweak to the script it would get more of a reaction.

Story starts off with a family who run out of petrol out in the desert and something picks them off. Then it fasts forward few years and a group of college kids who are working on a project to debunk urban legends go out to where the urban legend story tells where the killings took place.

The acting is not bad you get what you pay for I suppose, the monster/animal that is behind the urban legend reminded me of the film "the descent" from 2005 but with a different sound.

Overall it's not a bad film obviously there is a lot better out there but if you have a spare 97mins then it's worth watching
The Yawn
Didn't know what to expect from this horror so plugging it in it immediately got my attention because it started off rather good, it had it all. Next scene also looked promising, you know the sexy student and the weird goth girl, yes this is going to rock. But was I wrong. Once after those two scene's this flick has nothing to offer.

Yes, it do involves a creature but it's more about those bunch of students going to Joshua Tree for a night camping and telling each other boring stories. It's full of clichés but nothing works. No suspense, no horror (except opening sequence) no nothing at all. The main problem with this flick is every time they say something there's a break of 2 seconds before someone reacts. Even with bodies being attacked, reaction is always too late, bad editing I guess.

I watched it throughout the end just to see if it do becomes a horror, sadly it was a horror to watch.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
A new level of bad
I don't know what film people watched to give this over four stars, but if it's this then I suspect they all worked on this film.

The story has more holes than a sieve and there is no excuse for it. I don't expect a lot from low budget movies, but is it that hard to write an unoriginal script that doesn't have every character acting like they have had a lobotomy.

In such a disaster of a movie don't blame the actors who wont win an Oscar, but in the main they did a reasonable job as did the makeup artist/s.
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