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Willow Creek
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Bobcat Goldthwait
Nita Rowley as Herself
Timmy Red as Ukulele Singer
Laura Montagna as Missing Woman
Bucky Sinister as Angry Man at Road
Steven Streufert as Himself
Peter Jason as Ranger Troy Andrews
Tom Yamarone as Himself
Storyline: Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend - the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was there that in 1967, the legendary beast was captured on film and has terrified and mystified generations since. Keen to explore more than 50 years of truth, folklore, misidentifications and hoaxes, Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. Deep in the dark and silent woods, isolated and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees, and what happens when the cameras start rolling...
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It will suck out your will to live
Spoiler Alert if you can call it that !!

I saw it was coming up on the idiot box so hit the record on the DVR. I hoped it was one of those movies that drags on forever then gets really good near the end,but this wasn't the case.Unless sheer boredom is your thing,let me boil this waste of screen down for you.

Boyfriend and girlfriend drive to where the fake Bigfoot footage was shot.Stop and eat at burger joint, then drive into sticks to be confronted by some redneck looking yutz that won't let them drive down dirt road to spot.Boyfriend knows other road that goes partway there.Park and walk,Set up camp.Boyfriend goes swimming.Come back to tore up camp.Look around and get scared by a raccoon Wake up that night to noises and a whap on the tent. .Huddle scared til dawn. Try to walk out and get lost.Huddle scared in woods.Walk more and huddle scared in what looks like cave.Try to head out at night like they wouldn't get lost even more than when they tried in the daytime. More noises and flash of fat half naked woman.Attacked and beat the crap out of by what I assume is a Bigfoot since you never see the creature the entire movie.Boyfriend dragged away short distance and you hear his girlfriend yelling for help.End of movie.

The description above is 10 times more exciting and entertaining than staring at this drivel for the better part of two hours. Go watch your dog scratch or soap bubbles pop while soaking dishes in the sink for a much better time.
Bigfoot you say? More like a bear soundboard.
Wow... can't believe I actually sat through that. More wannabe Blair Witch found footage, this time from Bobcat Goldwaith. I was hoping Bobcat was going to provide some substance to the material. But like every Discovery Channel pseudo-documentary, you think you're going to get some answers or even footage but end up with zilch for your efforts. At least the acting is slightly above the usual D movie actors. At least the movie has a few supporting characters that are actually more interesting than the second half of the movie. Scary noises from outside the tent and desperately being lost in the woods has already been done. Nothing new here, please move along.
A slow burn horror thriller with more emphasis on slow than thrills
I always appreciate a slow burn horror thriller especially if you can involve Bigfoot who is always relegated to SyFy Channel Original Movies. Of course, the movie that I am talking about is Willow Creek which is the second found footage Bigfoot movie I saw within the last few months along with Exists. Willow Creek has the distinction of being directed by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait which is an odd choice. The result is an experimental film of sorts that I appreciate more than I like.

Good: I like that Bobcat was trying to head a different route for this movie. He emphasizes slow burn tension rather than jump scares which results in some tense moments. There is even a single take scene in a tent where our two leads hear noises in the woods and react to it accordingly which is a commendable feat. There is also a tinge of dark humor lying underneath that teased what was waiting in the dark.

Bad: While I did appreciate the slow burn approach, it did not translate well on screen. The movie does drag quite a bit and even the tent scene that while ambitious also goes on for too long. The two leads while not bad did not exactly exceed from blandness. The fact that the movie also takes a lot of cues from Blair Witch hurts the movie as well.

Overall, it certainly has some interesting ideas, but it drags a lot leading to a lot of nothing that doesn't translate well on screen.
Should a rip off not be superior?
Long story short, Willow Creek is a complete rip off of The Blair Witch Project(TBWP). While the latter remains my favourite horror movie to date, the former steals a lot of material while still leaving a lot to be desired.

I'm quite a fan of found footage films, from TBWP, Cannibal Holocaust and the first Paranormal Activity film. I had seen Willow Creek advertised for "Must watch" horror films and had seen it had a similar style to TBWP. I was ecstatic to see it.

Unfortunately, if like me you were a fan of TBWP and were excited to see this film, your expectations too will probably be shattered. The film starts off extremely slow. We have a couple, who establish the "Let's go find that myth!" early on, followed by a bunch of interviews with locals, most of which seemed pointless. It felt like a bunch were added in there to fill up time, which is ironic because the moment the couple begin camping later on in the film, everything starts to feel rushed and events begin escalating far too quickly.

