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The Snare
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
C.A. Cooper
Roman Kemp as Jake
Mike Powell as Shopkeeper
Maria Popska as Lost Spirit
Rose Parker as Cherub
Stuart Nurse as David Clarke
Lily-Mae Hebbes as Forest Child
Renate Morley as The Spirit
Emma-Marie Cooper as The Ghoul (as Emma Cooper)
Dan Paton as Carl Weston
Nathan Brine as Forest Man
Eaoifa Forward as Alice Clarke
Rachel Warren as Lizzy Abel
Fin Banks as Forest Child
Storyline: Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.
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Trailer is misleading, movie is unbalanced and unterrifying
What got me interested in watching this movie was the trailer, which turned out to be very misleading. It made it look as if it was going to be a bit of a creepy jumper horror, however it was quite the opposite. Scenes that were meant to be creepy were boring, and there was one scene that makes you jump throughout and it wasn't anything terrifying. Any movie producers that feel the need to mislead viewers with the trailer must know that their product is garbage.

Good notes would be the acting, as always with most British movies it is spot on, and the way it is shot is pretty good especially that end scene of the apartment they were trapped in. However that does not justify the unbalanced way the plot plays out, and how it drags without anything interesting happening.

So much potential not reached.
Movie kills my motivation to watch it with just the background sound.
I got 18 minutes in before the combination of bad jump cut editing, sound (CONTINUOUS CHEWING OF SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES BY AT LEAST ONE ON SCREEN CHARACTER), and nonsensical overacting killed any desire I had to watch it all the way through. I only recommend this movie if you're in serious need for background noise during some sort of other activity or if you're extremely inebriated. I couldn't see myself getting through this movie even if I were on ALL OF THE DRUGS AT ONCE. I would rate it lower than a 1 star if I could but that was not an option. Good luck to all future attempts to watch this video, may your mind be distracted by something else other than how awful this movie is.
Bold, brave and different! Took balls to make this.
Must say, am not a huge fan of this movie after watching, as I feel it did have some issues. Although this is to be expected of course given the natural limitations of a low budget horror.

Despite it's flaws this movie does get a lot of things rights and is a very bold attempt to try and do something different and for that alone I highly commend it as this was so refreshing to see. Was relieved not to have sat through another empty rehash.

It must've took real f****** balls to make something like this in a market that's over- stuffed and over-filled to the brim with generic middle of the road SAFE horror pics.

Some genuine creepy moments in this too. Like on a whole another level of CREEPY!!!!

As for it's flaws, it would have been great to have seen more of Alice's backstory so that we can understand more about her relationship with her father, although I understand why a lot of this was left ambitious and open to speculation.

Also, some of the best bits of this movie are when the two girls are uncovering the fate of those who were trapped in the apartment before they were (won't spoil it here) but it would've been great to have explored this more and to have seen more evidence of 'those who came before'

Certainly don't regret watching and would recommend.
Good movie. Weaker on narrative but that doesn't hurt it IMO
For starters, good movie, really enjoyed it.

Strong on atmosphere, great performances, a real sense of mystery throughout and nail biting suspense.

However, I would say that it is weaker overall in terms of story and character, although I don't feel this hurts it too much because of the type of film it is.

This film is more about an experience....an emotion driven, mood driven and tension driven piece and that is where and why I feel it excels.

It doesn't matter whether the characters are likable or not in this context. It's apparent from the get go that this film positions the audience as the cold spectator so that they can witness the horrific events that take place and then draw their own conclusions. It doesn't hold your hand, it's up to you which characters you like or not, feeling connected to them and empathizing with them is not important or essential when it comes to watching this.

Likewise, similarly to The Shining, which was obviously an influence, I get the impression you're not supposed to get all the answers, its not supposed to make complete sense, that's the very nature of what makes the paranormal frightening if you believe in that sort of thing.

It's what makes you think about it afterwards and keeps you talking about it.

Would recommend a watch.
The movie poster wrote a check those actors couldn't cash
Not scary. Not interesting. Not remotely entertaining. Don't even bother. The story line was all over the place and the constant flashbacks and cutaways made it incredibly hard to follow. While watching i came up with at least 101 ways of escaping the building instead of resorting to eating rotten chicken and eating my boyfriend . It was truly an hour and a half of my life i regret spending on watching this abortion of a movie. If your a horror buff then id say stay away. If your a fan of dissecting psychological movies like your in 9th grade English class then go ahead and enjoy this joyless, thrill void and horror void film.
If you like slow boring confusing disgusting not scary horror movies this is for you
Uuummmmm... Yeah.i checked the may contain spoilers box cause I'm not quite sure if i will spoil it or not i had no clue what happened! Lol.. Didn't get it, don't understand all the raving reviews. Don't eat while watching this or if you have a queasy stomach OR if you actually want to watch a good horror flick! Stupid stupid movie 👎👎👎
VIEWS ON FILM review of The Snare
Three people consisting of a romantic couple and their friend, plan a getaway to an abandoned apartment building. While staying on the top floor, they become trapped and eventually lose all access to food and water. Oh and I almost forgot, the place is haunted too. That's the gist of 2017's The Snare, my latest write-up.

"Snare" is a British horror flick. Better yet, it's riotous psychological horror. The Snare doesn't have an MPAA rating but I'll happily give it an NC-17. Rookie director C.A. Cooper (his only other credits are two short films) doesn't want to delight you. He wants to upset you, to make you feel perturbed and disgusted all at the same time. "Snare's" opening shot consists of a dead animal nestled in a graveyard, covered with flies and maggots. As the movie prolongs, there are then progressions of gratuitous violence, rape, cannibalism, and you guessed it, more maggots. Yikes!

The Snare initially reminded me of stuff like The Shining, Cabin Fever (from 2002), and even this year's The Belko Experiment. I kept thinking, what if Eli Roth and the late Stanley Kubrick managed to be each other's long lost brainchild. Anyway, filmmaker Cooper relies heavily on close-ups, wide angles, numbing long shots, and differing kinds of ominous music. "Snare's" first half (the film's weakest section) has C.A. cutting away from scenes too early, giving the feeling of his plot threads having dangling, loose ends. He then finds his footing, letting The Snare go from happy holiday to truly repugnant nightmare.

The actors featured (Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, Rachel Warren) effectively convey a sense of fear and dread. And although "Snare's" ending can be confused and over interpreted, this is still something hardcore fright fans might want to check out. "Snare" starts out slow, with paint-by-numbers fortitude, fidgety editing, and stylistic indulgence. It then turns effectual, becoming its own, macabre entity. There are some uneasy dreamlike sequences involving the main character (Alice Clarke). Also, there's some other, jumpy and hallucinatory moments that The Snare likes to revel in. Be sure to avoid eating chicken while watching this movie. Also, bring an ironclad stomach and don't expect to be actually entertained by what you discern. My rating: 3 stars.
Genuinely creepy
As a horror movie that frankly spooked the socks off of me, I gotta say this movie deserves more love. It is not lame like some of the Ouija releases. It does not, in my opinion, try to be 'The Shining' or overreach its artistic capabilities. In fact, a close comparison would be 'The Hole' (2001), with more elements of the supernatural mixed in.

The characters are obnoxious but believably real. The film uses several slow shots to build suspense and tension, and this only adds to the general sense of creepiness and unease. I jumped at least three times during this film. Not a fan of jumpscares? Don't worry, there are at least two more mediums of horror used in this film (survival horror and mental illness) so there's something for everybody!

The story is not really original (like I said, The Hole did it before), but its not really predictable and its nice to see the writer make some bold choices. There are plenty of shocking scenes that already make this film stand out from contemporary 'safe' Hollywood horror.

A must see for a horror lover like myself, this will fix you up for a while! 7/10.
just don't
Okay. Lets Begin.

I have an exam tomorrow and I'm taking time out just to tell you guys how bad this is. IT MADE ME PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY SICK. OKAY. NOT JUST LIKE 'OMG MUM I FEEL ILL' SICK BUT LIKE 'OMFG I THINK I MIGHT ACTUALLY DIE RIGHT NOW' SORTA SICK. I was led next to my girlfriend in bed watching this randomly because i wanted to watch something scary, as im slightly psychopathic and literally LOVE HORRORS and the website i watched it on told me IMDb had rated it 7.2 so i went ahead without checking, wow did i f*** up. This is not a horror my friends, its almost like dipping your balls into hot molten lava whilst watching trumps inauguration performance on repeat and never being able to actually die from the pain. I mean horrors are meant to scare you or make you jump however this one made me want to... I dunno, there just aren't any words. Basically guys, JUST DON'T. I'm saying this not because im a douchey little student who thinks he's a pro movie expert, Im saying this because i really, REALLY, don't want you guys to suffer the torture that i did. Luckily for my girlfriend she had basically fallen asleep/stopped looking, Don't blame her. Now here's the interesting part, Why did i sit all the way through it? Why? I honestly believed deep down in my heart that there would be some sort of crazy, mindblowing, blow your socks off ending (Also i cba to move to be quite honest lol). No. The ending guys, was actually at the beginning.

I'm saying this final warning like a parent says to there kids 'don't do drugs', Don't WATCH THIS MOVIE.

phew rant over i hope you got the message. FYI i've never logged in to IMDb to do anything but this and i don't plan on doing anything again, thats how much i HATED this film.

Much love to anyone that ignores this review, as your gunna need it.
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