The scares found throughout this movie have been done already, and better might I add. That's what's truly displeasing. If you are going to try and replicate something it should at least be improved, and not lacking in the face of the original. If all else fails, I would at least like some characters to sympathise with upon their impending doom. But no, while this film tries to flesh out the two leads and even throw in a bit of tragic romance in there, I still can't help but feel indifferent towards them. In addition, the protagonists are also stupid, from their actions to their reasonings. One example being that after multiple warnings of dangerous animals in the woods and cryptic warnings from strangers in general, they apparently didn't bring a single weapon with them to these woods. And in the event of them not finding their car, what was their contingency plan? Nothing is what. It honestly made me feel like they deserved to die by the end of it.

All in all, this was a disappointing film of epic proportions. If you're into these types of films like I am, then watch The Blair Witch Project if you haven't already. And even if you have, just re-watch it. That would still be a better use of your time.
Willy crap don't bother
never seen such a boring diabolical movie in my life, wait a whole boring film to see an absolute appalling end, I would rather watch paint dry. I've had scarier poohs if anyone had bought it id burn it whilst you have the chance not only is big foot a load of rubbish this film makes it seem even worst. if you want to wait to see a rubbish boring uninteresting horrific ending go ahead and waste your life watching it PS actors are awful too, you spend about ten minuet sat watching them sit together moaning oh and the love story part was horrific too, sorry for those who love big foot but this film will put you right off, on a Saturday night I didn't wanna watch rubbish like this. I'm still in shock of how terrible this ending is help me
Blair Witch meets Bigfoot.
I'm not going to lie, I was pretty terrified by the movie. That's the main reason I've given it 7 stars out of 10. The plot is basic but plausible, the acting is very good for most of the film and importantly the back and forth between the two leads is totally believable which really helps draw you into their world and suspend your disbelief enough so that you really do begin to feel involved in proceedings. Exactly what a good found footage film should do, in other words.

So far so good, right?

Well now for the bad part. This film is just the Blair Witch Project with Bigfoot. It really is. It's the same film, practically identical premise (just substitute Blair Witch for Bigfoot), same exact scares, even some of the dialogue is the same or as close as as to make no difference. Scary or not, the level of repetition is quite unforgivable, I'm surprised somebody hasn't sued. Watching the later stages of the film I was equal parts crapping myself and increasingly infuriated as it began to dawn on me quite how closely this movie paralleled the (superior) Blair Witch Project.

The final verdict:

Ultimately despite everything, I'm really glad I watched this film. It left me feeling pretty strung out, so in that respect I have to say it was a really successful horror movie. It's just a shame it relied so heavily on somebody else's original genius and had so few ideas of its own.
WTF?! You'll never get back the time you lost watching this crap!
This "thing" can't even pass for a movie. I think people on IMDb got paid to give it a good review. It is so, so so bad. Wooden performances, unlikable characters and no plot!

Ultra-low budget film with no redeeming value. I take that back. The location was beautiful. Beyond that the so-called "slow burn" was just a bunch of unrelated interviews and visits with people in the area.

Much of the last 20 minutes consists of scary noises and... something that may or may not be a Sasquatch.

I suspect this movie took a weekend to shoot and couldn't have cost more that a few hundred bucks to make.
All of these are the same... this one's worse.
It's nothing you have not seen before. Acting... trash...neither of these hacks... Bobcat included should be allowed near a camera again. This is especially true of that'Gilmore *beep*. Bobcat should be banned from all computers , tablets, and even pens, pencils and paper. He can write with crayons and Crayola markers, that's okay. I cannot forgive this theft of time, even though I hate my life.

Seriously though, put aside my resentful idiocy, and see that this crap is not worth your time. I really am trying to help you; this whole subgenre of horror is filth, and Willow Creek is a queen. Keep away and have a nice day.
Absolute Drivel!!
No two ways about it, this is an awful film. It has no saving graces whatsoever and, if I could've scored it "zero" I would have done so. From the opening scenes, it's difficult to escape the feeling that the film is going absolutely nowhere, and is going to be one massive letdown. There's no surprise then that it turns out exactly that way. The acting, if you can call it that, is basic in the extreme and there's a scene in the film where the two leads are sitting, supposedly petrified, in a tent in the middle of the forest, which is probably the most boring and inane scene ever committed to film. In fact, it's noticeable during the prolonged scene that the male lead is obviously finding it difficult to stop himself from bursting out in laughter. Do yourself a favour and avoid this dross like the plague!
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